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Primary care for the Roma in Europe: Position paper of the European forum for primary care

, regional and national initiatives are given. In 2013, a cervix cancer screening programme among Roma women in Oradea, Romania, gradually gained more acceptance. GPs took the responsibility for the programme and careful explanations to both the male and female population; the acceptance of the programme was ensured with the help of a Roma Health Mediator (see below). Practical obstacles, like distance and travel expenses, however, were difficult to overcome. Yet, when the funding dried up after one year, the service stopped running. This affected trust, since earlier

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Investigation of Two Outbreaks of Gastroenteritis in Tržič in September 2011 / Preiskava Dveh Izbruhov Gastroenteritisa V Tržiču V Septembru 2011

September 11, 2011 from:: http:// 8. Hočevar A, Hojs A, Vračko P. Hidrični izbruhi v Sloveniji. Available August 26, 2011 from: 9. Levantesi C, Bonndonna L, Briancesco R. Salmonella in surface and drinking water: occurrence and water-mediated transmission. Food Res Int 1993; 45: 587-602. 10. Halley JB, Cole DJ, Lipp EK. Distribution, diversity and seasonality of waterborne Salmonellae in a rural

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Perceptions of empowerment among part-time nursing students

corporation. New York: Basic Books, 1993. Spreitzer GM. Psychological empowerment in the workplace: dimensions, measurement, and validation. Acad Manag J 1995; 38: 1442-1465. Morrison RS, Jones L, Fuller B. The relationship between leadership style and empowerment on job satisfaction of nurses. J Nurs Admin 1997; 27: 27-34. Apold S. NPs should establish research agenda. J Nurse Pract 2007; 3: 499. Liden RC, Wayne SJ, Sparrowe R. An examination of the mediating role of

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Factors of collective psychological empowerment of active users in the online health community

: 233-44. 27. Blanchard AL, Welbourne JA, Boughton MA. A model of online trust: the mediating role of norms and sense of virtual community.Inform Commun Society 2011; 14: 76-106. 28. Stavrositu C, Sundar SS. Does blogging empower women? Exploring the role of agency and community. J Comput Mediat Comm 2012; 17: 369-86. 29. Michinov N, Michinov E, Toczek-Capelle MC. Social identity, group processes, and performance in synchronous computermediated communication. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research and Practice, 2004; 8: 27

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Perceived Workplace Stress and Co-Occurrence of Health Problems and Burnout in Different Occupational Groups

psychosocial work factors on general health outcomes in the national French SUMER survey. Occup Med 2008; 58: 15-24. 23. Jaworek M, Marek T, Karwowski W, Andrzejczak C, Genaidy AM. Burnout syndrome as a mediator for the effect of workrelated factors on musculoskeletal complaints among hospital nurses. Int J Ind Ergon 2010; 40: 368-375. 24. Kunert K, King ML, Kolkhorst FW. Fatigue and sleep quality in nurses. J Psychosoc Nurs 2007; 45: 31-37. 25. Ahola K. Occupational burnout and health. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

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Association of Average Telomere Length with Body-Mass Index and Vitamin D Status in Juvenile Population with Type 1 Diabetes / Povezava Povprečnih Dolžin Telomerov Z Indeksom Telesne Teže in Vitaminom D Pri Mladostnikih S Sladkorno Boleznijo Tipa 1

/telomerase system in autoimmune and systemic immune-mediated diseases. Autoimmun Rev 2010; 9: 646-51. 12. Chakhtoura M, Azar ST. The role of vitamin d deficiency in the incidence, progression, and complications of Type 1 diabetes mellitus. Int J Endocrinol 2013: 148673. Epub 2013 Mar 13. 13. Drobnič Radobuljac M, Bratina N, Tomori M, Battelino T. Type 1 diabetes and psychosocial risk factors in adolescence. Zdrav Vest 2012; 81: 664-75. 14. American Diabetes Association. Diagnosis and classification of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes

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Sickness Presence among Disabled Workers at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana / Prezentizem Med Invalidi V Univerzitetenem Kliničnem Centru Ljubljana

-10. 21. Škerjanc A. Prezentizem v Univerzitetnem kliničnem centru Ljubljana - prospektivna študija. In: Dodič Fikfak M, editor. Sanitas et labor: znanje, izkušnje, sodelovanje II. Ljubljana 2013; 10: 7-19. 22. Dodič Fikfak M. Zdravje ljudi v času krize. Glasnik KIMDPŠ 2010; 4: 2-4. 23. Deery S, Walsh J. Absenteeism and presenteeism in an emergency services call centre. Available Oct 26, 2011 from:

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Support Group for Parents Coping with Children with Type 1 Diabetes / Skupina Za Starše Kot Podpora Družinam Pri Soočanju Z Otrokovo Sladkorno Boleznijo Tipa 1

(Suppl 13): 9-14. 29. Siegel DJ, Bryson TP. The whole-brain child: 12 revolutionary strategies to nurture your child’s developing mind. New York: Delacorte Press; 2011. 30. Snape D, Spencer L. The foundations of qualitative research. In: Ritchie J, Lewis J, editors.Qualitative research practice: a guide for social science students and researchers. London: Sage; 2003. 31. Jaser SS, Whittemore R, Ambrosino JM, Lindemann E, Grey M. Mediators of depressive symptoms in children with type 1 diabetes and their mothers. J Pediatr

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Women, work and health / Ženske, delo in zdravje

, 2010, Slovenia; Technical Report. Gallup Europe, 2010. 15. Bullers S. Women’s roles and health: the mediating effect of perceived control. Women Health 1994; 22: 11 - 30. 16. Fagan C, Burchell, B. Gender, jobs and working conditions in the European Union. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the EC, 2002. 17. Kalleberg AL. Non-standard employment relations: part-time, temporary and contract work, Ann Rev Soc 2000; 26: 341 - 365. 18. Whittock MC, Edwards S, McLaren O. The tender trap: gender

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The Factors Associated with Anxiety and Depression in Slovenian Armed Forces Members on a Peacekeeping Mission in the Western Balkans / Dejavniki, Povezani Z Depresijo In Tesnobnostjo Pri Slovenskih Vojakih Na Mirovni Misiji Na Zahodnem Balkanu

: a comparison of theoretical models. J Occup Health Psychol 2007; 12: 334-349. 45. Williams PG, Wiebe DJ, Smith TW. Coping processes as mediators of the relationship between hardiness and health. J Behav Med 1992; 15: 237-255. 46. Jex SM, Bliese PD, Buzzel S, Primeau J. The impact of self-efficacy on stressor-strain relations: Coping style as an explanatory mechanism. J Appl Psychol 2001; 86: 401-409. 47. Dirkzwager AJE, Bramsen I, Van Der Ploeg HM. Social support, coping, life events, and posttraumatic stress

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