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The Impact of Childhood Trauma and Depressive Symptoms on Body Mass Index

( Blaine 2008 ). In a prospective examination, the role of potential mediators (depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress and trauma) was analysed to explain the relationship between childhood trauma and obesity ( Francis et al. 2015 ). 78 participants with childhood trauma and 349 non-maltreated participants were investigated over a period of 16 years for three follow-ups. The authors concluded that depression leads to obesity and anxiety mediates the relationship between physical abuse and higher BMI values in women. Furthermore childhood trauma has consistently been

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Antidepressant drugs for older patients on polypharmacy: a systematic review reveals best evidence for sertraline

regimen conferred a 12% increased risk of a potential CYP-mediated DDI ( Doan et al. 2013 ). In terms of polypharmacy, antidepressants are often prescribed inappropriately, as was shown in an Austrian cross-sectional study that included 48 out of 50 nursing homes and 1,844 out of 2,005 residents. The authors found high prevalence of potentially inappropriate prescriptions (PIPs). The prevalence of residents with at least one PIP was 70.3% (95% CI 67.2–73.4) and the antidepressants amitriptyline and maprotiline as PIM were prescribed very often ( Mann et al. 2013 ). In

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The Vulnerability and Resiliency of Childhood

face of adversity or as a process mediating the response to stress or trauma’ ( Beutel et al., 2017 ). It depends on an individual’s multiple factors that change over time ( Franke, 2014 ). Identified factors responsible for developing resiliency among child(ren) are higher IQ, easy temperament, good esteemed competence, a positive evaluation of self, a realistic sense of control of situation, empathy, social problem-solving skills, adequate social support, good marital relationship of parents, the physical and mental health of the parents, having support from adults

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Impact of Social Context on the Self-Concept of Gay and Lesbian Youth: A Systematic Review

-esteem and homophobic bullying mediated by internalized homophobia N/A 15 Wilkerson et al. (2017) N/A Increased social support associated with increased self-esteem (β=–0.72, p<0.05) Hatch Youth attendance was associated with increasing self-esteem (T 1 : β=0.08, p<0.05; T 2 : β=0.30, p<0.05) N/A 16 Vincke & van Heeringen (2002) N/A Self-esteem positively correlated with parents’ awareness of sexual orientation at T 1 and T 2 , but these correlations are not significant (r=0.09 and r=0.09, respectively) Self-esteem negatively correlated with

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Dinesh Bhugra: a personal history of Psychiatry

culture mediators may be involved. Medical leadership is one of the core skills, and doctors by virtue of their training already possess certain leadership skills. This training allows us to develop and use these skills while working with teams. As psychiatrists, our understanding of interpersonal relationships and group dynamics can be very helpful in developing and delivering leadership in any healthcare system. It is important that doctors learn how to advocate both as a professional and also as members of the community and society. Leadership and management are

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