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The Use Of Alternative Measures In The Czech Republic

international agreements of the Czech Republic, 2009, No. 40 (Act No. 40/2009 Coll.). 2. Criminal Procedural Code . Collection of acts and international agreements of the Czech Republic, 1961, No. 141 (Act No. 141/1961 Coll.). 3. Juvenile Justice Act. Collection of acts and international agreements of the Czech Republic, 2003, No. 218 (Act No. 218/2003 Coll.). 4. Act of Probation and Mediation Service of the Czech Republic . Collection of acts and international agreements of the Czech Republic, 2000, No. 257 (Act No. 257

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Localizing Global Political Matters Through New Media: Some Reflections on Communication Culture

Society, Communication Networks, and Global Governance." American Academy of Political & Social Science Annals Vol. 616, No. 3 (2008): 78-93. Coleman, Renita, Paul Lieber, Andew L. Mendelson, and David D. Kurpius. "Public Life and the Internet: If You Build a Better Website, Will Citizens Become Engaged?" New Media & Society 10 (2008): 179-201. Coleman, Stephen. "New Mediation and Direct Representation: Reconceptualizing Representation in the Digital Age." New Media and Society Vol. 7, No. 2 (2005): 177

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Scientists of the State, Science of the State, and the State: Austrian and German Public Lawyers in the Short 20th Century Part 1: The Age of Catastrophe, 1914-1945

Early Years of the Pure Theory of Law]. Vienna: Manz, 2008. 19. Lammasch, Heinrich. “Das Mediationsrecht der Neutralen” [The Neutral Powers’ Right to Mediate]. Österreichische Zeitschrift für Öffentliches Recht 2 (1915): 205-273. 20. Members of the Oxford Faculty of Modern History. Why we are at War. GreatBritain’s Case. 3rd edition. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1914. 21. Menzel Adolf, “Ein Briefwechsel” [An Exchange of Letters], ÖsterreichischeZeitschrift für Öffentliches Recht 2 (1915): 724-727. 22

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Ensuring Freedom of Labor in Ukraine in the Context of Labor Emigration

zahal’noobov”yazkove derzhavne pensiyne strakhuvannya (On Compulsory State Pension Insurance) . Zakon Ukrayiny vid 09.07.2003 No. 1058-IV. VVR, 2003, No. 49-51, St. 376 // . 8. Pro zatverdzhennya Litsenziynykh umov provadzhennya hospodars’koyi diyal’nosti z poserednytstva u pratsevlashtuvanni za kordonom (On Approval of Licensing Conditions for Conducting Business Activity on Mediation in the Employment of Abroad) . Postanova Kabinetu Ministriv Ukrayiny vid 16.12.2015 No. 1060 // http://zakon2.rada

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The Web of the EU'S Neighbourhood Policy: Between Bilateralism and Multilateralism

: The Neighbourhood Policy." 62-80. In: Sven Biscop and Jan J.Anderson, eds. The EU and the European Security Strategy . London and New York: Francis& Taylor, 2007. Eastern Partnership - Civil Society Forum // Elgstrom, Ole. "The Honest Broker? The Council Presidency as a Mediator." 38-54. In: Ole Elgstrom, ed. European Union Council Presidencies: a Comparative Perspective . London and New York: Routledge, 2003

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Lithuania's Participation in the Reconstruction Process of Afghanistan: A Case of a Small State's Engagement in the International Arena

, Ariel. La morale dans les relations internationales [Morality in International Relations]. Paris: Odile Jacob, 2005. Cooper, Robert. La fracture des nations. Ordre et chaos au XXI e siècle [The Breaking of Nations. Order and Chaos in the Twenty-First Century]. Paris: Denoël (Médiations), 2004. Crowards, Tom. "Defining the Category of Small States." Journal of International Development 14 (2002): 143-179. De Jerphanion, Marie. "Vers un rapprochement de la morale et de la Realpolitik

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Administrative Functions of Implementation and Adjudication Guided by Primacy of Fundamental Rights

related consensual dispute resolution mechanisms, such as arbitration and mediation. Art. ¶, ¶ 1 of the Arbitration law [Lei de arbitragem] / Law n° 9.307, of 23 September 1996, whose wording was adopted by Law n° 13.129/2015; Art. 3° of Law on mediation between individuals as a mechanism of consensual and amicable dispute resolution in conflicts involving public adminstrative authorities [Lei sobre mediação entre particulares como meio de solução de controvérsias e sobre a autocomposição de conflitos no âmbito da administração pública] / Law n° 13.140, of 26 June 2015

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Strategic and Tactical Totalization in the Totalitarian Epoch

be liberated in truly human society was the species —from alienation, from self-deception, from dependence on nature and on others, from antagonism, from difference. … [N]otions of mediating institutions, zones of protected autonomy and plurality, tolerance and protection of individual life plans, simple restraint in the pursuit of huge ambitions, are simply absent from Marx’s utopia and would cut deeply against its grain. Krygier, supra note 34, at 663. In this light, Krygier concludes that the absence of legal securities for mediating institutions in

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership

right to adopt or maintain any measures relating to mediation and Shari’a law”, Id . annex II: Schedule of Malaysia 15 (released Nov. 5, 2015). and - under Annex I (subject to the ratchet mechanism) - specifies that foreign law firms and foreign lawyers may practice Malaysian law only to the extent provided under existing Malaysian laws and regulations. Id . annex I: Schedule of Malaysia 8 (released Nov. 5, 2015). Similarly, under the GATS, Malaysia makes market access and national treatment commitments regarding legal services “relating only to home country laws

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Normative and Institutional Dimensions of Rights’ Adjudication Around the World

through systems of appeal, and the criticism from an interpretative community that recognizes a number of commonly accepted parameters as authoritative for the correctness of interpretation. Gerald Postema, “Protestant” Interpretation and Social Practices , 72 Law & Phil. 283, 310-312 (1987); Loughlin , supra note 27, at 178-80. In this context, extra-legal considerations are, like background principles and values, mediated through the existent institutional setting and a common culture of legal reasoning. Such culture imposes standards—for example, of consistency

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