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The Career of a Mediator. Manuel Joël, Conservative Liberal

as a spiritless legalism, Joël venerated the sage of Königsberg for leaving him room for religious belief. Since Kant did not deny the existence of noumena, even if they could not be brought to cognition, he left metaphysical space for the existence of God beyond the categories of the human mind. Kant, as Joël saw him, was a mediator between philosophy and religion even as Joël sought to be a mediator between Judaism and European culture. Karl Joël, “Erinnerungen an Manuel Joël,” 318; Isaak Heinemann, Manuel Joels wissenschaftliches Lebenswerk (Breslau, 1927), 14

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Rabbi Wolf Meisel’s Attempt to Establish a Midstream Judaism in Hungary, 1859-1867

had been formulated by Rabbi Meisel already in the zero number of the journal, which he launched in October 1860. He wanted “to fill, or at least to bridge, the rift that has widely opened between the Jewish Orthodox and the Reformers, to mediate concord inside the communities [...] to refine synagogue service without transgressing traditional institutions, to educate and cultivate the young generation in the spirit of our time without alienating it from religion and religious literature, and, therefore, speak up especially for schooling.” Pränumerations

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