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Teenage overweight and obesity: A pilot study of obesogenic and obesoprotective environments in the Czech Republic


Child overweight and obesity represent a serious health problem worldwide. The Czech Republic now ranks the fourth most obese country in Europe and obesity and overweight is becoming more and more frequent in children and teenagers. This pilot study estimates the prevalence of obesity and overweight among Czech teenagers aged 14–15 years in terms of neighbourhood characteristics, and assesses the effects of neighbourhood environmental quality versus family or personal-level factors on teenage obesity and overweight. The results show that unsafe environments result in the risk of lesser physical activity of their inhabitants, but since the vast majority (92%) of the students felt safe in their neighbourhoods, mediation through safety of the neighbourhood is not at stake. Second, the housing estates demonstrate the most severe problems with both obesity and overweight and their built environments, but when perceptions of sporting facilities and similar opportunities for physical activity are factored in, they do not have low scores; therefore, mediation by physical activity is not a relevant response to the obesity problem. These findings imply that the most important obesogenic and obesoprotective factors are likely to be found within the family environment and personal life styles.

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Biogeomorphological effects of leaf accumulations in stepped-bed channels: Exploratory study, Moravskoslezské Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic

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The preferences of residents and tourists for culturaland architectural heritage in a rural landscape:The case of Zlatna Greda, Croatia

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The Impact of Consumer Green Behaviour on Green Loyalty Among Retail Formats: A Romanian Case Study

Business Ethics, 135(2): 253-264. Sadachar, A., Khare, A., Manchiraju, S. (2016): The Role of Consumer Susceptibility to Interpersonal Influence in Predicting Green Apparel Consumption Behavior of American Youth. Atlantic Marketing Journal, 5(1): 1-15. Sarkis, J., Gonzalez-Torre, P., Adenso-Diaz, B. (2010): Stakeholder Pressure and the Adoption of Environmental Practices: The Mediating Effect of Training. Journal of Operations Management, 28(2): 163-176. Schaefer, A., Crane, A. (2005): Addressing sustainability and

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Characteristics of Logistics Outsourcing in Bulgaria: The Perspectives of the Logistics Service Providers and their Customers

–271, June 2010. 14. K. J. Petersen, R. B. Handfield, B. Lawson, and P. D. Cousins, “Buyer dependency and relational capital formation: The mediating effects of socialization processes and supplier integration”, Journal of Supply Chain Management , vol. 44, no. 4, pp. 53–65, September 2008. 15. K. M. Eisenhardt and C. B. Schoonhoven, “Resource-based view of strategic alliance formation: Strategic and social effects in entrepreneurial firms”, Organization Science , vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 136–50, March-April 1996. 16. P. D. Cousins, B. Lawson, K. J. Petersen

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Linking Human Resource Management and Knowledge Management via Commitment to Safety

REFERENCES [1] C. S. Fugas, S. A. Silva, J.L. Melia, “Another look at safety climate and safety behaviour: Deepening the cognitive and social mediator mechanisms”. Accident Analysis and Prevention , vol. 45, pp. 468–477, 2012. [2] M. Järvis, A. Virovere, P. Tint, “Managers’ Perceptions of Organizational Safety: Implication for the Development of Safety Culture,” Safety of Technogenic Environment , vol. 5, pp. 18–28, 2014. [3] M. Järvis, P. Tint. “The effects

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Possibility of Wastewater Treatment Using MFC with Ni-Co Catalyst of Fuel Electrode

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Analysis of Possibility of Yeast Production Increase at Maintained Carbon Dioxide Emission Level

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