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Sociology and Theatre, A Too Short Beginning. Pavel Câmpeanu’s Studies


In Romania, sociological investigations on theatre are mere illusions that drift further and further away into the sky. In the last 30 years, a few theatres commissioned surveys to measure, as best as they could, the structure and the preferences of their own audience, over shorter (in the case of the 2003 first survey draft at Odeon Theatre, the research lasted no more than one weekend) or longer spans of time (in 2015, at Nottara Theatre, IMAS conducted a survey during a month; the survey applied at the Bucharest National Theatre in 2013 remained a legend, or a rumour rather, as the management treated it with mysterious silence). This paper tries to follow the intentions and the destiny of the researches and surveys dedicated to the theatre sociology by Pavel Câmpeanu and his small team between 1968-1974.

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Consequences of Fiscal Adjustment and Public Finance Management. The Costs of Limiting the Fiscal Imbalance in Eurozone Countries

., Negative Weights for Performance Measures, International Public Management Journal, 12:3, 332-344, 2009 European Commission, European Union Public Finance: New book edition released, Brussels 2015. IMF, Fiscal Monitor, Washington 2012 and 2013. Kelly, J., Rubin, M., Budget and Accounting Reforms. In Ferlie, E., Lynn, L. and Pollitt, C. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Public Management , (pp. 563-590). 2005 New York. Maarten de Jong, Iris van Beek and Rense Posthumus, Introducing accountable budgeting: lessons from a decade of performance

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The fuzzy concept of collaborative governance: A systematic review of the state of the art

to policy-making have also been advocated as a way to close the seemingly growing gap between government and citizens and thus to alleviate normative problems commonly besetting Western democracies in the last decades. Collaborative governance has received considerable attention from public administration scholars and is the subject of a burgeoning body of academic literature in policy studies, public management and democratic theory. However, the rapid uptake of collaborative governance and related concepts, such as coordination, cooperation, joined-up governance

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Competitiveness and Research-Oriented Teaching in Romanian Universities: The Neo-Liberal Transformation of the Higher Education System

optimizare ce se impun [Annual Public Report. The situation of the financing of higher education and the necessary measures for its improvement]. Editors: Adrian Miroiu and Bogdan Murgescu. Bucharest: UEFISCDI – CNFIS. Retrieved from: [last accessed: 03.05.2015]. Comisia Prezidențială pentru analiza și elaborarea politicilor din domeniile educației și cercetării [The Presidential Commission for the Analysis and Design of Educational and Research Policies] – RCP (2007). Raportul Comisiei. România educației, România cercetării

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Designing an Accountability Index: A Case Study of South America Central Governments

the development of disclosure indices to measure annual reports of groups of organisations in any of the private, public or so-called third sectors. Another study of exploratory interviews ( Salas Quirós, 2015 ) makes a proposal of an index of accountability in the centralized public sector management in Costa Rica. This index develops a total of six dimensions, four of internal control (the classic-legality economic-form, the management-economy effectiveness and efficiency, the organizational-structures, processes, staff, the judicial-court of the contentious

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Son Preference, Parity Progression and Contraceptive Use in South Asia

, 35(3): 519-549. Hussain, R., Fikree, F., et al. (2000). The role of son preference in reproductive behaviour in Pakistan. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 78(3): 379-388. ICF International (2011). Demographic and Health Surveys Methodology - Questionnaires: Household, Woman’s, and Man’s. Calverton, Maryland, USA. Measure DHS Phase III. Jayachandran, S., & Kuziemko, I. (2009). Why do mothers breastfeed girls less than boys? Evidence and implications for child health in India. National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper no

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The influence of age factors on the reform of the public service of Ukraine

types of work and so on. The introduction of integrated data management information systems and development will reduce the need for workers at lower levels of the hierarchy in the medium term, and workers will be more involved under temporary contracts. The prevalence of permanent employment in the civil service reduces the flexibility of the civil service system and increases the costs of its maintenance. Therefore, it is important to analyze the gender and age components, wages, working hours, functional responsibilities, the peculiarities of career development and

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Decision Making in Psychiatric Reform: A Case Study of the Czech Experience

considerations have in fact been observed in a variety of studies ( Hudson, 1992 ). Efforts to improve public health programmes have historically involved a number of strategies that have been extensively reviewed elsewhere. Most notable is the review of Pallasa et al. (2012) of 181 studies that identified seven broad strategic areas of change: standards and guidelines; organizational structure and governance; human resource knowledge and skill; process re-engineering and technology development; use of incentives; organizational culture; and leadership and management

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Policy, learning and regime change: Western concepts and CEE experience

REFERENCES Bailey, F.G. (1969). Stratagems and Spoils . Oxford: Basil Blackwell. Bevir, M., & Rhodes, R.A.W. (2010). The State as Cultural Practice . Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. Boxelaar, L., Paine, M., & Beilin, R. (2006). Community engagement and public administration: Of silos, overlays and technologies of government. Australian Journal of Public Administration , 65(1), 113-126. Buduru, B., & Pal, L.A. (2010). The globalized state: Measuring and monitoring governance. European Journal of Cultural Studies , 13(4), 511

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Response of Central European Civil Security Systems to the Economic Crisis

LZS. Retrived from: (accessed 15. 4. 2013) Forgues, B., & Roux-Dufort, C. (1998). Crises: Events or processes. Hazards and Sustainability: Contemporary Issues in Risk Management, (p.18). Retrived from: (accessed 15. 5. 2015) Jachs, S. (2014). Can we measure the performance of disaster management? In Nađ, I. (Ed.), Crisis Management Days

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