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Conceptual Model of the Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research Platform of Engure Ecoregion, Latvia

, R., Mednis, A. (2013). Daþâdu apsaimniekoðanas pasâkumu ietekme uz Engures ezeru un tâ piekrastes ekosistçmâm [The influence of various management measures on Lake Engure and its coastal ecosystems]. Grâm.: Kïaviòð, M., Melecis, V. (red.). Cilvçks un daba: Engures ekoreìions (288.-293. lpp.). Rîga: LU Akadçmiskais apgâds (in Latvian). Thomas, R. (1995). A General Strategy for Integrated Environmental Assessment at the European Environment Agency. Bilthoven: RIVM (National Institute of Public Health and Environment), 35 pp. Vîksne, J

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Investigation of Botrytis Cinerea Risk Forecasting Model of Strawberry in Lithuania

-1230. Miličevič, T., Ivič, D., Cvjetkovič, B., Duralija, B. (2006). Possibilities of strawberry integrated disease management in different cultivation systems.Agricult. Conspectus Sci., 71 (4), 129-134. Raudonis, L., Valiuškaitė, A. (2009). Integrated approach of apple scab management using iMETOS warning system. Sodininkystė ir Daržininkystė, 28 (3), 181-191. Shtienberg, D. (2007). Rational management of Botrytis-incited diseases: Integration of control measures and use of warning systems. In: Botrytis: Biology, Pathology and Control (pp. 335

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Environmental quality assessment and modelling in high-risk industrial sites in Latvia

References Anonymous (1999). Guidelines for Quantitative Risk Assessment. Committee for the prevention of disasters, Sdu Uitgevers, Den Haag, chapter 3, 1-22; chapter 4, 1-49. Anonymous (1980). Actions upon release to the environment. In: Handbook for Chemical Hazard Analysis Procedures. Washington: Federal Emergency Management Agency, US Department of Transportation, US Environmental Protection Agency, pp. 3.1-3.28. Duijm, N. J., Carrissimo, B. (2001). Evaluation methodologies

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Visual Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity Depending from Keratoconus Apex Position

References Bach, M. (2007). The Freiburg Visual Acuity Test-Variability unchanged by post-hoc re-analysis. Graefe's Arch. Clin. Exper. Ophthalmol., 245 (7), 965-971. Brown, B., Lovie-Kitchin, J. E. (1989). High and low contrast acuity and clinical contrast sensitivity tested in a normal population. Optom. Vis. Sci., 66 (7), 467-473. Carney, L. G., Lembach, R. G. (1991). Management of keratoconus: Comparative visual assessments. CLAO J., 17 (1), 52-58. de Freitas Santos Paranhos, J., Avila, M. P

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Alcohol Use Disorder and Depression in Patients with Alcohol-Related Seizures

., Blum, D., Reed, M., Fanning, K.; Epilepsy Impact Project Group. (2003). The influence of comorbid depression on quality of life for people with epilepsy. Epilepsy Behav. , 4 (5), 515–521. de Oliveira, G., Kummer, A., Salgado, J., Filho, G., David, A., Teixeira, A. (2011). Suicidality in temporal lobe epilepsy: Measuring the weight of impulsivity and depression. Epilepsy Behav. , 22 (4), 745–749. Devinsky, O., Spruill, T., Thurman, D., Friedman, D. (2016). Recognizing and preventing epilepsy-related mortality: A call for action. Neurology, 86 (8

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Tourism and recreation as a driving force for forecasting biodiversity changes: Lake Engure watershed area as an example

Anonymous (2005). The European Environment—State and Outlook 2005. Copenhagen: European Environment Agency. 584 pp. Anonymous (2006a). Methodological Work on Measuring the Sustainable Development of Tourism. Part.1: Technical Report. European Commission. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg. Available at: Anonymous (2006b). Standard Indicator Format and Indicator Fact Sheet: 14. Intensity of

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Genetic Diversity and Structure of Northern Populations of the Declining Coastal Plant Eryngium maritimum

coastal dunes. In: Environmental Engineering. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference, May 22–28, 2008 . Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, pp. 22–28. Bonin, A., Nicole, F., Pompanon, F., Miaud, C., Taberlet, P. (2007). Population adaptive index:Anew method to help measure intraspecific genetic diversity and prioritize populations for conservation. Conserv. Biol ., 21 , 697–708. de Bruin, A., Ibelings, B. W., Van Donk, E. (2003). Molecular techniques in phytoplankton research: From allozyme electrophoresis to genomics. Hydrobiologia , 491

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Clinical and Epidemiological Characteristics of Migraine in Latvia / Klīniski Epidemioloģisks Migrēnas Raksturojums Latvijā

References Anonīms (2014). Pārskats par Latvijas augstāko izglītību 2014. gadā [Overview of the Latvian higher education in 2014]. Izglītības un zinātnes ministrija, Augstākās izglītības, zinātnes un inovāciju departaments, Rīga, 92 lpp. (in Latvian). Available at: (April 18 2015). Anonymous (2011). Atlas of headache disorders and resources in the world 2011. World Health Organization. Available at:

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Prevention of Computer Worker Health Disturbances Caused by Physical and Physiological Risk

Musculoskeletal Disorders , 8 (68), 1–11. Feuerstein, M., Nicholas, R. A., Huang, G. D., Dimberg, L., Ali, D., Rogers, H. (2004). Job stress management and ergonomic intervention for work-related upper extremity symptoms. Appl. Ergon., 35 (6), 565–574. Galinsky, T., Swanson, N., Sauter, S., Dunkin, R., Hurrell, J., Schleifer, L. (2007). Supplementary breaks and stretching exercises for data entry operators: A follow-up field study. Amer. J. Industr. Med., 50 (7), 519–527. Gerr, F., Marcus, M., Monteilh, C., Hannan, L., Ortiz, D., Kleinbaum, D. (2005

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New Modalities in Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Using Autologous Bone Marrow-Derived Mononuclear Cells

.-S., Lee, S.-W., Park, S.-H., Choi, Y.-J. (2013). Mesenchymal stem cell injections improve symptoms of knee osteoarthritis. Arthroscopy: J. Arthrosc. Rel. Surg ., 29 (4), 748–755. Kon, E., Filardo, G., Drobnic, M., Madry, H., Jelic, M., Dijk, N. van, Della Villa, S. (2012). Non-surgical management of early knee osteoarthritis. Knee Surg. Sports Traumatol. Arthrosc ., 20 (3), 436–449. Lee, S., Nardo, L., Kumar, D., Wyatt, C. R., Souza, R. B., Lynch, J., McCulloch, C. E., Majumdar, S., Lane, N. E., Link, T. M. (2015). Scoring hip osteoarthritis with MRI

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