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, Austria., p. 5373. Burdet, O.L. & Zanella, J.-L., (2000). Automatic monitoring of bridges using electronic inclinometers. 16th Congress of IABSE , Lucerne, 2000. Burdet, O.L. & Zanella, J.-L., (2002). Automatic monitoring of the Riddes bridges using electronic inclinometers. First International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management IABMAS, Barcelona, 2002. Hou, X., Yang, X. & Huang, Q. (2005). Using Inclinometers to Measure Bridge Deflection. J. Bridge Eng ., 10(5), pp. 564-569. Milev

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Fuzzy Similarity and Fuzzy Inclusion Measures in Polyline Matching: A Case Study of Potential Streams Identification for Archaeological Modelling in GIS

of Energy, Information and Communications, 1, 15-22. Dice, L. R. (1945). Measures of the Amount of Ecologic Association Between Species. Ecology, 26(3), 297-302. doi: 10.2307/1932409. Ewing, G. M. (1985). Calculus of Variations with Applications. Dover Publications, New York. Ford, A., Clarke, K. C. & Raines, G. (2009). Modeling Settlement Patterns of the Late Classic Maya Civilization with Bayesian Methods and Geographic Information Systems. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 99(3), 1-25. doi: 10

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Laser Scanning in Engineering Surveying: Methods of Measurement and Modeling of Structures

.V., Potsdam, 407-417 Gikas, V. (2012). Three-dimensional laser scanning for geometry documentation and construction management of highway tunnels during excavation. Sensors, 12 (8), 11249-11270 Glennie, C., (2007). Rigorous 3D error analysis of kinematic scanning LIDAR systems. Journal of Applied Geodesy, 1 (2007), 147-157. de Gruyter, doi: 10.1515/JAG Glennie, C., Brooks B., Ericksen, T., Hauser, D., Hudnut, K., Foster, J., & Avery, J., (2013). Compact Multipurpose Mobile Laser Scanning System - Initial Tests and Results

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Urban area change visualization and analysis using high density spatial data from time series aerial images

1 Introduction Land and urban management require detecting changes in topography and urban areas. Topography changes in rural areas are generally the results of natural processes such as landslides, earthquakes, coastal erosion de- or afforestation. Urban changes consist of new constructions, extensions, destructions, excavation work and earth fill formed by natural or human effects. Change detection in urban areas is essential for planning, management, building and discovering unauthorized construction activities. In addition, the results of earthquakes can

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Determining of correlation relationship between roll, pitch, and yaw for UAVs

determine the angular position of the UAV (angles of roll and pitch). The task was carried out with the help of the micro-controller AVR A Tmega 16 with the algorithm of the optimal Kalman recursive filter incorporated in it. The device proposed by the authors determines the angles of roll and pitch with errors ± 1°–3° in the steady state, and ± 3°–10° in the dynamic mode. The range of measuring the roll angles is ± 175° and the pitch angles is ± 90°. It should be noted that about 60% of the flights of a small aircraft are carried out according to the rules of visual

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