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Consequences of Fiscal Adjustment and Public Finance Management. The Costs of Limiting the Fiscal Imbalance in Eurozone Countries

., Negative Weights for Performance Measures, International Public Management Journal, 12:3, 332-344, 2009 European Commission, European Union Public Finance: New book edition released, Brussels 2015. IMF, Fiscal Monitor, Washington 2012 and 2013. Kelly, J., Rubin, M., Budget and Accounting Reforms. In Ferlie, E., Lynn, L. and Pollitt, C. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Public Management , (pp. 563-590). 2005 New York. Maarten de Jong, Iris van Beek and Rense Posthumus, Introducing accountable budgeting: lessons from a decade of performance

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Policy, learning and regime change: Western concepts and CEE experience

REFERENCES Bailey, F.G. (1969). Stratagems and Spoils . Oxford: Basil Blackwell. Bevir, M., & Rhodes, R.A.W. (2010). The State as Cultural Practice . Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. Boxelaar, L., Paine, M., & Beilin, R. (2006). Community engagement and public administration: Of silos, overlays and technologies of government. Australian Journal of Public Administration , 65(1), 113-126. Buduru, B., & Pal, L.A. (2010). The globalized state: Measuring and monitoring governance. European Journal of Cultural Studies , 13(4), 511

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Response of Central European Civil Security Systems to the Economic Crisis

LZS. Retrived from: (accessed 15. 4. 2013) Forgues, B., & Roux-Dufort, C. (1998). Crises: Events or processes. Hazards and Sustainability: Contemporary Issues in Risk Management, (p.18). Retrived from: (accessed 15. 5. 2015) Jachs, S. (2014). Can we measure the performance of disaster management? In Nađ, I. (Ed.), Crisis Management Days

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Administrative Burden Reduction Policies in Slovenia Revisited

References Ardagna, S. & Lusardi, A. (2010). Heterogeneity in the Effect ofRegulation on Entrepreneurship and Entry Size. Journal Of TheEuropeanEconomic Association, 8 (2-3), 594-605. Armstrong, S. & Lusk, J. (1987). Return postage in mail surveys: a metaanalysis.Public Opinion Quarterly, 51 (3), 233-48. Bozeman, B. (2012). Multidimensional Red Tape: A Theory Coda.International Public Management Journal, 15 (3), 245-65. Bozeman, B. (2000). Bureaucracy and Red Tape. Upper Saddle River, NJ

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Measuring the Use of Knowledge in Policy Development

reform debate. Liberty Trends, 60(3):497-521. Rich, A. (2004). Think Tanks, Public Policy, and the Politics of Expertise Think Tanks, Public Policy, and the Politics of Expertise. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Rich, A. (2001). The Politics of Expertise in Congress and the News Media. Social Science Quarterly, 82(3):583-601. Rich, R. F. (1997). Measuring Knowledge Utilization: Processes and Outcomes. Knowledge and Policy, 10(3):11-24. Sabatier, P. A. and Whiteman, D. (1985). Legislative Decision

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Parameters for the Assessment of the Impact of Internationalisation Policy on Quality in Higher Education and its Influence on the Development of Society: The Lithuanian Case

for Sustainable Development and the Bologna Process. Journal of Education for Sustainable Development, 6, 91-100. Gao Y., Baik, Ch. & Arkoudis, S. (2015). Internationalization of higher education. In J. Huisman, H. De Boer, D. Dill, M. Souto-Otero, A. S. Oberai, L. Williams (Eds.), The Palgrave International Handbook of Higher Education Policy and Governance (pp. 300-321). Gižienė, V., Markauskienė, A. (2012). Investment in higher education and revenue relationship structure analysis. Economics and Management 17(3), 1141-1148. Heffron, S

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Childcare policy in the Czech Republic and Norway: two countries, two paths with many possibilities

. Understanding Care Policies in Changing Times: Experiences and Lessons from the Czech Republic and Norway. Brno: MuniPress, 161-84. Bovaird, T. & Loeffler, E. (Eds.) (2009). Public Management and Governance. London and New York: Routledge. Brenna, L. R. (2010). Med forskertrang og lekelyst: systematisk pedagogisk tilbud til alle førskolebarn: utredning fra utvalg oppnevnt ved kongelig resolusjon 19. juni 2009: avgitt til Kunnskapsdepartementet 1. oktober 2010 , Vol. NOU 2010:8. Oslo: Departementenes servicesenter, Informasjonsforvaltning. Cerami, A

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