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The safe road transport system approach

: Transport Safety Organization in Public and Private sectors, 2003 ( ) [7] EU Twinning project for enhancing Road Safety in Egypt, EG08/AA/TP13 [8] The PIARC four strategic themes ( ) [9] The PIARC Guidelines on Road Safety ( ) [10] PIARC Human factors guideline ( ) [11] EU Directive 2008/96/EC on Infrastructure Safety Management 2008 [12] „Road Safety measures implementation of Safety” Audit System for Romania, Europe Aid/114414/D/SV/RO [13] „Technical Assistant for

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Increase the Safety of Road Traffic Accidents by Applying Clustering


In terms of continual increase of number of traffic accidents and alarming trend of increasing number of traffic accidents with catastrophic consequences for human life and health, it is necessary to actively research and develop methods to combat these trends. One of the measures is the implementation of advanced information systems in existing traffic environment. Accidents clusters, as databases of traffic accidents, introduce a new dimension in traffic systems in the form of experience, providing information on current accidents and the ones that have previously occurred in a given period. This paper proposes a new approach to predictive management of traffic processes, based on the collection of data in real time and is based on accidents clusters. The modern traffic information services collects road traffic status data from a wide variety of traffic sensing systems using modern ICT technologies, creating the most accurate road traffic situation awareness achieved so far. Road traffic situation awareness enhanced by accident clusters' data can be visualized and distributed in various ways (including the forms of dynamic heat maps) and on various information platforms, suiting the requirements of the end-users. Accent is placed on their significant features that are based on additional knowledge about existing traffic processes and distribution of important traffic information in order to prevent and reduce traffic accidents.

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Rationale of Complex Indicator of Quality of Public Transport

.: Logistika: obschestvennyiy passazhirskiy transport . Moscow: Ekzamen BBK. 2003 [5]. CIOBANU C-I., BUGHEANU A-M., CIOBANU R. C.: The influence of the public passenger transport system on the quality of urban life. Study case: Bucharest. Proceeding of the 9th international management conference. “Management and Innovation for Competitive Advantage”, November 5th-6th, Bucharest, Romania. P.1087–1097. Access at: 2015 [6]. CRONIN Jr, J. J., & TAYLOR, S. A.: Measuring service quality: a reexamination and

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Examining the need for a public procurement maturity model (PPMM) for infrastructure buyers in a monopsony market structure

]. KOHLEGGER MICHAEL, MAIER RONALD, THALMANN STEFAN, „Understanding Maturity Models, Results of a Structured Content Analysis” Proceedings of I-KNOW ’09 and I-SEMANTICS ’09 2-4 September 2009 , Graz, Austria, available at [12]. KRALJIC, PETER. (1983). Purchasing must become supply management. Harvard Business Review, No. 83509 SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER 1983, 61(5), 109-117, 1983 [13]. OECD: „ Discussion paper on public procurement performance measures ”, OECD Meeting of Leading Practitioners on Public

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The Analysis of Low Noise Protection Barriers Influence on Tram Traffic Noise Levels

References [1]. “Assessing vibration: a technical guideline”, Environmental Noise Management, Department of Environment and Conservation NSW, 2006. [2]. S. LAKUŠIĆ, M. AHAC: “Rail traffic noise and vibration mitigation measures in urban areas”, Technical Gazette 19, 2(2012), 427-435. [3]. “Transit noise and vibration impact assessment”, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration (FTA), Office of Planning and Environment, 2006. [4]. “Master Plan of City of Zagreb”, Official

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