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Selenium in soil–plant–food systems

for a sustainable world , 6. Springer, Berlin. (2014b). [29] F. M. Fordyce, Selenium deficiency and toxicity in the environment. In: O. Selinus, B. Alloway, J. A. Centeno, R. B. Finkelman, R. Fuge, U. Lindh, P. Smedley (eds), Essentials of medical geology . Elsevier, London. (2005) 373–415. [30] U. C. Gupta, S. C. Gupta, Selenium in soils and crops, its deficiencies in livestock and humans: implications for management. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis , 31. (2000) 1791–1807. [31] L. Duscay, O. Ložek, L. Varga, T. Lošák, Wheat

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Business plan for a Zen garden

. Ljubljana, Lovska zveza Slovenije. Slovenia. 1999, 225p. 5. Kierulff H. 2008. Business Horizons - MIRR: A better measure. Bus. Horizons, 2008;51(4):321-329. 6. Kryžanowski Š. Feng shui: filozofija prostora in psihologija bivanja. Ljubljana, Mladinska knjiga. Slovenia, 2012, 352p. 7. Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. 2012. Strategy of development of Slovenian tourism (2012-2016).

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Identification of hypothetical duplicate accessions of plums (Prunus domestica L.) within the slovene plant gene bank collection using molecular markers

JB, Tobutt KR. Development and characterisation of polymorphic microsatellites from Prunus avium “Napoleon” Mol. Ecol. Notes. 2003;578-580. 4. Decroocq V, Hagen LS, Fave MG, Eyquard JP, Pierronnet A. Microsatellite markers in the hexaploid Prunus domestica species and parentage lineage of three European plum cultivars using nuclear and chloroplast simple-sequence repeats. Mol. Breeding. 2004;13:135-142. 5. Dice LR. Measures of the amount of ecologic association between species. Ecology. 1945;297-302. 6. Donoso JM

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Antioxidant defences of Norway spruce bark against bark beetles and its associated blue-stain fungus

. Paine TD, Ra-a KF, Harrington TC. Interactions among Scolytid bark beetles, their associated fungi, and live host conifers. Ann. Rev. Entomol. 1997;42:179-206. 69. Percival GC. Induction of systemic acquired disease resistance in plants: Potential implications for disease management in urban forestry. J. Arboric. 2001;27(4):181-192. 70. Pont V and Pezet R. Relation between the chemical structure and the biological activity of hydroxystilbenes against Botrytis cinerea. J. Phytopathol. 2008;130(1):1-8. 71. Raffa KF, Aukema

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Voluntary Safety Management System in the Manufacturing Industry – To What Extent does OHSAS 18001 Certification Help?

:// [7] Directive 89/391/EEC- OSH “Framework Directive” of 12 June 1989 on the introduction of measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work – “Framework Directive”, Official Journal of the European Union (OJL), 183: pp. 1–8, 29.06.1989. [8] ILO, “Guidelines of the safety and health management systems,” (ILO-OSH-01), Geneva: International Labour Office, 2001. [9] BSI (British Standard Institution), “Guide to occupational health and safety management systems,” British Standard institution

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Linking Human Resource Management and Knowledge Management via Commitment to Safety

,” Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management , pp. 507–514, 2006. [24] M. Armstrong, A handbook of Human resource management Practice , 10th ed., London/Philadelphia: Kogan Page, p. 982, 2006. [25] S-C. Chang, C-Y. Chiang, C-Y. Chu, Y-B. Wang, “The Study of Social Capital, Organizational Learning, Innovativeness, Intellectual Capital, and Performance,” The Journal of Human Resource and 64 Adult Learning , pp. 64–74, 2006. [26] N. Bontis, “A Review of the Models Used to Measure Intellectual Capital”, International

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Improvement of Managers’ Safety Knowledge through Scientifically Reasonable Interviews

.ssci.2010.12.010 [10] D. Podgorski, “Measuring operational performance of OSH management system – A demonstration of AHP-based selection of leading key performance indicators,” Safety Science , vol. 73, pp. 145–166, 2015. [11] A. Kuusisto, “Safety management systems: Audit tools and reliability of auditing” [dissertation] Tampere (Finland): Tampere University of Technology, 2000. [12] Õ. Paas, K. Reinhold, P. Tint, “Estimation of safety performance by MISHA method and the benefits of OHSAS18001

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The Components of Non-Punitive Environment in Nursing

learning. Safety Science, 60, 196-202. Haggström, E., Mamhidir, A. G., & Kihlgren, A. (2010). Caregivers’ strong commitment to their relationship with older people. International Journal of Nursing Practice, 16(2), 99-105. Haight, J. M., Yokiro, P., Rost, K. M., & Willmer, D. R. (2014). Safety Management Systems Comparing Contents and Impact. Safety Management, May, 44-51. Hamdan, M. (2013) Measuring safety culture in Palestinian

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Telework as an Option to Postpone the Retirement for Ageing People?

is beneficial. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 38(4), 336-361. Handy, C. (1995). Trust and the virtual organization. Harvard Business Review, 73(3), 40-50. Harvey, J.-F. (2012). Managing organizational memory with intergenerational knowledge transfer. Journal of Knowledge Management, 16(3), 400-417. Hatcher, L. (2013). Advanced Statistics in Research: Reading, Understanding, and Writing Up Data Analysis Results. Shadow

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