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Benchmarking the financial performance of local councils in Ireland

–57. Järvinen, J. (2009). Shifting NPM agendas and management accountants’ occupational identities. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, 22 (8), 1,187–210. Jordan, S., & Messner, M. (2012). Enabling control and the problem of incomplete performance indicators. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 37 (7), 544–64. Julnes, P. D. L., & Holzer, M. (2001). Promoting the utilization of performance measures in public organizations: An empirical study of factors affecting adoption and implementation. Public Administration Review, 61 (6), 693

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The potential for public value frameworks in Northern Ireland and Ireland

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Voluntary Safety Management System in the Manufacturing Industry – To What Extent does OHSAS 18001 Certification Help?

:// [7] Directive 89/391/EEC- OSH “Framework Directive” of 12 June 1989 on the introduction of measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work – “Framework Directive”, Official Journal of the European Union (OJL), 183: pp. 1–8, 29.06.1989. [8] ILO, “Guidelines of the safety and health management systems,” (ILO-OSH-01), Geneva: International Labour Office, 2001. [9] BSI (British Standard Institution), “Guide to occupational health and safety management systems,” British Standard institution

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Emergency management on the island of Ireland – Recent cross-border developments

References Bailes, A. J. K., & Sando, C. (2014). Nordic cooperation on civil security: The ‘Haga’ process, 2009–2014. Reykjavík: Centre for Small State Studies, Institute of International Affairs. CCPB. (2014). Measures to enhance civil contingencies arrangements at local level . Belfast: OFMDFM. DEHLG. (2006a). A framework for major emergency management. Dublin: DEHLG. DEHLG. (2006b). A framework for major emergency management: Appendices. Dublin: DEHLG. Department of the Environment, NI. (2006). Departmental guidance to

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Linking Human Resource Management and Knowledge Management via Commitment to Safety

,” Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management , pp. 507–514, 2006. [24] M. Armstrong, A handbook of Human resource management Practice , 10th ed., London/Philadelphia: Kogan Page, p. 982, 2006. [25] S-C. Chang, C-Y. Chiang, C-Y. Chu, Y-B. Wang, “The Study of Social Capital, Organizational Learning, Innovativeness, Intellectual Capital, and Performance,” The Journal of Human Resource and 64 Adult Learning , pp. 64–74, 2006. [26] N. Bontis, “A Review of the Models Used to Measure Intellectual Capital”, International

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Improvement of Managers’ Safety Knowledge through Scientifically Reasonable Interviews

.ssci.2010.12.010 [10] D. Podgorski, “Measuring operational performance of OSH management system – A demonstration of AHP-based selection of leading key performance indicators,” Safety Science , vol. 73, pp. 145–166, 2015. [11] A. Kuusisto, “Safety management systems: Audit tools and reliability of auditing” [dissertation] Tampere (Finland): Tampere University of Technology, 2000. [12] Õ. Paas, K. Reinhold, P. Tint, “Estimation of safety performance by MISHA method and the benefits of OHSAS18001

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The statistical treatment of government interventions in the banking sector during the financial crisis

References Barnes, S., & Smyth, D. (2013). The government’s balance sheet after the crisis: A comprehensive perspective. Retrieved from [26 April 2014]. Central Bank of Ireland. (2011). Financial measures programme - executive summary. Central Bank Quarterly Bulletin Q2, 69 -76. Central Bank of Ireland. (2014). Annual report 2014. Dublin: Central Bank. CSO. (2014a). National income and expenditure annual results 2013. Cork: CSO. CSO. (2014b). Government

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The Central Bank’s harmonised competitiveness indicators: Users beware

Council. (2012). Ireland’s productivity performance, 1980-2011. Dublin: National Competitiveness Council. NESC. (2005). NESC strategy 2006: People, productivity and purpose [Report no. 114]. Dublin: NESC. NESC. (2013). Ireland’s five part crisis, five years on: Deepening reform and institutional innovation [Report no. 135]. Dublin: NESC. O’Brien, D. (2010) Measuring Ireland’s price and labour cost competitiveness. Central Bank Quarterly Bulletin, 1, 99-103. O’Brien, D., & Scally, J. (2012). Cost

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The Components of Non-Punitive Environment in Nursing

learning. Safety Science, 60, 196-202. Haggström, E., Mamhidir, A. G., & Kihlgren, A. (2010). Caregivers’ strong commitment to their relationship with older people. International Journal of Nursing Practice, 16(2), 99-105. Haight, J. M., Yokiro, P., Rost, K. M., & Willmer, D. R. (2014). Safety Management Systems Comparing Contents and Impact. Safety Management, May, 44-51. Hamdan, M. (2013) Measuring safety culture in Palestinian

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Lessons from abroad: Rebalancing accountability and pedagogy in the Irish social care sector through the use of effective leadership

, Alberta: Mount Royal University. Baxter, J., Carston, C. S., & Farebrother, M. (2014). Phase II - Early learning and child care pilot project: A report for the Alberta Ministry of Human Services. Calgary, Alberta: Mount Royal University. Beresford, P. (2014, August 7). Bureaucracy and bad management are changing social work. The Guardian. Burck, C., & Cooper, A. (2007). Introduction: Dialogues and developments in social work practice: Applying systemic and psycho-analytical ideas in the real world. Journal of Social Work

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