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Indicators as an Instrument of Measurement in Management Accounting in Logistics Enterprises in Poland

References Andersson, P., Hakan, A. and Nils, C.S. (1989). Measuring Logistics Performance. Engineering Costs and Production Economics, 17, Blum, H.S. (2006). Logistik-Controlling: Kontext, Ausgestaltung und Erfolgswirkungen. Wiesbaden: DUV. Brunner, J. (1999). Value Base Performance Management. New York, Czenskowsky, T. and Piontek, J. (2007). Marktorientiertes Controlling der Logistik und der Supply Chain

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Social value added (SVA) as an adaptation of economic value added (EVA) to the specificity of cultural institutions

References Alwasiak, St., Lewandowska-Kalina, M., Kalina, L., Kowalewski, O., Możdżeń, M. and Rybiński, K. (2014). Interes publiczny a interesy grupowe w polskim ustawodawstwie. Ekonomista , 3 : 349–365. Appleby, B. (1997). The new lingo of value added. Hospitals & Health Networks : 50–52. Ames, P.J. (1990). Breaking new grounds. Measuring museums’ merits. Museum Management and Curatorship , 9 : 137–147. Analiza kosztów i korzyści projektów inwestycyjnych: Przewodnik (2003). European Commission, Directorate-General – Regional Policy

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The Impact of Organisational Learning on Organisational Performance

.1177/0092070399274002 Beer, M., Voelpel, S.C., Leibold, M. and Tekie, E.B. (2005). Strategic management as organizational learning: Developing fit and alignment through a disciplined process. LRP, 38: 445-465, Bhatnagar, J. (2006). Measuring organizational learning capability in Indian managers and establishing firm performance linkage. An empirical analysis. The Learning Organization, 13(5): 416-433, Calantone, R.J., Cavusgil, S.T. and Zhao, Y. (2002). Learning

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Towards a Taxonomy of International Competitiveness

the OECD Cluster Focus Group Workshop, Utrecht. Gugler, P., Keller, M. and Tinguely, X. (2015). The role of clusters in the global innovation strategy of MNEs: Theoretical foundations and evidence from the Basel pharmaceutical cluster. Competitiveness Review, 25(3): 324-340, Hodgetts, R.M. (1993). Porter’s Diamond Framework in a Mexican Context. MIR: Management International Review, 33: 41-54. Huemer, S., Scheubel, B. and Walch, F. (2013). Measuring institutional competitiveness

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Knowledge Safety – Insights from the SME Sector

-69. Massingham, P. (2008). Measuring the impact of knowledge loss: More than ripples on a pond? Management Learning, 39(5): 541-560, McAdam, R. and Keogh, W. (2004). Transitioning towards creativity and innovation measurement in SMEs. Creativity and Innovation Management, 13(2): 126-139, Meyer, C.B. (2001). A Case in Case Study Methodology. Field Methods, 13(4): 329-352, Mohamed, S., Mynors, D

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Analytical, Practical and Emotional Intelligence and Line Manager Competencies

.1037/0882-7974.2.2.144 Denney, N.W. and Palmer, A.M. (1981). Adult age differences on traditional and practical problemsolving measures. Journal of Gerontology, 36: 323-328, Dorner, D., Kreuzig, H., Reither, F. and Staudel, T. (1983). Lohhausen: Vom Umgang mit Unbestimmtheir und Komplexitat. Bern: Huber. Goleman, D. (1997), Inteligencja emocjonalna. Poznań: Media Rodzina. Gustafsson J.E. (1984). A unifying model for the structure of intellectual abilities. Intelligence, 8: 179-203,

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Students’ Team Project Experiences and Their Attitudes Towards Teamwork

.L., Wilson, J.R. and Hess, K.C. (2010). Team-based classroom pedagogy reframed: the student perspective. American Journal of Business Education, 3(7): 17-24, Templeton, G.F., Lewis, B.R. and Snyder, C.A. (2002). Development of a Measure for the Organizational Learning Construct. Journal of Management Information Systems, 19(2): 175-218, Thompson, D., Anitsal, I. and Barrett, H. (2008). Attitudes toward teamwork in higher education: a comparative study

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Working Capital Management and Corporate Performance: Evidence from Indonesia

References Abuzayed, B. (2012). Working capital management and firms’ performance in emerging markets: the case of Jordan. International Journal of Managerial Finance , 8 (2): 155–179, Agha, H. (2014). Impact of Working Capital Management on Profitability. European Scientific Journal , 10 (1): 374–381. Akbar, A. (2014). Working Capital Management and Corporate Performance : Evidences from Textile Sector of China. European Academic Research , II (9): 11440–11456. Arabahmadi, A. and Arabahmadi

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Professional Development of Older Employees in Small and Medium Enterprises

References Armstrong-Stassen, M. and Templer, A. (2005). Adapting training for older employees. Journal of Management Development, 24(1): 57-67. Bacon, N. and Hoque, K. (2005). HRM in the SME Sector: Valuable Employees and Coercive Networks. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 16(11): 1976-1999. Bryan, J. (2006). Training and Performance in Small Firms. International Small Business Journal, 24(6): 635-660. Cassell, C., Nadin, S., Gray, M. and Clegg, C. (2002). Exploring Human

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Innovative Models of Supply Chain Management

. Logistyka , 2 : 75–84. Christopher, M. (1992). Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Strategies for Reducing Costs and Improving Services . London: Pitman Publishing. Czyżewski, A., Poczta, A. and Wawrzyniak, Ł. (2006). Interesy europejskiego rolnictwa w świetle globalnych uwarunkowań polityki gospodarczej. Ekonomista , 3 : 350–351. Jabłonski, M. (2013). Kształtowanie modeli biznesu w procesie kreacji wartości przedsiębiorstw . Warszawa: Difin. Jarzębowski, S. (2013). Integracja łańcucha dostaw jako element kształtowania efektywności

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