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Assessment and Management of Risk in Improving the OHS Management System

-234. Council Directive of 12 June 1989 on the introduction of measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work . (89/391/EEC); OJ L 183, 29.6.1989, p. 1, with amended. Górny, A., 2015. Use of quality management principles in the shaping of work environment . In: C. Stephanidis (ed.), Posters Extended Abstracts: International Conference, HCI International 2015 (part II), CCIS, 529, 136-142. Górny, A., 2017. Choice and assessment of improvement measures critical for process operation (in reference to the requirements of ISO 9001

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The Machinery Safety Management - Selected Issues

REFERENCES Aneziris, O.N., Papazoglou, I.A., Konstandinidou, M., Baksteen, H., Mud, M., Damen, M., Bellamy, L.J., Oh, J., 2013. Quantification of occupational risk owing to contact with moving parts of machines . Safety Science 51(1), 382-396. DOI: 10.1016/j.ssci.2012.08.009 Baud, K.C., Hinze, J.W., Hallowell, M.R., et al., 2013. Proactive construction safety control: measuring, monitoring, and responding to safety leading indicators .J. Constr. Eng. Manag. 139(10). DOI:10.1061/(ASCE)C0.1943-7862.0000730 BS EN 953:1997+A1:2009. Safety of

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Logistics Performance And Management Of Logistics System Safety

REFERENCES Álvarez-Santos, J., Miguel-Dávila, J.- Á., Herrera, L., Nieto, M., 2018. Safety Management System in TQM environments . Safety Science 101, 135-143. Athar, M., Shariff, A.M., Buang, A., Shaikh, M.S., See, T.L., 2019. Inherent safety for sustainable process design of process piping at the preliminary design stage . Journal of Cleaner Production 209, 1307-1318. Farid, A., Abdel-Aty, M., Lee, J., 2019, Comparative analysis of multiple techniques for developing and transferring safety performance functions . Accident Analysis

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The Effect of Lean Tools on the Safety Level in Manufacturing Organisations

REFERENCES Anttila, J., Jussila, K., 2018. Organizational Learning in Developing the Integrated Quality Management . Production Enginering Archives 18, 3–13, Blaskova, M., Blasko, R., Rosak-Szyrocka, J., Ulewicz, R., 2017. Flexibility and Variability of Motivating Employees and Managers in Slovakia and Poland. Polish J. Manag. Stud. 15, 26–36, Cusumano, M., 1994. The Limits of “Lean” . Sloan Manage. Rev. 35, 27–32.

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Occupational Hazards Management Using a Grey-Based Decision-Making Approach

REFERENCES Deng, J. L., 1982. Control problems of grey systems , Systems & Control Letters, 1(5), 288-294. Holubová, V., 2016. Integrated Safety Management Systems , Polish Journal of Management Studies, 14(1), 106-118, DOI: 10.17512/pjms.2016.14.1.10 ICE/ISO 31010: 2009 Risk management – Risk assessment techniques . Liu, S., Forrest, J. Y. L., Lin, Y., 2010. Grey Systems: Theory and Applications , Springer and Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin Heidelberg. Liu, S., Fang, Z., Yang, Y., Forrest, J., 2012. General grey numbers and

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Fuzzy Topsis in the Assessment of OHS Management System

REFERENCES Alteren, B., 1999. Implementation and evaluation of the Safety Element Method at four mining sites , Safety Science, 31(3), 231-264, DOI: 10.1016/S0925-7535(98)00069-1 Cambon, J., Guarnieri, F., Groeneweg, J., 2006. Towards a new tool for measuring safety management system performance , [In:] E. Rigaud, E. Hollnagel (Eds.) Proceeding of the Second Resilience Engineering Symposium, Less Press, Paris, France, 53-62. Chen, C.-F., Chen, S.-F., 2012. Scale development of safety management system evaluation for the airline industry

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Business Risk and Project Management in Civil Construction Branch

D., Podstawy zarządzania projektami , PWE, Warsaw 2009. Małyszek E., Zarządzanie projektami (Project Management) w mikro i małych przedsiębiorstwach , Dobre praktyki 2011, pp. 77-105. Mentel, G., Brożyna J. Compatibility of market risk measures , Journal of International Studies, Vol. 8, No 2, 2015, pp. 52-62. Novy M., Novakova J., Wladhans M., Project management in building industry management , Acta Universitatis Agriculture et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunesis, Vol. 60(7) 2012, pp. 189-198. Oliński M., Zarządzanie projektami

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Identification of the Needs and Expectations of University Students from Engineering Courses on the Example of a University in Poland

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A Model of Lean Management for Organizational Innovation: Cases in Visegrád and AFTA

–18, doi: 10.1016/J.IFACOL.2018.08.227. Antosz, K. and Stadnicka, D., 2017. Lean Philosophy Implementation in SMEs - Study Results . Procedia Engineering, 182, 25–32, doi: 10.1016/j.proeng.2017.03.107. Bayou, M.E., de Korvin, A., 2008. Measuring the leanness of manufacturing systems-A case study of Ford Motor Company and General Motors . Journal of Engineering and Technology Management - JET-M, 25(4), 287–304, doi: 10.1016/j.jengtecman.2008.10.003. Bhasin, S., 2011. M easuring the Leanness of an organisation . International Journal of Lean Six Sigma

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Multi Criteria Decision Making Model for Logistics Processes in Particular Enterprise

measures obsolete? Management Accounting, 70(12), 45–50. Keeney, R., 1977. The art of assessing multiattribute utility functions. Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, 19(2), 267-310. Kennerley, M., Neely, A. D., 2000. Performance measurement framework -A review. In Performance measurement-Past, present and future . Proceedings of the 2nd international conference on performance measurement. Cambridge, UK, 19–21 July. Khadam, I., Kaluarachchi, J., 2003. Multi-criteria decision analysis with probabilistic risk assessment for the management of

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