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Convergence Of The Virtual And The Living Realities: A Constructivist Grounded Theory On University Students’ Self-Regulated Learning

in social networks. Management Science , 49(4), 432-445. Charmaz, K. (2014). Constructing grounded theory . London: Sage. Charmaz, K. (2006). Constructing grounded theory: A practical guide through qualitative analysis . London: Pine Forge Press. Chen, I. Y., Chen, N. S., & Kinshuk (2009). Examining the factors influencing participants' knowledge sharing behavior in virtual learning communities. Journal of Educational Technology & Society , 12(1), 134-148. Chou, S. W., & Liu, C. H. (2005). Learning effectiveness in a Web-based virtual

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Performance and Its Impact on Employee Motivation of “Osumi” Business Company

References Boyet J.H and Conn H.P. (1996), maximum Performance Management: How to manage and Compensate People to meet world competitions. Oxford: Glenbridge Publishing L.T.D Harrison R. (1997) Employee Development. London; Institute of Personnel Management. Bowman J. (1994) “Last an Alternative to Performance Appraisal: To total Quality Management” Public Administration. Review. Vol.54 (2). Michael A. (1987) Human Resource Management in Practice. Fletcher C. (1994), Appraisal

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Successful and Efficient Knowledge Management in the Greek Hospitality Industry: Change the Perspective!

do they have in hotels?. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 25(5), 683-704. Thomas, R., & Wood, E. (2014). Innovation in tourism: Re-conceptualising and measuring the absorptive capacity of the hotel sector. Tourism Management, 45, 39-48. Tsai, C.Y. et al., 2015. Work environment and atmosphere: The role of organizational support in the creativity performance of tourism and hospitality organizations. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 46, pp.26-35. Velissariou Efstathios

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The Role of Internet and SEO in Branding Destinations: Case of Albania as a New Destination in Balkans

(3) (2009): 221-234. Jaffe, E. D. and Nebenzahl, I. D. (2006), National Image and Competitive Advantage: The Theory and Practice of Place Branding, 2nd edition, Copenhagen Business School Press, Frederiksberg. Keller, K. L. (2008). Strategic brand management: Building, measuring, and managing brand equity (3rd ed.). New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Krishnamurthy, S. (2005). Contemporary research in e-marketing. Idea Group Inc. Konecnik, M., & Go, F. (2008). Tourism destination brand identity: the case of Slovenia

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Monitoring of Educational Programs for the Development of Professional Competencies by Procurement Specialists in Procurement Statistics

Experience. Asian Social Science , 11(14), 343–348. Gladilina, I.P., & Svarnik, T.A. (2017). Fundamentals of competency-based approach in training managers for procurement. Innovations and Investments , 12, 109–111. Gushchin, A.Yu. (2012). Measuring efficiency and methods for its assessment in the public order system. Fundamental Researches , 9, 204-208. Kaminski, K., & Lopes, T. (2009). Return on Investment: Training and Development. Society for Human Resource Management (SHM). Alexandria. Retrieved from https

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Fiscal Decentralisation, Public Expenditure Management and Human Capital Development in Nigeria

: A Reference Book for Transition Countries, SIGMA: OECD. Armstrong, Michael (2009). Armstrong’s Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice 11th Edition, London: Kogan Page. Bontis, N., Dragonetti, N. C. Jacobsen, K. And Roos, G. (1999). The knowledge toolbox: A review of the tools available to measure and manage intangible resources”. European Management Journal, 17 (4), pp. 391-402. Campos, J. Edgardo (2001). What is Public Expenditure Management (PEM)? The Governance Brief: A Quarterly publication of Asian

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Tax Enforcement Tools and Tax Compliance in Ondo State, Nigeria

References Adediran, S.A., Alade, S.O., & Oshode, A.A. (2013). The impact of tax audit and investigation on revenue generation in Nigeria. European Journal of Business and Management, 5 (26), 159-160. Alabede, J.O., Ariffin, Z.Z., & Idris, K.M. (2011). Individual taxpayers’ attitude and compliance behaviour in Nigeria: The moderating role of financial condition and risk preference. European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences, 3 (5), 91-104, Allingman, M., & Sandmo, A. (1972). Income tax evasion: A theoretical analysis

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The International Public Procurement Evolution: New Strategic Challenges Met in Collaboration with Internal Audit Advisory Services

References Adamson, John (1980), ‘’Corporate long-range planning must include procurement’’ Journal of Purchasing and Materials Management, Vol. 16, No 1, 25. DOI: 10.1111/j.1745-493X.1980.tb00012.x Albano, Gian Luigi - Caroline, Nicholas (2016), The Law and Economics of Framework Agreements: Designing Flexible Solutions for Public Procurement, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press Alles, Michael George - Alexander Kogan - Miklos Alex Vasarhelyi (2008), “Putting Continuous Auditing Theory into Practice: Lessons

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Evaluation of Residents’ Satisfaction with Building Features in Some Public Housing Estates in Benin City, Nigeria

References Adriaanse, C. C. M, 2007. Measuring residential satisfaction: a residential environmental satisfaction scale (RESS). Journal of Housing Built Environment, 22, pp.287-304. Ajanlekoko, K.S. (2001). Sustainable Housing Development in Nigeria-The Financial and Infrastructural Implication. Paper Presented at the International Conference on Spatial Information for Sustainable Development in Nairobi, Kenya, 2-5 October 2001. Available online . Retrieved on July 13, 2007. Akinmoladun, O

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The Equity Effects of Property Tax Caps: Evidence from Florida

References Allen, M., 2003. “Measuring vertical property tax inequity in multifamily property markets.” Journal of Real Estate Research 25(2), 171-184. Allen, M. and W. Dare, 2002. “Identifying determinants of horizontal property tax inequity: Evidence form Florida.” Journal of Real Estate Research 22(2), 153-165. Allen, M. and W. Dare, 2009. “Changes in property tax progressivity for Florida Homeowners after the Save Our Homes Amendment.” Journal of Real Estate Research 31(1), 81-93. Birch, J

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