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Envisioning Higher Education: How Imagining the Future Shapes the Implementation of a New Field in Higher Education

-Technischen Hochschulen. Fitzgerald, Brian K. et al. 2018. Lessons from the Great Recession. A Digital Recovery Rewards Digital Skills in Emerging Fields. Industry and Higher Education 32(1): 57–61. Flick, Uwe. 2016. Qualitative Sozialforschung. Eine Einführung . 7. Auflage. Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt. Fligstein, Neil, and Doug McAdam. 2012. A Theory of Fields . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Gehl, Robert W. 2015. Sharing, Knowledge Management and Big Data: A Partial Genealogy of the Data Scientist. European Journal of Cultural Studies 18(4–5): 413

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A Decision-making Model for Public Management. The Existence of a Policy Framework for Performance in Romania

References Anthony, R. (1965) Planning and Control Systems: A Framework for Analysis . Division of Research, Boston: Harvard Business School. Bondar, F. and E. Răuţă (2010) `Strategic Planning and Performance Management - Best Practice Cases in Central and Local Public Administration’, Report financed by the European Social Fund for the Management Authority Increasing Administrative Capacity, (16, February, 2014). Bryson, J. M. (2004) Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit

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Interpretation for Odisha’s ‘Buddhist Diamond’

References Census of India 2011a (consulted February 2019) Census of India 2011b (consulted February 2019) Dikshit, PK 2017 Management of Buddhist sites in Odisha, in Pattnayak, 38-47 Jain, J 1993 Crafts Museum New Delhi: National Handicrafts & Handlooms Museum James, N 2009 Can guided tours make sense of

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The Opera Experience: Performing a Vibrato with the Audience
Pre-conditions, strategies and the experience

of experts and non-experts’, International Journal of Arts Management , 10 (3), 20–29. Bouder-Pailler, D. (1999) ‘A model for measuring the goals of theatre attendance’, International Journal of Arts Management , 1 (2), 4–15. Crotty, M. (1998) ‘ The Foundation of Social Research: Meaning and Perspective in the Research Process’, London: Sage Publications. DiMaggio, P. (1982) ‘Cultural entrepreneurship in nineteenth-century Boston. Part I’, Media, Culture and Society , 4, 33–50. Dobson, M. C. (2010) ‘New audiences for classical music: the

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Efficiency and Social Impact of Public Policies and Third Sector Practices in Bulgaria

Economia , 53(4), 433-461. World Bank, Global Monitoring Report 2005 : Millennium Development Goals, From Consensus to Momentum.Washington, D.C. Wijeweera, A., R Villano, B. Dollery (2010) ‘Economic growth and FDI Inflows: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis’, The Journal of Developing Areas , vol.43, n.2, pp.143-158. Worthington, A. and Dollery, B. (2001), ‘Measuring efficiency in local government: An analysis of New South Wales municipalities’ domestic waste management function’. Zappala, G., M. Lyons (2009) Recent approaches to measuring social

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The change of organizational structure of higher education institutions in Hungary: a contingency theory analysis

. D., Gater, D. S. (2002) University Organization, Governance, Competitiveness. The Center for Measuring University Performance. Meek, L., Goedegebuure, L., Santiago, R., Carvalho, T. (eds) (2010): The Changing Dynamics of Higher Education Middle Management. Springer, Dordrecht. Mogyorósi, J. (2008). Felsőoktatási informatikai rendszerek menedzsmentje. (IT management in higher education) In: Hrubos, I. – Török, I. (eds.). Intézményi menedzsment a felsőoktatásban. Szemelvények kiemelt témakörökben

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Is the Positive Network the Inverse of Negative Network?

Sociological Review, 76(5): 737 - 763. Labianca, G., D.J. Brass and B. Gray (1998) ‘Social Networks and Perception of Intergroup Conflict: The Role of Negative Relationship and Third Parties’. Academy of Management Journal, 41(1): 55 - 67. Labianca, G. and D.J. Brass (2006) ‘Exploring the Social Ledger: Negative Relationships and Negative Asymmetry is Social Networks in Organizations’. Academy of Management Review 31(3): 596 - 614. Lazarsfeld, P.F. and R.K. Merton (1954) ‘Friendship as a social process: a substantive and methodological analysis’. In

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No Measure without Concept. A Critical Review on the Conceptualization and Measurement of Environmental Concern

multinational surveys’. Sociological Quarterly , 49 (3): 529-563. Dunlap, R. E., K. D. Van Liere, A. G. Mertig and R. E. Jones (2000) ‘Measuring endorsement of the new ecological paradigm: A revised NEP scale’. Journal of Social Issues , 56 (3): 425-442. Ester, P. (1981) ‘Environmental Concern in the Netherlands’ In O’Riordan, T. and K. R. Turner (eds.) Progress in Resource Management and Environmental Planning , 81-108. Chichester: Wiley & Sons. Fransson, N. and T. Garling (1999) ‘Environmental concern: Conceptual definitions, measurement methods, and

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Equal Outcomes, but Different Treatment – Subtle Discrimination in Email Responses From a Correspondence Test in Switzerland

Laura E. Hodges. 1991. Discrimination Against Latino Job Applicants: A Controlled Experiment. Human Resource Management 30(4): 469–484. Bendick Jr., Marc, Rekha Eanni Rodriguez, and Sarumathi Jayaraman. 2010. Employment Discrimination in Upscale Restaurants: Evidence From Matched Pair Testing. The Social Science Journal 47(4): 802–818. Bertrand, Marianne and Esther Duflo. 2017. Field Experiments on Discrimination. Pp. 309–393 in Handbook of Economic Field Experiments (Vol. 1), edited by Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee and Esther Duflo. Amsterdam

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The impact of transnational co-authorship on the scientific quality of academic researchers-Case Studies: Slovenia, Poland and Romania

References Abbasi A., Chung K. S. K. & Hossain L. (2012). Egocentric analysis of co-authorship network structure, position and performance. Information Processing & Management 48, 671–679 Aboukhalil, R. (2014). The rising trend in authorship. The Winnower , 3. [Disponibil online] la: . Accesat la 23.03.2018 Abramo, G., D’Angelo, C. and Solazzi, M. (2010). The relationship between scientists’ research performance and the degree of internationalization of their research

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