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Envisioning Higher Education: How Imagining the Future Shapes the Implementation of a New Field in Higher Education

-Technischen Hochschulen. Fitzgerald, Brian K. et al. 2018. Lessons from the Great Recession. A Digital Recovery Rewards Digital Skills in Emerging Fields. Industry and Higher Education 32(1): 57–61. Flick, Uwe. 2016. Qualitative Sozialforschung. Eine Einführung . 7. Auflage. Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt. Fligstein, Neil, and Doug McAdam. 2012. A Theory of Fields . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Gehl, Robert W. 2015. Sharing, Knowledge Management and Big Data: A Partial Genealogy of the Data Scientist. European Journal of Cultural Studies 18(4–5): 413

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Equal Outcomes, but Different Treatment – Subtle Discrimination in Email Responses From a Correspondence Test in Switzerland

Laura E. Hodges. 1991. Discrimination Against Latino Job Applicants: A Controlled Experiment. Human Resource Management 30(4): 469–484. Bendick Jr., Marc, Rekha Eanni Rodriguez, and Sarumathi Jayaraman. 2010. Employment Discrimination in Upscale Restaurants: Evidence From Matched Pair Testing. The Social Science Journal 47(4): 802–818. Bertrand, Marianne and Esther Duflo. 2017. Field Experiments on Discrimination. Pp. 309–393 in Handbook of Economic Field Experiments (Vol. 1), edited by Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee and Esther Duflo. Amsterdam

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Health-Related Inequalities in Life Satisfaction Among the 50+ Population in Europe: Evidence From SHARE

Behind the Subjective Evaluation of Health Status? Social Science & Medicine 56(8): 1669–1676. Krueger, Alan B. and David A. Schkade. 2008. The Reliability of Subjective Well-Being Measures. Journal of Public Economics 92(8): 1833–1845. Lindeboom, Maarten and Marcel Kerkhofs. 2009. Health and Work of the Elderly: Subjective Health Measures, Reporting Errors, and Endogeneity in the Relationship Between Health and Work. Journal of Applied Econometrics 24(6): 1024–1046. Merton, Robert K. 1988. The Matthew Effect in Science, II: Cumulative Advantage

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Contingent High-Skilled Work and Flexible Labor Markets. Creative Workers and Independent Contractors Cycling Between Employment and Unemployment

. Culture in Australia: Policies, Publics and Programs . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Bilton, Chris. 2006. Management and Creativity . Oxford: Blackwell. Blanchard Olivier and Jean Tirole. 2003. Protection de l’emploi et procédures de licenciement . Paris: La Documentation française. Blouard, Jean-Paul, Baptiste Costanzo, and Marie-Hélène Muhl. 2013. La croissance continue de l’activité réduite recouvre des réalités et des publics différents . Paris: Unédic. Boeri, Tito and Jan van Ours. 2008. The Economics of Imperfect Labor Markets

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Non-Take-Up of Social Assistance: Regional Differences and the Role of Social Norms

References Bargain, Olivier, Herwig Immervoll, and Heikki Viitamäki. 2012. No Claim, No Pain. Measuring the Non-Take-Up of Social Assistance Using Register Data. The Journal of Economic Inequality 10(3): 375–395. Baumberg, Ben. 2016. The Stigma of Claiming Benefits: A Quantitative Study. Journal of Social Policy 45(2): 181–199. Becker, Irene and Richard Hauser. 2005. Dunkelziffer der Armut. Ausmass und Ursachen der Nicht-Inanspruchnahme zustehender Sozialhilfeleistungen. 1. Aufl. Berlin: edition sigma. BFS. 2013. Regional Portraits

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How Factorial Survey Analysis Improves Our Understanding of Employer Preferences

: Practices for Low-Skilled Workers. European Societies 14(3): 338–361. Breen, Richard, Damain Hannan, and Richard O’Leary. 1995. Returns to Education: Taking Account of Employers’ Perceptions and Use of Educational Credentials. European Sociological Review 11(1): 59–73. Connelly, Brian L., S. Trevis Certo, R. Duane Ireland, and Christopher R. Reutzel. 2011. Signaling Theory: A Review and Assessment. Journal of Management 37(1): 39–67. Correll, Shelley J., Stephen Benard, and In Paik. 2007. Getting a Job: Is There a Motherhood Penalty? American

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Stimulating Flexible Citizenship: The Impact of Dutch and Indian Migration Policies on the Lives of Highly Skilled Indian Migrants in the Netherlands

-speaking Hindus from northern India, but the group also included several south Indians, Bengalis, Christians, Muslims, and one Jain. Conversational and semi-structured interviews were conducted in the homes of informants, public places such as cafés, and via Google Talk, an instant messaging service provided by Google Mail. The research team also stayed in contact with their informants via Facebook. All names in this paper have been changed to protect the privacy of our interlocutors. Most men worked in the IT sector or in financial/business management. Although several of our

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