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Knowledge Management and Organizational Culture: An Exploratory Study

References Armistead, C. (1999). Knowledge management and process performance. Journal of Knowledge Management, 3(2), 143-157. Barney, J. B. (1986). Organizational Culture: Can It Be a Source of Sustained Competitive Advantage? The Academy of Management Review, Vol. 11, No. 3, pp. 656-665, Jul., 1986. Bellou, V. (2010). Organizational culture as a predictor of job satisfaction: the role of gender and age. Career Development International, Vol. 15, No.1, pp. 4 - 19. Besanko, D., Dranove, D

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Social service and addiction treatment: rehabilitation or harm reduction?

Socialtjänst och missbrukarvård: bot eller lindring?

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Total Environmental Assessment Framework in an Organization

Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook: When It All Comes Together. New York: AMACOM. p.170 Martin, J., Petty, W., Walace J.: (2009) Value-Based Management with Corporate Social Responsibility. Edition: 2nd.New York: Oxford University Press. p.18 Molnár, P., Dolinský, M.: (2012) Environmental Performance Assessment Model as a Sustainability Decision Tool in SMEs. In: WORLD ACADEMY OF SCIENCE ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, Issue 65. May 2012. pp. 1341-1348 Moss, G.: (2011) The Dawning Age of Cooperation: The End of Civilization as We

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The Assess Model of Intellectual Capital and a Company's Value Added Cohesion

References Bontis, N. (1998a). Intellectual capital: an exploratory study that develops measures and models. Management decision , Vol. 36, No. 2, pp. 63 - 76. Bontis, N. (1998b). Intellectual capital: an exploratory study that develops measures and models. Management decision , Vol. 36, No. 2, pp. 63 - 76. Bontis, N. et al . (2010). Intellectual capital and business performance in the pharmaceutical sector of Jordan. Management decision , Vol. 48, No. 1, pp. 105 - 131

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Local Government Capacity and Citizen Co-production: A Review of Theory and Evidence

external providers. Basingstoke. Palgrave Macmillan. Andrews, Rhys, George A. Boyne, M. Jae Moon and Richard M. Walker. 2010. Assessing organizational performance: exploring differences between internal and external measures. International Public Management Journal. Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 105-129. Andrews, Rhys, George A. Boyne, Kenneth J. Meier, Laurence J. OToole Jr. and Richard M. Walker. 2005. Representative bureaucracy, organizational strategy, and public service performance: an empirical analysis of English local government. Journal of Public Administration

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Challenges (Obstacles) in Reaching Leadership Positions – Experiences of Women Professors at Novi Sad University Serbia

” Educational Management Administration and Leadership 39(1):44–62. Bagilhole, Barbara; Kate White. 2011. “Toward Interventions for Senior Women in Higher Education” in Gender, Power and Management: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Higher Education . Barbara Bagilhole and Kate White (Eds.). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp.192–205. Babović, Marija. 2016. Gender Equality Index for Serbia Measuring Gender Equality in 2014 . Belgrade: Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit Government of Republic of Serbia. Blackwood, Jothany; Sharon, Brown-Welty. 2011

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Evaluating the complex: Alternative models and measures for evaluating collaboration among substance use services with mental health, primary care and other services and sectors

perspective. Academy of Management Journal, 47, 795-817. Brousselle, A., Lamothe, L., Sylvain, C., Foro, A., & Perreault, M. (2010). Integrating services for patients with mental and substance use disorders: What matters? Health Care Management Review, 35(3), 212-223. Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (in press). Best advice on collaboration for addiction and mental health care. Ottawa: Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse. Chalk, M., Dilonardo, J., and GelberRinaldo, S. (2011). Purchasing integrated services for substance use

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Fostering Entrepreneurship and Building Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy in Primary and Secondary Education

References Arkansas Economic Acceleration (AEA) Foundation. entrepreneur-showcase-for-arkansas. 2013. Retrieved February 20, 2013 Athayde, R. 2009. Measuring enterprise potential in young people. Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice, 33(2): 481-500. Bialik, C. 2010. Seven Careers in a Lifetime? Think Twice, Researchers Say. The Wall Street Journal. September 4, 2010. Retrieved 2

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Surveying the Importance of Population and its Demographic Profile, Responsible for the Evolution of the Natura 2000 Sites of Bihor County, Romania

’, Eastern European Countryside 21(1): 153–169. Cigna, A. 2001 ‘Transboundary Pollution in Karst Regions’, Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology 2(4): 842-848. Cincotta, R.P., Wisnewski, J. & Engelman, R. 2000 ‘Human population in the biodiversity hotspots’, Nature 404: 990-992. Cirtina, D. & Gamaneci, G. 2015 ‚Study Regarding the Elaboration of Certain Management Measures of the Protected Area Oltet Gorges, Gorj County – A Premise of The Sustainable Development’Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology 16(2): 667-675. Drăgan, M

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Residents’ Attitudes and Perception towards Tourism Development: A Case Study of Rural Tourism in Dragacevo, Serbia

, Y., Akan, P., 2005. ‘Residents’ attitudes toward general and forest/related impacts of tourism: the case of Belek, Antalya’. Tourism Management 26(5), pp. 691-706. Lankford, S. V., Howard, D. R., 1994. ‘Developing a Tourism Impact Attitude Scale’. Annals of Tourism Research 21, pp. 121-139. Liu, J. C., Var, T., 1986. ‘Resident attitudes toward tourism impacts in Hawaii’. Annals of Tourism Research 13, pp. 193-214. Long, P. T., Perdue, R. R. and Allen, L., 1990. ‘Rural resident tourism perceptions and attitudes by

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