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Methodical Aspects of Determination of Parameters Which Characterize Thermal Balance of a Plastic Tunnel

, Vol. 18 , 271-287. Martinovic, G., Simon, J., (2014). Greenhouse microclimatic environment controlled by a mobile measuring station. NJAS – Wageningen. Journal of Life Sciences, Vol. 70-71, 61-71 Ntinas, G.K., Fragos, V.P., Nikita-Martzopoulou, Ch. (2014). Thermal analysis of a hybrid solar energy saving system inside a greenhouse. Energy Conversion and Management, Vol. 81 428-439. Raczek, A., Wachowicz, E. (2014). Heat and mass exchange model in the air inside a greenhouse. Agricultural Engineering. Vol. 149 , 185-195. Singh, D., Basu

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Energy Recovery from Municipal Waste based on Moving Grate Technology

References Adams, B., Peeters, K., Eeraerts, D., Diederen, H.S.W., Wijnhoven, J.P.F. (2004). Seghers boiler prism: a proven primary measure against high temperature boiler corrosion . Savannah, 12th Annual North American Waste to Energy Conference, 17-19.05.2004. Bogalea, W., Viganòa, F. (2014). A preliminary comparative performance evaluation of highly efficient Waste-to-Energy plants. Energy Procedia, 45 , 1315-1324. CEWEP – Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (2012). Recycling and Waste-to-Energy in combination for sustainable

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Evaluation of Flat Fan Nozzles Operating Parameters Under Conditions of Accelerated Boundary and Destructive Wear

References ASAE S471 (1999). Procedure for measuring sprayer nozzle wear rate. St. Joseph, Mich.: ASAE Standards, 46th ed. Directive 2009/128/EC (2009). Establishing a framework for Community action to achieve the sustainable use of pesticides. Official Journal of the European Union L309, 71-86. Duvnjak, V., Pliestić, S., Filipović, D., Banaj, Đ., Andrić, L. (2009). Effect of orifice wear of boom sprayer nozzles on spray characteristic. Agronomski glasnik , 71 (4), 261-270. EN 13790-1:2003 (2003). European Standard. Agricultural

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Level and Structure of Inputs in Specialist Farms

, 3-15. Deming, J., Gleeson, D., O’Dwyer, T., Kinsella, J., O’Brien, B. (2018). Measuring labor input on pasture-based dairy farms using a smartphone. Journal of Dairy Science. 101. Doi.10.3168/jds.2017-14288. Grandstedt, A., Tyburski, J. (2006). Współczesne europejskie systemy rolnicze. Fragm. Agron., 23 (2), 72-95. Gruszecki, R. (2014). The vegetable classification systems in Polish horticultural literature . Lityński, M. (red.), 1955. Warzywnictwo. PWRiL, Warszawa. Klima, K. (2003). Rolnictwo ekologiczne w Polsce i w Unii Europejskiej

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Pro-Ecological Energy Solutions which Minimize The Use of Fossil Fuels in The Roofed Facilities

References Abdel-Ghany, A.M., Ishigami, Y., Goto, E., Kozai, T. (2006). A Method for measuring Greenhouse Cover Temperature using a Thermocouple. Biosystems Engineering, Vol. 95(1), 99-109. Attar, I., Farhat, A. (2015). Efficiency evaluation of a solar water heating system applied to the greenhouse climate. Solar Energy, Vol 119, 212-224. Aye, L., Fuller, R.J., Canal, A. (2010) Evaluation of a heat pump system for greenhouse heating. International Journal of Thermal Sciences, VOL 49(1), 202

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Concepts and Methods of Mathematic Modelling of Plant Growth and Development. Plant Germination -Part I

the influence of soil temperature and water potential on seed germination. Journal of Experimental Botany 44 , 407-414. Forcella, F. (1998). Real-time assessment of seed dormancy and seedling growth for weed management. Seed Science Research, 8, 201-209. France, J., Thornley, J.H.M. (1984). Mathematical models in agriculture. Butterworths, London Garcia-Huidobro, J., Monteith, J.L., Squire, G.R. (1982). Time, temperature and germination of pearl millet ( Pennisetum typhoides S.H.). 1. Constant temperature. Journal of Experimental Botany, 33

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