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A systematic review of mindfulness based interventions for children and young people with ADHD and their parents

-reactivity. However, addressing parental stress is crucial in order to enhance the final outcomes with children exhibiting aggressive and antisocial behaviour ( Kazdin et al., 2003 ). As these interventions address the child-parent conflicting relationship and the core characteristics of the ADHD presentation, other strategies alongside these traditional interventions are needed. MBIs might be able to address the limitations of the approaches described above. Empirical studies indicate that adding MBI to the contingency management techniques used in behavioural approaches was

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Validation of Bangla parenting style and dimension questionnaire

childhood and adolescence has been accompanied by a rise in self-report instruments measuring parenting styles ( Olivari et al. 2013 ; Tagliabue et al. 2014 ). Among them, Robinson et al. (1995) created a widely used instrument, the Parenting Style and Dimension Questionnaire (PSDQ) ( Robinson et al. 1995 ; Tagliabue et al. 2014 ). The PSDQ is a self-reporting instrument responded by parents regarding their parenting practices in daily life, which assesses the three categories of parenting styles, namely, authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive. Parenting style

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Impact of River Bank Erosion on Mental Health and Coping Capacity in Bangladesh

) as a measure of the current mental health status that has been widely used in different cultures and different settings ( Montazeri et al., 2003 ) . It was translated and adapted in Bengali ( Ilyas, 2002 ). A high General Health Questionnaire-12 score indicated reporting of more symptoms, that is, lower mental health. The COPE scale (originally developed by Carver, Scherier and Weintrauh, 1989 ) adapted by Rahman and Islam (2011) . The COPE scale is theoretically based 60 items on self-report measures. Here participants are instructed to report what they

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Positive impact of clinical pharmacist interventions on antipsychotic use in patients on excessive polypharmacy evidenced in a retrospective cohort study

taking 10 or more medications daily ( Stuhec M & Gorenc K, 2019 ; Rieckert A et al., 2018 ). Outcomes The main outcome measures were antipsychotic treatment guidelines adherence and the total number of medications per patient after the CP’s interventions. Only the CP’s interventions related to antipsychotics were studied in detail (e.g., discontinuation, switching, initiation, dose adjustment, change of another medication because of drug-related problem). All patients were diagnosed according to the 10th Revision of the International Statistical Classification

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Football does not improve mental health: a systematic review on football and mental health disorders

-related fatigue and poor sleep in professional football players. Away from the professional game, much of the research on playing and watching football has focused on the mental health benefits that are generated primarily from being part of a supportive group that generates a feeling of warmth, purpose and social inclusion ( McElroy et al. 2008 , Smith and Pringle 2010, Pringle 2009 ). These very subjective issues are very difficult to identify, measure and compare between samples or over time. Consequently, for this systematic review, we focussed on major mental health

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Quality Assurance in Psychiatric Occupational Therapy by Treatment Manuals: Patients’ Perceptions of Resistance- and Regeneration-specific Occupational Therapy

participate in a special seminar on stress management. After giving their informed consent, they were either allocated to the regeneration or the recreation group. There were three study group sessions per week, each lasting 90 min. The average treatment duration was 5 weeks, so participation in sessions on all topics was possible. Treatment was given by specially trained therapists and supervised by the head occupational therapist (JH) and the study coordinator, a clinical psychologist and behaviour therapist (JO). During the study period of 12 months, 972 patients were

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Antidepressant drugs for older patients on polypharmacy: a systematic review reveals best evidence for sertraline

coverage 2 Search strategy 10 Present draft of search strategy to be used for at least one electronic database, including planned limits, such that it could be repeated 2 Study records: Data management 11a Describe the mechanism(s) that will be used to manage records and data throughout the review 2 Selection process 11b State the process that will be used for selecting studies (such as two independent reviewers) through each phase of the review (that is, screening, eligibility and inclusion in meta-analysis) 2 Data

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