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Akust ické a auditívne vlastnosti slovenských laterálnych kons onantov III : Analýza spektrálnych parametrov later ál v domácich a prevzatých slovách / Acoustic and Auditive Properties of Slovak Lateral Consonants III : A Comparison of Spectral Parameters of Laterals in Native and Loan Words

References Bladon, Anthony R. - Al-Bamerni, Ameen: Coarticulation Resistance in English /l/. In: Journal of Phonetics, 1976, roč. 4, s. 137 - 150. COH EN, Jacob: Statistical Power Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences. 2. vyd. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Earlbaum Associates 1988. 568 s. COOLI CAN, Hugh: Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology. 5. vyd. London: Hodder Education 2009. 703 s. DeCOSTER, Jamie: Testing Group Differences using T-tests, ANOVA, and Nonparametric Measures. Alabama

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gatekeeper: the social-linguistic role of interpreters in Spanish-English medical discourse. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 4 (3): 379-405. Davidson, Brad (2001). Questions in cross-linguistic medical encounters: the role of the hospital interpreter. Anthropological Quarterly, 74 (4): 170-178. Epstein, Ronald M., Peter Franks, Kevin Fiscella et al. (2005). "Measuring patientcentered communication in patient-doctor consultations: theoretical and practical issues". Social Science and Medicine 61, 1516-1528. Farini, Federico

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Significance of the Correlation in Turn-taking Dialogues

References Bandt, Christoph and Bernd Pompe. Permutation entropy: A natural complexity measure for time series. Physical Review Letters , 88(17):174102, 2002. Cao, Yinhe, Wen-wen Tung, J.B. Gao, V.A. Protopopescu, L.M. Hively, et al. Detecting dynamical changes in time series using the permutation entropy. PHYSICAL REVIEW-SERIES E- , 70(4; PART 2):46217-46217, 2004. Herman, Vimala. Dramatic discourse: Dialogue as interaction in plays . Routledge, 1998a. Herman, Vimala. Turn management

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RankEval: Open Tool for Evaluation of Machine-Learned Ranking

knowledge management - CIKM ’09 , page 621, New York, New York, USA, Nov. 2009. ACM Press. ISBN 9781605585123. doi: 10.1145/1645953.1646033. Christensen, David. Fast algorithms for the calculation of Kendall’s τ. Computational Statistics , 20(1):51-62, 2005. Degenne, Alain. Techniques ordinales en analyse des donn{é}es statistique . Classiques Hachette, 1972. Järvelin, Kalervo and Jaana Kekäläinen. Cumulated gain-based evaluation of IR techniques. ACM Transactions on Information Systems , 20(4):422-446, Oct. 2002. ISSN

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The Machine Translation Toolpack for LoonyBin: Automated Management of Experimental Machine Translation HyperWorkflows

References Banerjee, S. and A. Lavie. METEOR: an automatic metric for MT evaluation with improved correlation with human judgments. In Proceedings of the ACL Workshop on Intrinsic and Extrinsic Evaluation Measures for Machine Translation and/or Summarization , 2005. Chiang, David. A hierarchical phrase-based model for statistical machine translation. In Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Meeting on Association for Computational Linguistics , 2005. Clark, Jonathan H. and Alon Lavie

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MT-ComparEval: Graphical evaluation interface for Machine Translation development

, Philipp. An Experimental Management System. The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics , 94:87–96, 2010. doi: 10.2478/v10108-010-0023-5. URL . Koehn, Philipp, Wade Shen, Marcello Federico, Nicola Bertoldi, Chris Callison-Burch, Brooke Cowan, Chris Dyer, Hieu Hoang, Ondrej Bojar, Richard Zens, Alexandra Constantin, Evan Herbst, and Christine Moran. Open Source Toolkit for Statistical Machine Translation. In Proceedings of ACL , pages 177–180, Prague, Czech Republic, June 2006. Papineni, Kishore, Salim

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Evaluating stance-annotated sentences from the Brexit Blog Corpus: A quantitative linguistic analysis

. Functions of Language 16 (1): 5–7. Englebretson, Robert. 2007. Stancetaking in discourse: An introduction. In R. Englebretson (ed.). Stancetaking in discourse: Subjectivity, evaluation, interaction , 1–25. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Facchinetti, Roberta, Frank Palmer and Manfred Krug (eds.). 2003. Modality in contemporary English (Topics in English Linguistics 44). Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. Faulkner, Adam. 2014. Automated classification of stance in student essays: An approach using stance target information and the Wikipedia link-based measure

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