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The Bits in the Age of Globalization

Giuridiche Ed Inquinamento Elettromagnetico: La Problematica Gestione Del Rischio Nell’analisi Comparata. In Limone, Giuseppe (Ed). Il Certo Alla Prova Del Vero, Il Vero Alla Prova Del Certo. Certezza E Diritto In Discussione. Milan: Francoangeli, 2008. Della Peruta, Maria, Rosaria, Campanella, Francesco, Del Giudice, Manlio. Knowledge Sharing And Exchange Of Information Within Bank And Firm Networks: The Role Of The Intagibles On The Access To Credit. Journal Of Knowledge Management, 2014, Vol. 18, N. 5 Di Gregorio, Angela. L

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Crop and Livestock Insurance as Risk Management Instrments in Polish Agriculture Compared to the EU Regulations

References 1. ACT of 23 April 1964 THE CIVIL CODE. Polish Journal of Law 1964, No. 16, item 93, with subsequent amendments. 2. ANTON J. 2015. Risk management in agriculture: What role for policy in the new Common Agricultural Policy? In: Research Handbook on EU Agriculture Law (Editor MCMAHON J. A., – CARDWELL M. N.). Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham. p. 62–85. ISBN 978–1–78195–461–4. 3. COMMUNICATION from the Commission to the Council of 9 March 2005 on risk and crisis management in agriculture. COM (2005) 74, 9 March 2005. [cit. 10

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Land Administration and Land Consolidation as Part of Austrian Land Management

/ Management Systems. In: HEPPERLE, E – DIXON–GOUGH, R – MANSBERGER, R; PAULSSON, HERNIK, J., KALBRO, T. (eds.): Land Ownership and Land Use Development – The Integration of Past, Present, and Future in Spatial Planning and Land Management Policies . European Academy of Land Use and Development. vdf Hochschulverlag AG an der ETH Zürich. pp.13–24. 14. MUGGENHUBER, G. – MANSBERGER, R. – NAVRATIL, G. – TWAROCH, Ch. – WESSELY, R. 2013. Der Kataster als Ausgangspunkt einer flächendeckenden Liegenschaftsbewertung . Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft 39, Heft 2, S. 167

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Sensitivity of Czech Commercial Banks to a Run on Banks

in Risk Management Activities and in the Avoidance of a New Crisis. Theoretical and Applied Economics, 17(2), 5-24 Rychtárik, Š. (2009). Liquidity Scenario Analysis in the Luxembourg Banking Sector. BCDL Working Paper, 41. Van den End, J. W. (2008). Liquidity Stress-Tester:Amacro model for stress-testing banks’ liquidity risk. DNB Working Paper, 175. Vodová, P. (2013). Liquidity risk of banks in the Visegrad Countries. An empirical analysis of bank liquidity, its determinants and liquidity risk sensitivity

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Development of Concepts and Models of Performance Evaluation from the 19th Century to the Present

References Bain & Company. (2012). Top 10 tools through the years . Retrieved on April 19, 2013, from Bititci, U. S. (1994). Measuring your way to profit. Management Decision , 32(6), 16–24. Elkington, J. (1997). Cannibals with Forks: The Triple Bottom Line of 21st Century Business . Oxford: Capstone. Epstein, M. J., Manzoni, J. (1997). The Balanced Scorecard and the Tableau de Bord: translating strategy into action. Management Accounting , 79(2), 28–36. Franceschini, F., Galetto

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Effectiveness of Marketing Mix Activities in Engineering Companies in the Czech Republic

-socialesi cercetari de marketing, 4, 17-20. Farris, P. W., Bendle, N. T., Pfeifer, P. E., Reibstein, D. J. (2010). Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance (2nd ed.). New Jersey: Pearson Education. Forsyth, P. (2007). Demystifying Marketing: A Guide to the Fundamentals for Engineers. London: The Institution of Engineering and Technology. Ginevičius, R., Podvezko, V., Ginevicius, A. (2013). Quantitative Evaluation of Enterprise Marketing Activities. Journal of Business Economics and Management, 14

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Incorrect Methodology for Agri-Environmental Measure - Multifunctional Field Margins - As Limitation for Enhancement of Environment in Slovakia

References 1. Act No. 220/2004 Coll. on protection and sage of agricultural land as amended. 2. Act No. 597/2006 Coll. on the authority of state administration bodies in the area of plant varieties registration and introduction of plant reproduction material to the market. 3. BATÁRY, P. et al. 2015. The role of agri–environment schemes in conservation and environmental management. Conservation Biology. DOI: 10.1111/cobi.12536. [cit. 2015–10–26]. Available online: . 4. Council

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Global Competitiveness of Europe: A Robust Assessment

References Berger, T. (2008). Concepts on National Competitiveness. Journal of International Business and Economy , 9(1). Charnes, A., Cooper, W. W., and Rhodes, E. (1978). Measuring Efficiency of Decision Making Units. European Journal of Operational Research , 2(6), 429–444. Cooper, W., Seiford, L. M., and Tone, K. (2007). Data Envelopment Analysis. A Comprehensive Text with Models, Applications, References and DEA-Solver Software . (2nd ed). New York: Springer. Delgado, M., Ketels, Ch., Porter, M. E., and Stern, S. (2012). The

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Provision of Public Services in the Light of Current Global Trends

Info, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 32–44. DOI 10.1108/info–10–2013–0051. 16. KOUZMIN, A. – LOFFLER, E. – KLAGES, H. – KORAC–KAKABADSE, N. 1999. Benchmarking and performance measurement in public sectors. In International Journal of Public Sector Management, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 121–144. 17. LAUKKONEN, J. – BLANCO, P. K. – LENHART, J. – KEINER, M. – CAVRIC, B. – KINUTHIA–NJENGA, C. 2009. Combining climate change adaptation and mitigation measures at the local level. In Habitat International , vol. 33, pp. 287–292. DOI 10.1016/j.habitatint.2008.10.003. 18

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Slovenian Complementary Health Insurance Reform – Dichotomy between the Internal Market and the Social Dimension

. (2013). 2012 Management Report . Ljubljana: Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. (2015). 2014 Management Report . Ljubljana: Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. Ivanjko, Š. (2013). Zavarovalnice v krizi dobro poslujejo, ker strah zaradi negotovosti povečuje potrebo po zavarovanju. Večer . Lianos, I. (2013). Some Reflections on the Question of the Goals of EU Competition Law (CLES Working Paper Series 3/2013). London: Centre for Law, Economics and Society CLES, Faculty of Laws, UCL. Mikeln, A

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