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Prototyping of Quality Assurance in Area of Diagnosis of Measurement Management and Measuring Equipment

References ISO/IEC Guide 98-3:2008 Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement. ISO 9000:2005 Quality management systems - Fundamentals and vocabulary. ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems - Requirements. ISO 10012:2003 Measurement management systems - Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment. ISO/TS 16949 Quality management systems - Particular requirements for the application of ISO 9001

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Using Principle of Complementarity when Diagnosing Complex Logistic Activities by Applying Alternative Approach

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Journal of Electrical Engineering
The Journal of Slovak University of Technology
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Utilisation and Improvement of the Initialisation of Project Communication Processes During the Management of Projects in Industrial Enterprises in Slovakia

evaluation of project completion with application of fuzzy set theory. Management , 2012, 16 (1), pp. 216-229. 14. RELICH, M., BANASZAK. 2011. Reference model of project prototyping problem, Foundations of Management: International Journal , 3 (1), pp. 33-46. 15. RELICH, M., WITKOWSKI, K., SANIUK, S., KUZDOWICZ, P. 2014. Measuring Intellectual Capital in the context of new product development. In Proceedings of the 6th European Conferences on Intellectual Capital (ECIC 2014) , Trnava, pp. 153–160. 16. SVOZILOVÁ, A. 2006. Project management . Prague

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Assessment and evaluation of production efficiencies in textile industry through quality of work life

, M.J., Efraty, D., Siegel, P. and Lee, D.J. (2001), “A New Measure of Quality of Work Life (QWL) Based on Need Satisfaction and Spillover Theories”, Social Indicators Research, Vol. 55, No. 3, pp 241-302. [9] Suhasini Singh (2009), “Richer Bosses, Poorer Workers Bangalore’s Garment Industry”, CIVIDEP, pp.1-28 [9] Thomas M. Gehring, Jeannette Widmer, Oskar Banziger & Daniel Marti, (2002), “Cognitive elements of empowerment: An Interpretive model of intrinsic task motivation”, Academy of Management Review, 15(4), 666

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Process Safety Performance Indicators

probabilistic risk assessment and safety monitoring of socio-technical systems. Reliability Engineering and System Safety . Vol. 95, No. 12, pp. 1276-1285. ISSN 0951-8320. HALE, A., BARAM, M., HOVDEN, J. (1998). Perspectives on safety management and change . In A. Hale (Ed.), Safety management, the challenge of organizational change, pp. 1-15. Oxford: Pergamon, 1-15. HASSAN, J., KHAN, F. (2012). Risk based asset integrity indicators. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries . Vol. 25, No. 3, pp. 544-554. ISSN 0950

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Evaluation of Freight Measures by Integrating Simulation Tools: The Case of Volos Port, Greece

References 1. Borge, R., Lumbreras, J., Pérez, J., de la Paz, D., Vedrenne, M., de Andrés, J., Rodríguez, M. (2014) Emission inventories and modelling requirements for the development of air quality plans. Application to Madrid (Spain). Science of the Total Environment . 466-467, 809-819 (2014). 2. Cimpeanu, R., Devine, M.T., O’Brien, C. (2017) A simulation model for the management and expansion of extended port terminal operations. In: Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review 98 , pp. 105–131. DOI: 10.1016/j.tre.2016

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Multicriteria Selection of Optimal Location of TCSC in a Competitive Energy Market

-354. HUANG, G.—NAIR, N.: Voltage Stability Constrained Load Curtailment Procedure to Evaluate Power System Reliability Measures, Proc. IEEE PES Winter Meeting, New York, 2002. SAATY, T. L.: A Scaling Method for Priorities in Hierarchical Structures, Journal of Mathematical Psychology 15 No. 3 (1977), 234-281. LAHDELMA, R.—SALMINEN, P.—HOKKANEN, J.: Using Multicriteria Methods in Environmental Planning and Management, Environmental Management 26 No. 6 (2000), 595-605. BRANS, J. P.—MARESCHAL, B

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Homogenization Effects of Variable Speed Limits

Transportation Systems (ITSC) (pp. 485). Madeira, Portugal. 25. ECMT. (2007). Congestion management measures that release or provide new capacity. In OECD/ECMT (Eds.), Managing urban traffic congestion (pp. 229). France: OECD Publishing. 26. Lee, C., Hellinga, B. & F. Saccomanno. (2007). Assessing safety benefits of variable speed limits.Transportation research record: journal of the transportation research board, 1897, 183-190. 27. Piao, J. & McDonald, M. (2008). Safety Impacts of Variable Speed Limits - A Simulation Study. In

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Real-Time System Based on Feature Extraction for Vehicle Detection and Classification

surveillance system. Journal of Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing, 3, 279-294. 12. Ince, E., (2011) Measuring traffic flow and classifying vehicle types: A surveillance video based approach. Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, 19, 607-620. 13. Jung, Y.-K., and Ho, Y.-S. (1999) Traffic parameter extraction using video-based vehicle tracking. In Intelligent Transportation Systems, 1999. Proceedings. 1999 IEEE/IEEJ/JSAI International Conference, pp. 764-769. 14. Kanhere, N.K., and

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