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An Influence Prediction Model for Microblog Entries on Public Health Emergencies

1 Introduction Public health emergencies generally pose serious threats and significant losses to public health, economic development, and social stability. Since they break out in a short time and spread rapidly, the management departments of public health emergencies often face enormous challenges. They need to take effective measures in time to prevent the spread and upgrade of events, as well as eliminate the source of hazards and subsequent influence promptly. With the continuous development of Web 2.0 and mobile Internet technology, microblog

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Providing Research Data Management (RDM) Services in Libraries: Preparedness, Roles, Challenges, and Training for RDM Practice

1 Introduction Around the world, research data management (RDM) has been becoming an increasingly important service that a variety of information centers and libraries provide. According to Whyte and Tedds (2011) , “Research data management concerns the organization of data, from its entry to the research cycle through to the dissemination and archiving of valuable results” (p. 1). Two years later, in the ARL (Association of Research Libraries) SPEC (Systems and Procedures Exchange Center) Kit 334 entitled “Research Data Management Services,” Fearon et al

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Investigating Weak Supervision in Deep Ranking

measuring the similarities between the two representations. This line of research includes DSSM ( Huang et al., 2013 ), C-DSSM ( Shen, He, Gao, Deng, & Mesnil, 2014 ), and ARC-I (Hu, Lu, Li, & Chen, 2014). 2) Interaction-focused model – ARC-II ( Hu et al., 2014 ), DRMM ( Guo et al., 2016 ), MatchPyramid ( Pang et al., 2016 ), and K-NRM ( Xiong et al., 2017 ) belong to this category. The term-level interactions between queries and candidate documents are calculated first in these models. Then, the neural networks learn query–document matching patterns from these

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Understanding and Evaluating Research and Scholarly Publishing in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

evaluation. I have experienced increased interest in the evaluation of the SSH in China since then, not only by the invitation to hold the Luojia Lecture in Wuhan but also at meetings and conferences organized by, e.g., The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Evaluation Studies (CASSES) and the Beijing and Chengdu branches of the National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The School of Information Management at Wuhan University has recently initiated a PhD project supervised by professor Lin Zhang with the aim of studying the publication patterns and

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A Longitudinal Analysis of the Effect of Alphabetization on Academic Careers

that analyzed degree of alphabetization of academic fields mostly agreed upon their measures although they used different datasets and/or methodologies ( Levitt & Thelwall, 2013 ; Waltman, 2012 ; Yuret, 2016 ). Two programs – mathematics and economics – are considered to be alphabetic academic fields. The other three programs – physics, political science, and history – are considered to be “partially academic fields”. In partially academic fields, only some of the publications use alphabetic order in sorting authors. For example, publications in particle physics

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Evolution of Project Management as a Scientific Discipline

/IT industry and technical issues (e.g., tools and optimization techniques and estimation methods) during the 1980s and 1990s. The focus seemed to have changed to construction industry, risk management, and soft skills (e.g., innovation, leadership, and knowledge management) since the 2000s. Sustainability and mathematical programming tools such as genetic algorithms have been the other trending keywords since the 2010s. The number of citations that publications receive is considered as a tool to measure and quantify the impact of publications ( Abbasi & Jaafari, 2013

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It is our great pleasure to welcome readers to the first issue of the Data and Information Management (DIM). The launch of a new journal is a critical point in the life of a research community. Like the arrival of a new child into the family, a journal must be nurtured and encouraged. We look forward to working with the global information science and related community to grow this journal into a mature vehicle for data and information management research and practice. We might ask, why more journals when so many already exist? We believe we are in the midst

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Information Security Compliance in Organizations: An Institutional Perspective

indicates that law and regulation and security benefits have a direct effect on management commitments towards information security compliance in organizations. Such findings underscore the importance of having institutional pressures for effective information security compliance. There are several limitations in this study which can be addressed in future. First, some tangible measures of information security compliance could be considered. Second, the research findings remain limited, since these findings have been validated in a single country. As a result

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The Contingency Effect of Relational Competency on the Relationship between Information Technology Competency and Firm Performance

capabilities and firm performance: A resources-based view Industrial Marketing Management 35 493 504 [65] Yoon, C. Y. (2011). Measuring enterprise IT capability: A total IT capability perspective. Knowledge-Based Systems 24(1), 113-118. 10.1016/j.knosys.2010.07.011 Yoon C. Y. 2011 Measuring enterprise IT capability: A total IT capability perspective Knowledge-Based Systems 24 1 113 118 [66] Zhou, K. Z., and Li, C. B. (2010). How strategic orientations influence the building of dynamic capability in emerging economies. Journal of Business Research 63

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Exploring Technology Evolution in the Solar Cell Field: An Aspect from Patent Analysis

management , 12 (1), 54-69. 10.1016/0737-6782(94)00027-D Ali A. Krapfel R. LaBahn D. 1995 Product innovativeness and entry strategy: impact on cycle time and break-even time Journal of product innovation management 12 1 54 69 Boyack, K. W. & Klavans, R. (2008). Measuring science–technology interaction using rare inventor–author names. Journal of Informetrics , 2 (3), 173-182. 10.1016/j.joi.2008.03.001 Boyack K. W. Klavans R. 2008 Measuring science–technology interaction using rare inventor–author names Journal of Informetrics 2 3 173 182 Breitzman, A. F., & Mogee, M

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