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Assessing environmental fragility in a mining areafor specific spatial planning purposes

–158. BRAGHINĂ, C., TĂLÂNGĂ, C., ZAMFIR, D., CEPOIU, A. L. (2010): Entrepreneurial initiative and regional development. Case study of Gorj County (Romania). Human Geographies-Journal of Studies and Research in Human Geographies, 4(1): 79–88. BRAGHINĂ, C., PEPTENATU, D., DRAGHICI, C., PINTILII, R. D., SCHVAB, A. (2011): Territorial management within the systems affected by mining. Case study the South-Western Development Region in Romania. Iranian Journal of Environmental Health Science & Engineering, 8(4): 343–352. CARVALHO, F. P. (2017), Mining industry and

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Assessment of territorial benefits and efficiency from the construction of motorway and speed train networks: The Czech case

KEELING, D. J. (2008): Transportation geography – new regional mobilities. Progress in Human Geography, 32(2): 275–283. KHADAROO, J., SEETANAH, B. (2008): The role of transport infrastructure in international tourism development: a gravity model approach. Tourism Management, 29(5): 831–840. KORUNKA, C., KUBICEK, B. (2017): Job demands in a changing world of work. Cahm, Springer. KRAFT, S. (2012): A transport classification of settlement centres in the Czech Reepublic using cluster analysis. Moravian Geographical Reports, 20(3): 2–13. KRAFT, S

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Developing a strategy for the protection of traditional agricultural landscapes based on a complex landscape-ecological evaluation (the case of a mountain landscape in Slovakia)

References ANDERSEN, E. et al. (2003): Developing a High Nature Value Farming area indicator. Report to the European Environment Agency, Copenhagen. ANTROP, M. (2005a): Why landscapes of the past are important for the future? Landscape and Urban Planning, Vol. 70, p. 21-34. ANTROP, M. (2005b): From holistic landscape synthesis to transdisciplinary landscape management. In: Tress,B., Tress, G., Fry, G., Opdam, P. [eds.]: From Landscape Research to Landscape Planning: Aspects of Integration, Education and

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Optimization of Flood Protection by Semi-Natural Means and Retention in the Catchment Area: A Case Study of Litavka River (Czech Republic)

., HORSKÝ, M. (2004): Metodika mapování povodňových rizik s pomocí geografických informačních systémů. Praha, ČVUT, Fakulta stavební, 34 pp. HAVLOVÁ, J. (2001): Ekologická studie Litavky. Hydroprojekt. Praha, 332 pp. HOLÝ, M. (1994): Eroze a životní prostředí, Vydavatelství ČVUT Praha, 383 pp. HORNBECK, J. W., BAILEY, S. W., BUSO, D. C., SHANLEY, J. B. (1997): Streamwater Chemistry and Nutrient Budgets for Forested Watersheds in New England: Variability and Management Implications. Forest Ecology and Management, No. 93, p

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Comparing two distance measures in the spatial mapping of food deserts: The case of Petržalka, Slovakia

References ANDREYEVA, T., BLUMENTHAL, D. M., SCHWARTZ, M. B., LONG, M. W., BROWNELL, K. D. (2008): Availability and prices of foods across stores and neighbourhoods: the case of New Haven, Connecticut. Health Affairs, 27(5): 1381–1388. APPARICIO, P., ABDELMAJID, M., RIVA, M., SHEARMUR, R. (2008): Comparing alternative approaches to measuring the geographical accessibility of urban health services: Distance types and aggregation-error issues. International Journal of Health Geographics, 7(1): 7. APPARICIO, P., CLOUTIER, M. S., SHEARMUR, R. (2007

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The Impact of Consumer Green Behaviour on Green Loyalty Among Retail Formats: A Romanian Case Study

. Lastovicka, J., Bettencourt, L., Hughner, R., Kuntze, R. (1999): Lifestyle of the Tight and Frugal. Journal of Consumer Research, 26(1): 85-98. Li, Y., Jia, L., Wu, W., Yan, J., Liu, Y. (2018): Urbanization for Rural Sustainability - Rethinking China`s Urbanization Strategy. Journal of Cleaner Production, 178: 580-586. Lia, K. H., Cheng, T. C. E., Tang, A. K. Y. (2010): Green retailing: Factors for success. Californian Management Review, 52(2): 6-31. Meijering, J. V., Tobi, H., Kern, K. (2018): Defining and measuring urban

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Potential geo-ecological impacts of the proposed Danube–Oder–Elbe Canal on alluvial landscapes in the Czech Republic

. Proceedings from 5 th World Congresss of IALE (pp. 103–111). Snowmass Village, Colorado, University of Guelph. PENKA, M., VYSKOT, M., KLIMO, E., VAŠÍČEK, F. (1985): Floodplain Forest Ecosystem I. Before Water Management Measures. Praha, Academia. PENKA, M., VYSKOT, M., KLIMO, E., VAŠÍČEK, F. (1991): Floodplain Forest Ecosystem II. After Water Management Measures. Praha, Academia. PETRÁŠOVÁ, T., MACHALÍKOVÁ, P. (2013): A Rich Network of Waterways as the ′Panacea′ of the Cislethanian Society? In: 32 nd Symposium on the Issue of the 19 th Plzeň Century (pp

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Tourism destination: The networking approach

. Tourism Management, 30(3): 429–440. D’ANGELLA F., SAINAGHI R. (2004): Building competitive advantage of district firms: the role of the network and the company. In: Keller P., Bieger, T. [eds.]: The future of small and medium sized enterprises in tourism (pp. 35–53). St. Gallen, AIEST. DA CUNHA, S. K., DA CUNHA, J. C. (2005): Tourism cluster competitiveness and sustainability: proposal for systematic model to measure the impact of tourism local development. Brazilian Administration Review, 2(2): 47–62. DARWENT, D. F. (1969): Growth poles and growth

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Anytime? Anywhere? The seasonality of flight offers in Central Europe

References: ALDERIGHI, M., CENTO, A., NIJKAMP, P., RIETVELD, P. (2005): Network competition - the coexistence of hub-and-spoke and point-to-point systems. Journal of Air Transport Management, 11(5): 328–334. BLÁHA, J. D., NOVÁČEK, A. (2016): The Perception and Delimitation of Central Europe in the Mental Maps of Individuals from Selected European Countries. Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Geographischen Gesellschaft. Band 158, in print. BUTTON, K., HAYNES, K., STOUGH, R. (1998): Flying into the future: air transport policy in the European

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Comparison of the current state of non-forest woody vegetation in two contrasted case study areas in Central Europe

References BARR, C. J., GILLESPIE, M. K. (2000): Estimating hedgerow length and pattern characteristics in Great Britain using Countryside Survey data. Journal of Environmental Management, 60: 23-32. BAUDRY, J., BUNCE, R. G. H., BUREL, F. (2000): Hedgerows: An international perspective on their origin, function and management. Journal of Environmental Management, 60: 7-22. BELLEFONTAINE, R., PETIT, S., PAIN-ORCET, M., DELEPORTE, P., BERTAULT, J. G. (2002): Trees outside forests: Towards a better awareness. FAO

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