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Development of a City Bike System on the Example of the City of Lublin

References [1] Rosca, E., Rusca, A., Ilie, A. & Rusca, F. (2010). Non-motorized transportation - An educational challenge for urban communities. Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management. 8(8), 5-13. [2] Moravčíková, K. & Križanová, A. (2016). Corporate social responsibility focusing on the protection of the environment through the cycling transport. In Transport Means - Proceedings of the International Conference, 604-608. [3] Skrucany, T., Semanova, S., Figlus, T., Sarkan, B. & Gnap, J. (2017). Energy intensity and GHG

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Assessing environmental fragility in a mining areafor specific spatial planning purposes

–158. BRAGHINĂ, C., TĂLÂNGĂ, C., ZAMFIR, D., CEPOIU, A. L. (2010): Entrepreneurial initiative and regional development. Case study of Gorj County (Romania). Human Geographies-Journal of Studies and Research in Human Geographies, 4(1): 79–88. BRAGHINĂ, C., PEPTENATU, D., DRAGHICI, C., PINTILII, R. D., SCHVAB, A. (2011): Territorial management within the systems affected by mining. Case study the South-Western Development Region in Romania. Iranian Journal of Environmental Health Science & Engineering, 8(4): 343–352. CARVALHO, F. P. (2017), Mining industry and

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Assessment of territorial benefits and efficiency from the construction of motorway and speed train networks: The Czech case

KEELING, D. J. (2008): Transportation geography – new regional mobilities. Progress in Human Geography, 32(2): 275–283. KHADAROO, J., SEETANAH, B. (2008): The role of transport infrastructure in international tourism development: a gravity model approach. Tourism Management, 29(5): 831–840. KORUNKA, C., KUBICEK, B. (2017): Job demands in a changing world of work. Cahm, Springer. KRAFT, S. (2012): A transport classification of settlement centres in the Czech Reepublic using cluster analysis. Moravian Geographical Reports, 20(3): 2–13. KRAFT, S

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Developing a strategy for the protection of traditional agricultural landscapes based on a complex landscape-ecological evaluation (the case of a mountain landscape in Slovakia)

References ANDERSEN, E. et al. (2003): Developing a High Nature Value Farming area indicator. Report to the European Environment Agency, Copenhagen. ANTROP, M. (2005a): Why landscapes of the past are important for the future? Landscape and Urban Planning, Vol. 70, p. 21-34. ANTROP, M. (2005b): From holistic landscape synthesis to transdisciplinary landscape management. In: Tress,B., Tress, G., Fry, G., Opdam, P. [eds.]: From Landscape Research to Landscape Planning: Aspects of Integration, Education and

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Green Marketing and its Use in a Transport Company

References [1] Krizanova, A. et al. (2015). Building a brand in the context of sustainable development. ICMEMI 2015 - International conference on management engineering and management innovation (proceedings), Changsha, China, In: AEBMR-Advances in Economics Business and Management Research 3, 79-84. [2] Chen, E. & Gavious, I. (2015). Does CSR have different value implications for different shareholders? Finance Research Letters, 14, 29-35. DOI: 10.1016/ [3] Prosenak et al. (2008). A

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Monitoring and Improvement of Logistic Processes in Enterprises of the Slovak Republic

Supply Chain Management Definitions . [9] Lin, Z., Yu, Z., & Zhang, L. (2014). Performance outcomes of balanced scorecard application in hospital administration in China. China Economic Review 30. 1-15. [10] Funck, E. (2007). The balanced scorecard equates interests in healthcare organizations. Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change 3. 88-103. [11] Kaplan, R. S., & Norton, D. P. (2017). The Balanced Scorecard-Measures that Drive Performance. Harward Business Review. from

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Evaluation of Transport Processes Quality with Servqual and TUL Methods

References [1] Raspor, S. (2010). Measuring Perceived Service Quality Using SERVQUAL: A Case Study of the Croatian Hotel Industry. Management, 5(3), 195-209. [2] Parasuraman, A., Berry, L.L. & Zeithaml, V.A. (1988). Servqual: A multiple-item scale for measuring customer perceptions of service quality. Journal of Retailing, 64(1), 12-40. [3] Stoma, M. (2012). Modele i metody pomiaru jakości usług. Lublin: Q&R Polska. [4] Yousapronpaiboon, K. (2014). Servqual: Measuring higher education service quality in Thailand. Procedia-Social and

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Measuring the Efficiency of Indian Real Estate Firms During the Pre- and Post-Demonetization Period by Adopting Data Envelopment Analysis

REFERENCES Ajinkya, B., Sujaan, M., Harshet, S., & Geetha, I. (2018). Effects of Demonetization on the Real Estate Sector. Pacific Business Review International , 10 (7), 85–94. Arindam, B. (2018). Measuring the efficiency of Indian cement companies utilizing data envelopment analysis during the pre and post-recession period. Serbian Journal of Management , 13 (2), 201–213. Ashima, G., & Gagan, B. (2017). Demonetization Impact on various Sectors. International Journal for Scientific Research

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CRM influence on organisational performance — the moderating role of IT reliability

between subjective and objective company performance measures in market orientation research: further empirical evidence Marketing Bulletin-Department of Marketing Massey University 10 65 75 Delone, W. H., & McLean, E. R. (2003). The DeLone and McLean model of information systems success: a ten-year update. Journal of Management Information Systems, 19 (4), 9–30. 10.1080/07421222.2003.11045748 Delone W. H. McLean E. R. 2003 The DeLone and McLean model of information systems success: a ten-year update Journal of Management Information Systems

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Supply Chain Simulation in Educational Process

Management Science, 44, (pp. 54-61). DOI: 10.5729/lnms.vol44.54. [13] Chovancova, M., Stopka, O. & Klapita, V. (2017). Modeling the Distribution Network Applying the Principles of Linear Programming. Transport Means – Proceedings of the International Conference. 73-77. [14] Dolinayova, A., Camaj, J. & Kanis, J. (2017). Charging Railway Infrastructure Models and their Impact to Competitiveness of Railway Transport. Transport Problems. 12(1), 139-150. DOI: 10.20858/tp.2017.12.13. [15] Stopka, O., Cerna, L. & Zitricky, V. (2016). Methodology for Measuring

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