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The Consequences of Shadow Economy and Corruption on Tax Revenue Performance in Nigeria

submitted to Department of Economics, Faculty of Commerce, Midlands State University, Gweru, Zimbabwe. 23. Petrescu, I.M., (2016), The Effects of Economic Sanctions on the Informal Economy, Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy, 4(4), pp. 623-648. 24. Putnins, T.J. & Sauka, A., (2014), Measuring the Shadow Economy Using Company Managers, Journal of Comparative Economics, Forthcoming, Available at SSRN . 25. Schneider, F., (2010), The influence of public institutions on the shadow economy: An empirical

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Is the Nigerian Stock Market Efficient? Pre and Post 2007-2009 Meltdown Analysis

. 75. Osazevbaru, H.O., (2014), Measuring Nigerian stock market volatility, Singaporean Journal of Business Economics, and Management Studies, 2(8), pp. 1-14. 76. Osei, K.A., (2002), Asset pricing and information efficiency of the Ghana stock market, African Economic Research Consortium, Paper 115. 77. Prates, D.M. & Cintra, M.A.M., (2010), Africa and the global financial and economic crisis: Impacts, responses and opportunities, in S. Dullien, D.J. Kotte, A. Márquez & J. Priewe (Ed.), The financial and economic crisis of 2008-2009 and developing

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Survey vs Scraped Data: Comparing Time Series Properties of Web and Survey Vacancy Data

have fed social science research for many years and, in the context of Big Data, they can make a contribution with their focus on quality, transparency, and sound methodology and can provide advice on the quality and validity of information from various types of Big Data sources ( Struijs et al., 2014 ). In this paper, we use the term “Big Data” for very large data sets collected from online environments, which cannot be directly managed using traditional statistical data management toolsets. The literature has made clear that first there is a need for specific

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Diaspora Externalities

quantities, whereas medium-skilled migration does not seem to matter. Koenig (2009) confirms the trade-creating effect using firm-level data on French exports. She shows that this effect is enhanced when immigrants are older and more educated. Finally, Aleksynska and Peri (2014) use a more carefully defined measure of migration business networks to quantify its impact on bilateral trade and to shed light on the information effect of migration on trade. Using data on immigrant occupations from OECD, the DIOC-E database, the authors consider in each country those

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Exploiting the Irish Border to Estimate Minimum Wage Impacts in Northern Ireland

, under 50 per cent of workers were covered by individual level pay agreements. No social partnership model has ever been operational in NI. With regard to employment protection, while no standardized measures of employment protection legislation (EPL) are available for NI, data do exist at a UK level. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Developments (OECD’s) strictness of employment protection index runs from 0 to 6, where 6 is the strictest level; Ireland’s EPL level in 2013 using this metric was 1.4 compared to the UK’s of 1.1, suggesting that levels of

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Older Knowledge Workers as the Labour Market Potential (Slovenia versus Finland)

: National Bureau of Economic Research. Ilmarinen, J. (1999). Ageing workers in the European Union: Status and promotion of work ability, employability and employment. Helsinki: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Ministry of Labor. Ilmarinen, J. (2002). What the social partners can do to improve employment opportunities for older workers. Summary of EU expert presentation on age management in the workplace and the role of the social partners at the 9th EU−Japan Brussels: Symposium “Improving

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An Empirical Study Regarding Radical Innovation, Research and Development Management, and Leadership

.11.1422 Dyer, J., Gregersen, H., & Christensen, C. M. (2011) The innovator’s DNA: Mastering the five skills of disruptive innovators. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press. Farris, G. F., & Cordero, R. (2002) Leading your scientists and engineers 2002. Research Technology Management, 45(6), 13-25. Govindarajan, V., & Trimble, C. (2005) Ten rules for strategic innovators. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press. Griffin, A., & Page, A. L. (1993) An interim report on measuring product development success and failure

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Is there Something as an Ex-Yugoslavian HRM Model? – Sticking to the Socialist Heritage or Converging With Neoliberal Practices

economies. International Journal of Innovation Management , 19 (5), 1-25. Brekić, J. (1983). Kadrovska poltika u samoupravnim odnosima . Zagreb: Informator. Brewster, C., Morley, M., & Bučiūnienė, I. (2010). The reality of human resource management in Central and Eastern Europe. Baltic Journal of Management , 5 (2), 145-155. Brookes, M., Croucher, R., Fenton-O’Creevy, M., & Goodrham, P. (2011). Measuring competing explanations of human resource management practices

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Dimensions of Decision-Making Process Quality and Company Performance: A Study of Top Managers in Slovenia

aware of the unknown: decision making during the implementation of a strategic initiative. Organization Science , 24(1), 133 – 153. Jackson, T. (1991). Measuring Management Performance. A Development Approach for Trainers and Consultants . Kogan Page, London. Malaska, P., & Holstius, K. (1999). Visionary management, The journal of futures studies, strategic thinking and policy , 1(4), 353 – 361. Malakooti, B. (2010). Decision making process: typology, intelligence and optimization. Journal of Inteligent

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Employees: Invisible Added Value of a Company

References Becker, G. (2017). Human capital. The people’s champion . Retrieved from Berkowitz, S. (2001). Measuring and reporting human capital. Journal of Government Financial Management. Business Source Complete . EBSCO (pp. 13-17). Bohinc, R. (2016). Družbena odgovornost (Social Responsibility). Fakulteta za družbene vede. Ljubljana: Založba FDV. Dean, P., McKenna, K., & Krishan, V. (2012). Accounting for human capital: Is the Balance sheet missing something? International Journal of

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