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Safety Management Improvement Possibilities in Smes

References Abrahamsen, E. B., Aven, T., and Roed, W., 2009. Communication of cost-effectiveness of safety measures by use of a new visualizing tool. Reliability & Risk Analysis: Theory & Applications, 2(December), 38-46. AbsConsulting, 2005. Root Cause Analysis Handbook: A Guide to Effective Incident Investigation. Brookfield, CT: Rothstein Associates Inc. Angew, J. L., and Snyder, G., 2002. Removing obstacles to safety: Performance management Publications. Ballou, R. H., 1992. Business Logistics

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Supervision of measuring equipment based on risk management and ISO 9001

Reference Biazzo, S., Bernardi, G., 2003. Process management practices and quality systems standards: Risks and opportunities of the new ISO 9001 certification . Business Process Management Journal, 9 (2), 149-169. Boiral, O., 2011. Managing with ISO Systems: Lessons from Practice . Long Range Planning, 44 (3), 197-220, DOI: 10.1016/j.lrp.2010.12.003 Bošnjaković, A., Badnjević, A., Džemić, Z., 2018. Legal Metrology System—Past, Present, Futur e. Springer, Inspection of Medical Devices, 31-55. Jarysz-Kamińska, E., 2006. Nadzór nad

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Anti-crisis Management Strategies. The case of companies in the Greater Poland Voivodeship

References 1. Barton R.M. (1993), The Crisis Management, Oxford Press Publishers, Oxford. 2. Herman Ch.F. (1963), Some Consequences of Crisis Which Limit the Viability of Organizations, “Administrative Science Quartely”, No 8. 3. King G. (2007), Narcissism and Effective Crisis Management: A review of Potencial Problems and Pitfalls, “Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management”, Vol. 15 No. 4. 4. Krzakiewicz K. (2003), Strategia i taktyka w zarządzaniu antykryzysowym, in: J. Skalik (red

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Financial Stability – Comparative Analysis: Montenegro, Serbia and the Netherlands

. Government of the Netherlands (2014), Stability Programme of the Netherlands, Retrieved from: 17. Ministry of Finance, Montenegro (2013), Information on Fiscal Consolidation for Nine Months in 201 with Future Measures Recommendation, Podgorica 18. Ministry of Finance, Montenegro (2013b), Information on Macroeconomic projections for Montenegro 2014- 2016., Podgorica 19. Ministry of Finance, Montenegro, MF (2014a), Macroeconomic and Fiscal Indicators Forecast

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Measuring the Performance of Local Government Entities and Analysis of their Managers’ and Personnel’s Information Needs in the Context of New Public Management

Sharifi S., Bovaird T. (1995), The Financial Management Initiative in the UK Public Sector: The Symbolic Role of Performance Reporting , “International Journal of Public Administration”, Vol. 18, No. 2-3 Spiegelman J. (2001), A Performance that Doesn’t Measure Up, The Public Sector Informer , “The Australian Financial Review”, August Spychalski G. (1999), Zarys historii myśli ekonomicznej (An overview of economic thought) , Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Łódź Sztompka P. (1996), Looking Back: The Year 1989 as a Cultural and

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Quality Management Evolution from the Past to Present: Challenges for Tomorrow

performance: an exploratory study in the automotive supplier industry. International Journal of Production Research, 46 (20), 5633-5649. Jin-Hai, L. (2003). The evolution of agile manufacturing. Business Process Management Journal, 9 (2), 170-189. Juran, J. M. (1951). Quality-control handbook . New York: McGraw-hill. Juran, J. M. (1988). Juran’s quality control handbook (4 ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill. Kanji, G. (2002). Measuring Business Excellence . London

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Volatility Spillovers between Interest Rates and Equity Markets of Developed Economies

Management 12, 499-533. 15. Wu, J-C., and Xia, F-D. (2016). Measuring the Macroeconomic Impact of Monetary Policy at the Zero Lower Bound. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking , 48(2-3), 253-291. 16. Valera, H.A.G., Holmes, M.J, and Gazi, H. (2017). Stock market uncertainty and interest rate: A Panel GARCH Approach. Applied Economics Letters , 24(11), 732-735. 17. Xu, J. (2007). Interest rate uncertainty and stock market volatility. (Unpublished master thesis), Singapore Management University, Singapore.

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Job Satisfaction and Citizenship Behavior: A Mediating Effect of Organizational Commitment

measuring job satisfaction: A Cinderella story. Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, 10 (1), 1-23. Rahaman, H. S. (2012). Organizational commitment, perceived organizational support, and job satisfaction among school teachers: Comparing public and private sectors in Bangladesh. South Asian Journal of Management, 19 (3), 7-17. Rahman, M. H., & Siddiqui, S. A. (2015). RMG: Prospect of contribution in economy of Bangladesh. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 5 (9), 1

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Use of TOPSIS Method for Assessing of Good Governance in European Union Countries

., HALÁSKOVÁ, M. (2015b). Assessment of E-government in EU countries. Scientific Papers of the University of Pardubice. Vol. 22, No. 34, pp. 4-16. BHUTIA, P. W., PHIPON, R. (2012) Application of AHP and TOPSIS Method for Supplier Selection Problem, Journal of Engineering , Vol. 2., No. 10, pp. 43-50. CHARRON, N., DIJKSTRA, L. and V. LAPUENTE. (2015). Mapping the Regional Divide in Europe: A Measure for Assessing Quality of Government in 206 European Regions. Social Indicators Research. Vol. 122, No. 2, pp. 315-346. DOI: 10.1007/s11205-014-0702-y CLAGUE

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Developing a strategy for the protection of traditional agricultural landscapes based on a complex landscape-ecological evaluation (the case of a mountain landscape in Slovakia)

References ANDERSEN, E. et al. (2003): Developing a High Nature Value Farming area indicator. Report to the European Environment Agency, Copenhagen. ANTROP, M. (2005a): Why landscapes of the past are important for the future? Landscape and Urban Planning, Vol. 70, p. 21-34. ANTROP, M. (2005b): From holistic landscape synthesis to transdisciplinary landscape management. In: Tress,B., Tress, G., Fry, G., Opdam, P. [eds.]: From Landscape Research to Landscape Planning: Aspects of Integration, Education and

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