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Water management measures analysed for Dutch basins to reduce flooding

References Environmental assessment study on flood storage (in Dutch), 2006. Report 9R3320, July 2006. Groningen, Royal Haskoning. Querner E. P., 1997. Description and application of the combined surface and groundwater model MOGROW. J. Hydrol. , 192: 158-188. Querner E. P., 2002. Analysis of basin response resulting from climate change and mitigation measures. In: FRIEND 2002, Bridging the gaps between research and practice. Ed. H. van Lanen, S. Demuth). 4th Int. Conf. Friend

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Sustainable agriculture: The study on farmers’ perception and practices regarding nutrient management and limiting losses

REFERENCES B eegle D.B., C arton O.T., B aily J.B. 2000. Nutrient management planning: justification, theory, practice. Journal of Environmental Quality. No 29 p. 72–79. Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea Area 1992. Helsinki Commission Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, HELCOM, Finland pp. 43. C ordell D., W hite S. 2011. Peak phosphorus: Clarifying the key issues of a vigorous debate about long-term phosphorus security. Sustainability. No 3(10) p. 2027–2049. Council Directive 91

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Elements of water management planning according to EU Water Framework Directive in the catchment of Upper Narew

Monitoring Library. Białystok, WIOŚ. Tender dossier for the unlimited tender procedure for "Development of analysis of pressures and impacts of anthropogenic pollution in detailed breakdown to surface water and groundwater bodies for the purpose of development of programmes of measures and water management plans", 2006. Warszawa, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

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Evaluation of the effects of land consolidation in the Latyczyn village in terms of land protection against erosion on the slope scale

. Koncepcja kompleksowego scalania silnie urzeźbionych gruntów wsi Żurawnica woj. Zamość [Concept of complex land consolidation of heavily carved lands of the village Żurawnica, Zamość province]. Zeszyty Naukowe AR w Krakowie. Nr 271. Z. 35 p. 171–179. K onečna J., P odhrazska J., T oman F. 2012. Efficiency of soil and flood control measures in land consolidations. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silvicultarae Mendelianae Brunensis. Vol. 60. No. 6 p. 161–166. K oreleski K. 1987. Ochrona gruntów w pracach scaleniowych na przykładzie obiektów z terenu

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Community based adaptation options for climate change impacts on water resources: The case of Jordan

measures. Ed. B. Lim, E. Spanger-Siegfried. Cambridge, UK. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 052161760X pp. 258. M ahmoud S., A damowski J., A lazba A., E l -G indy A. 2015. Rainwater harvesting for the management of agricultural droughts in arid and semi-arid regions. Paddy and Water Environment. In press. M easham T.G., P reston B.L., S mith T.F., C assandra B., R ussell G., G eoff W., C raig M. 2011. Adapting to climate change through local municipal planning: barriers and challenges. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change. Vol

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Example of integrated use of surface and groundwater resources in irrigation in Croatia

gospodarenja poljoprivrednim zemljištem i vodama Republike Hrvatske (National Irrigation Master Plan of Republic of Croatia), 2005. Ed. D. Romić. Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture. Strategic basis for water management in Croatia, 2005. Zagreb, Hrvatske vode. Tadić L., Bašić F., 2007. Utjecaj hidromelioracijskog sustava navodnjavanja na okoliš. (Environmental impacts of irrigation). In: Ameliorative measures aimed at rural space development. Zagreb, Proc. Symp. Croatian Acad. Sci. Arts: 173-190. Tadić

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Hydrological stream flow modeling in the Talar catchment (central section of the Alborz Mountains, north of Iran): Parameterization and uncertainty analysis using SWAT-CUP

availability in Iran. Hydrological Process. Vol. 23. Iss. 3 p. 486–501. G assman P.W., R eyes M.R., G reen C.H., A rnold J.G. 2007. The soil and water assessment tool: Historical development, applications, and future research directions. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Vol. 50. Iss. 4 p. 1211–1250. G upta H., S orooshian S., Y apo P.O. 1998. Toward improved calibration of hydrologic model: multiple and non commensurable measures of information. Water Resources Research. Vol. 34. Iss. 4 p. 751–763. H uang Q., Z hang W

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Cultivation of Purple Potato, A Rentable Activity in Vegatable Practice

competitive are they?, Centre for Economic Reform and Transformation, Heriot-Watt University, UK, Economic Forecasting Institute, 1998, Bucharest, Romania,; [12] Didier M., Economia, regulile jocului, Editura Humanitas, 1994, Bucureşti, [13] Dobrotă Niţă, Dicţionar de economie, Editura Economică, 1999, Bucureşti, [14] Ellis F., 1998. Peasant economics -farm households and agrarian development, Second edition. Cambridge University Press; [15] Filip, C., Curs de Management, Editura Ion Ionescu de la Brad, 1992, Iasi,; [16] Fulea, Maria

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Methods of Assessing the Economic Efficiency of Small and Medium Farms


Farm profitability assessment is of particular importance, displaying its economic character. There are simple procedures for small farmers to carry out a correct analysis of the mode of land use and exploitation of animals, so that, by reorganizing the holding and proper management, to become profitable.

Methodologically, this analysis consists of: identifying the factors influencing the level of yields per hectare; measure the influence of each factor on results achieved; establish critical points of the technical system of production; establishing the measures

necessary to eliminate the weak elements of the system and design a new improved technical system for production for each crop; new design of new productions per hectare and of production costs, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of the extra production costs.

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Monitoring and Determination of Proper Intervention Time, Against Coodling Moth Through the Use of Sexual Feromons

References [1]Bici I. (2011).Plant Protection Products Manual. [2]CABI, Skënderasi B. (2011). Lecture Integrated Pest Management. [3]CABI. (2010). The green and yellow list for the integrated apple protection. [4]Isufi E. (2003). Protection of fruit trees with good agricultural practices. [5]Isufi E. (2000). Integrated Plant Protection in Practice. [6]Kapidani A, Jaço N. Agricultural Entomology (Second part) page 95. [7]Kolaci A. (2003). Phyto

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