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Krystyna Stec

Parameters description of the programme www.sejsmologiagórnicza <http://www.sejsmologiagórnicza>.pl/foci/ . (in Polish). Makówka J., Kabiesz J., Dou Li-ming, 2009. Relationship between the rock mass deformation and places of occurrence of seismological events . Mining Science and Technology 19, 558-584. Marcak H., 2012. Seismicity in mines due to roof layer bending . Arch. Min. Sci., Vol. 57 no. 1, p. 229-250. McKenzi D.P., 1969. The relation between fault plane solution and the directions of the principal stresses . Bull

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Janusz Makówka

, Yanting, Janson, T., Christiansson, R., 2003. An overview of rock stress measurement methods. International Journal of Rock Mechanics & Mining Sciences, 40, p. 975-989. Makówka J., 2006. Podstawy metody określania naprężeń głównych z wykorzystaniem ukierunkowanego hydroszczelinowania skał. (Basics of the method to determine principal stresses with directed hydrofracturing of rocks). Prace Naukowe GIG, nr 868, Katowice. Makówka J., 2010. Interpretacja i wstępne wyniki badań nad zastosowaniem ukierunkowanego hydroszczelinowania skał do

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S.-W. Kim, T.-Y. Ahn, Y.-S. Lim and S.-S. Hwang

REFERENCES [1] P.M. Scott, in: D. Feron, J.M. Olive (Ed.), Corrosion issues in light water reactors – stress corrosion cracking, New York, Woodhead Publishing Ltd. (2007). [2] P.L. Andresen, M.M. Morra, A. Ahluwalia, J. Wilson, Effect of deformation and orientation on SCC of alloy 690, in: Proc. 14th Int. Conf. on Environmental Degradation Materials Nuclear Power Systems – Water Reactors, Virginia, USA (2009). [3] S.M. Bruemmer, M.J. Olszta, M.B. Toloczko, L.E. Thomas, Corrosion 69 , 953 (2013). [4] P.L. Andresen, Unusual cold work and