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Governance and Design of Urban Infostructures

Analysing Key Socio-Technical Systems for the Vulnerability and Resilience of Cities

Marc Wolfram and Rico Vogel

in Germany Having discussed the pertinent technology options for the conception and design of urban infostructures that may affect the identification of vulnerabilities and resilience in cities – and hence to a certain extent vulnerabilities and resilience in cities themselves – we now turn to the principal social system components that interact with these and which are largely place-specific. How local governments are structured and which topics dominate the agendas of the different actors concerned varies not only between countries and regions, but even between

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Cormac Walsh and Andreas Kannen

implemented and the K.E.R.N. Region, which had served as a pilot for regional cooperation across local administrative boundaries since 1991, collapsed in 2008. The advocates of an ICZM approach within the federal state ministry stressed its role as a communicative process through which the potential of coastal zones might be identified and conflicts between sectoral stakeholders or interest groups could be resolved. In particular it was hoped that Integrated Coastal Zone Management might lead to greater public acceptance of coastal protection plans, measures and projects

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Gabriela B. Christmann and Oliver Ibert

which functions objects and artefacts take on in the course of actions and which effect they have on the course of the action. If the existence of a principal difference between social and material actants is rejected, this is of course not to say that objects "themselves" can act or even feel or are motivated or anything similar. The purpose of the "actor-network" approach is explicitly not to humanise objects, but rather to understand more precisely than so far, what difference the presence of objects makes for the course of actions. If there is a difference, then