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The recent fault kinematics in the westernmost part of the Getic nappe system (Eastern Serbia): Evidence from fault slip and focal mechanism data

References Angelier J. 1979: Determination of the mean principal directions of stresses for a given fault population. Tectonophysics 56, 3-4, T17-T26. Angelier J. 2002: Inversion of earthquake focal mechanisms to obtain the seismotectonic stress IV - a new method free of choice among the nodal planes. Geophys. J. Int. 150, 588-609. ASTER GDEM Project: Bada G., Horvath F., Dovenyi P., Szafian P., Windhoffer G. & Cloetingh S. 2007: Present

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Deformation patterns in the Van region (Eastern Turkey) and their significance for the tectonic framework


The area of investigation is located on the south-eastern shore of Lake Van in Eastern Turkey where a destructive earthquake took place on 23rd October, 2011 (Mw = 7.1). Following the earthquake, different source mechanisms, deformations, and types of faulting have been suggested by different scientists. In this research, Edremit district and vicinities located on the southern side of Van have been investigated to understand the deformation pattern in a travertine (400 ka) formation on the surface, and its structural and stratigraphic relationships with the main faults under the surface by using two-dimensional (2D) Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) profiles. The results were used to document the deformation pattern of rocks with the Miocene and the Holocene (400 ka travertine) in ages. By means of the investigations, deformation patterns implying the tectonic regimes during the Oligocene–Miocene–Pliocene, and Quaternary time have been determined. According to detailed field work, the local principal stress direction has been defined as approximately N 35° W. This is also supported by the joint set and slip-plane data. Moreover, Oligocene– Miocene units provide a similar principal stress direction. Our data suggest that the southern part of the Elmalık fault is characteristic of reverse faults rather than of the normal fault system that has been previously reported. In addition, the Gürpınar fault controlling the deformation patterns of the region is a reverse fault with dextral component.

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Work-Related stress factors in nurses at Slovenian hospitals – A cross-sectional study

1 Introduction Occupational stress mostly results from unexpected situations or issues requiring personal engagement and undertaking tasks that do not comply with one’s knowledge, expertise, or expectations, resulting in person’s inability to manage the situation ( 1 ). Surveys conducted among healthcare workers revealed that nursing staff often face various stressors associated with occupational activities, which reduce work efficiency ( 2 ). According to the ANA (American Nurses Association) ( 3 ) stress in healthcare arises from work assignments, job

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Municipal amalgamations and their effects: a literature review

a consequence for the quality of services per se, the amalgamation of asymmetric local governments can result in higher tax burdens and increased commuting costs for the residents in the smaller local government community ( Furukawa 2014 ). Finally, Takagishi et al. (2012) surveyed 570 employees in amalgamated municipalities and found that the impact of the loss of value of jobs is associated with psychological stress responses. Increased workload does not trigger a stress response. To our knowledge, this is the only empirical study investigating the

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”New” public urban space: citizens’ initiatives in participatory budgeting in Katowice, Łódź and Poznań

contribute to the amelioration of living conditions for the urban population ( Kochanowska 2010 ). Public space is the principal platform of urban social life. Urban planning and architecture need to be skilfully combined with activities and initiatives proposed by local communities. Markiel (2013) points to authenticity as an important attribute of space, in terms of how it meets the taste and expectations of local people. Kochanowska (2010) stresses the need to maintain the balance between built-up and non-built-up areas as well as areas reserved for pedestrians

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Load-carrying capacity of the GFRP and CFRP composite beams subjected to three-point bending test – numerical investigations

along the layer thickness to take into account the bending effect in further analysis. Consequently, the VGLUE option was used to redefine the layered volumes along their intersections that merged areas, lines and key points at the common boundary volumes. Finally, homogeneous structural solid of eight-layered composite beam was created ( Figure 2a ). In addition, local coordinate systems were defined in the separate volumes that formed the basis for orthotropic material principal directions in each element (see Figure 2b ). Figure 2 Structural solid of (a

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Social engineering of human resources and provision of medical services on leadership styles in hospitals

References A ij , K.,A ernoudts , R., J oosten , G. 2015. Comparison of Leadership Traits among Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in High-performing, Lowperforming and Lean-Management Hospitals in the USA , British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioural Science, 9(2), 118-130. A usten , A. 2010. Organizacja i zarządzanie,, Wydawnictwo Politechniki Śląskiej, Gliwice, Nr 4 (12), 25-43. B aysaka , B., Y enerb , M.I. 2015. The Relationship Between Perceived Leadership Style And Perceived Stress On Hospital Employees , Procedia - Social And

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Environmental quality assessment of the drainage basin of Lake Engure using Scots pine as a bioindicator

Agriculture. 78 pp. Nikodemus, O., Brūmelis, G., Līkais, S., Šarkovskis, P. (1993). Bio-indication of pollutants in the Jūrmala area using Scot's pine ( Pinus sylvestris ) bark as a sorbent. Latvijas ZA Vēstis , Nr. 9, 54-57. Piikki, K., Klingberg, J., Karlsson, P. E., Pihl Karlsson, G. & Pleijel, H. (2008). Covariation in the diurnal variation in of ground-level ozone and temperature-nocturnal temperature inversions as a source of local variation in ozone exposure. Workshop Report. Ozone exposure and impacts on

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A connectionist computational method for face recognition

References Ahonen, T., Hadid, A. and Pietikainen, M. (2004). Face recognition with local binary patterns, Proceedings of the 8th European Conference on Computer Vision, ECCV 2004, Prague, Czech Republic, pp. 469-481. Azorín-López, J., Saval-Calvo, M., Fuster-Guilló, A. and Oliver-Albert, A. (2014). A predictive model for recognizing human behaviour based on trajectory representation, Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, IJCNN 2014, Beijing, China, pp. 1494-1501. Baltrusaitis, T

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Trust and National Belonging: Welfare for Disabled Veterans in Bohemia (1914–1918)

profession. VÚA, VHA, KK9, MA Kt. 220, MA 55-9/18-2, Josef Kirschner, L[w]IR 10 – Nachbehandlung, Ortsausschuss Haida an Josef Kirschner. The written communication of the local board Haida/Nový Bor did not emphasize its social embeddedness but stressed its bureaucratic authority instead. When Josef Kirschner was informed about the questionnaire, the language used was in no way closer to his everyday life, as required by Eger: Enclosed can be found a directory of miscellaneous information for you to kindly and immediately send back in completed form. Awaiting the

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