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N. B. Khoolenjani and O. Chatrabgoun

. and Whisenand, C. W. (1973). Best linear estimator of the parameter of the Rayleigh distribution-Part I: Small sample theory for censored order statistics. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 22, 27-34. Gebhardt, J., Gil M.A. and Kruse R., (1998). Fuzzy set-theoretic methods in statistics, in: R. Slowinski(Ed.), Fuzzy Sets in Decision Analysis, Operations Research and Statistics, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, pp.311-347. Huang, H., Zuo, M. and Sun, Z., (2006). Bayesian reliability analysis for fuzzy lifetime data. Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 157

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Adil Rashid, Tariq Rashid Jan, Akhtar Hussain Bhat and Z. Ahmad

References [1] Adamidis, K., and Loukas, S. (1998). A lifetime distribution with decreasing failure rate. Journal of Statistics & Probability Letters, 39, 35-42. [2] Adil, R., Zahoor, A., and Jan, T.R. (2016). A new count data model with application in genetics and ecology. Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis, 9(1), 213-226 [3] Adil, R., Zahoor, A., and Jan, T.R. (2017). Complementary compound Lindley power series distribution with application. Journal of Reliability and Statistical Studies, 10

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Robert P. Agans, Malcolm T. Jefferson, James M. Bowling, Donglin Zeng, Jenny Yang and Mark Silverbush

). Lifetime and Five-Year Prevalence of Homelessness in the United States. American Journal of Public Health, 84, 1907-1912, DOI: Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (2009). Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count Report. Available at: (accessed October 13, 2012). Potter, F. (1988). Survey of Procedures to Control Extreme Sampling Weights Proceedings of the American Statistical Association Section on Survey

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Celeste Stone, Leslie Scott, Danielle Battle and Patricia Maher

. Gale, C.R., Cooper, R., Craig, L., Elliott, J., Kuh, D., Richards, M., Starr, J.M.,Whalley, L.J., and Deary, I.J. (2012). Cognitive Function in Childhood and Lifetime Cognitive Change in Relation to Mental Well-Being in Four Cohorts of Older People. PLOS ONE, 7, e44860. Haggerty, K.P., Fleming, C.B., Catalano, R.F., Petrie, R.S., Rubin, R.J., and Grassley, M.H. (2008). Ten Years Later: Locating and Interviewing Children of Drug Abusers Evaluation and Program Planning, 31, 1-9. DOI: j.evalprogplan.2007

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Robert F. Belli, L. Dee Miller, Tarek Al Baghal and Leen-Kiat Soh

Health Statistics . DHHS Publication No. PHS 89-1077, Series 6, Number 2. Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office. Weiss, G. and F. Provost. 2001. “The Effect of Class Distribution on Classifier Learning: An Empirical Study.” Rutgers University Technical Report ML-TR-44. Witten, I., E. Frank, and M. Hall. 2011. Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques . Amsterdam: Elsevier. Yoshihama, M., K. Clum, A. Crampton, and B. Gillespie. 2002. “Measuring the Lifetime Experience of Domestic Violence: Application of the Life History

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Jose Pina-Sánchez, Johan Koskinen and Ian Plewis

Information.” Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior 17(2): 189–218. Doi: . Skinner, C. and K. Humphreys. 1999. “Weibull Regression for Lifetimes Measured with Error.” Lifetime Data Analysis 5: 23–37. Doi: 74915476. Solga, H. 2001. “Longitudinal Survey and the Study of Occupational Mobility: Panel and Retrospective Design in Comparison.” Quality and Quantity 35: 291–309. Doi: . Veronesi, G., M.M. Ferrario, and L

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James Raymer, Phil Rees and Ann Blake

Pensions (DWP) and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) Benefit and Revenue Information (CIS) and Lifetime Labour Market Database (L2) . Available at:––projects/beyond-2011/news/reports-and-publications/sources/beyond-2011-administrative-data-sources-report––dwp-and-hmrc-cis-and-l2-combined–s5-.pdf (accessed 23 August 2013). ONS. 2013e. Beyond 2011: Administrative Data Sources Report: Higher Education Statistics Agency: Student Record . Available at: http

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S.V.S. Girija, A.J.V. Radhika and A.V.Dattatreya Rao

. JAMMALAMADAKA S. RAO & SEN GUPTA, A. (2001), Topics in Circular Statistics, World Scientific Press, Singapore . KENDALL, D.G. (1974), Pole - Seeking Brownian Motion and bird navigation, J. Roy. Statist. Soc. , 36, 365 -417. LEE, M.L.T. AND GROSS, A.J. (1991), Lifetime distributions under unknown environment, J. Statist. Plann. Inference 29, 137-143. MARDIA, K.V. (1972), Statistics of Directional Data, Academic Press , NewYork. MARDIA, K.V. & JUPP, P.E. (2000), Directional Statistics, John Wiley

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Akram Kohansal

Applied Statistics. 41, 2375-2405. Saracoglu, B., Kinaci, I., Kundu, D. (2012). On estimation of R = P(Y < X) for exponential distribution under progressive type-II censoring. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation. 82, 729-744. Shoaee, S., and Khorram, E. (2015). Stress-strength reliability of a two-parameter bathtub-shaped lifetime distribution based on progressively censored samples. Communications in Statistics - Theory and Method. 44, 5306-5328.