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Stochastic analysis of the main macro-economic indicators characterizing higher education in Romania during 2001-2016

Education 2010, Draft Law on National Education and lifelong learning lifetime, MECT, Bucharest Popescu, S. and Brătianu, C. (2004). Guide quality in higher education, Calypso Projects, the Bucharest University Press, Bucharest Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. (2006). “External evaluation methodology, standards, reference standards and list of performance indicators of the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education”, Bucharest, 80-90. Zaharia, S.E., Marinaş L. (2005). Partners for Excellence in Europe knowledge

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Satisfying the Principle of Fairness in Consumption Tax

References Arsić М., Altiparmakov N. (2012) Poreska pravičnost PDV sistema u Srbiji. Beograd: Fiskalni savet Republike Srbije. Auerbach A. J. (2010) A Consumption Tax, The Wall Street Journal Blažić H. (2010) Distributivni učinak PDV-a: usporedna analiza. Sveučilište u Rijeci: Ekonomski fakultet. Caspersen E., Metcalf G. (1994) “Is a Value Added Tax Progressive? Annual Versus Lifetime Incidence Measures”, National Tax Journal, 47. The National Bureau of Economic Reacearch; Dostupno na: http

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Problems In The Valuation Of Business Customers

”, Industrial Marketing Management , 32 (11-12): 1265-1293. Venkatesan, R., Kumar, V. (2004) “A Customer Lifetime Value Framework for Customer Selection and Resource Allocation Strategy”, Journal of Marketing , 68 (October): 106–125. Wengler, S. (2006) Key Account Management in Business-to-Business Markets , Wiesbaden: Deutscher Universitats-Verlag. Woodburn, D., McDonald, M. (2011) Key Account Management: The Definitive Guide , Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Zolkiewski, J., Turnbull, P. (2002) “Do Relationship Portfolios and

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Business Client Segmentation in Banking Using Self-Organizing Maps

. Denton, L., Chan, A.K.K. 1991. Bank Selection Criteria of Multiple Bank Users in Hong Kong, International Journal of Bank Marketing 9(5): 23-34. 10. Edris, T. A. 1997. Services considered important to business customers and determinants of bank selection in Kuwait: a segmentation analysis. International Journal of Bank Marketing 15(4): 126-133. 11. Ekinci, Y., Uray, N., Ulengin, F. (2014). A customer lifetime value model for the banking industry: a guide to marketing actions. European Journal of Marketing 48(3/4), Accepted for

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Achieving strategic agility through business model innovation. The case of telecom industry

, S. (2016). Customer value anticipation, product innovativeness, and customer lifetime value: The moderating role of advertising strategy. Journal of Business Research, 69(9), 3725-3730.

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The Impact of Corporate Reputation and Information Sharing on Value Creation for Organizational Customers

in structural equation models. In S. Leinhardt (Ed.), Sociological Methodology 1982 (pp. 290-312). Washington DC: American Sociological Association. Spence, M. 1973. Job marketing signaling. Quarterly Journal of Economics 87(3): 355-374. Spence, M. 2002. Signaling in Retrospect and the Informational Structure of Markets. The American Economic Review, 92: 434-459. Stahl, H. K., Matzler, K. and Hinterhuber, H.H. 2003. Linking Customer Lifetime Value with Shareholder Value. Industrial Marketing Management 32(4): 267

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Comparison of E-Trust and Trust Concepts in Online and Offline Dimensions

). Customers for life: how to turn that one-time buyer into a lifetime customer, Crown Business; Revised Edition. Trif, S. M. (2013). The influence of overall satisfaction and trust on customer loyalty. Management & marketing challenges for the knowledge society, 8(1), 109-128. Udo, G. J., Bagchi, K. K., & Kirs, P. J. (2010). An assessment of customers’ e-service quality perception, satisfaction and intention. International Journal of Information Management, 30(6), 481-492. Yi, J

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The Modified Lunn-Mcneil Model in the Assessment of Intensity of Exiting from the Unemployment

risks when failure times are discrete , Lifetime Data Analysis, 2(2), pp. 195-209, DOI: 10.1007/BF00128575. Crowder M., 1997, A test for independence of competing risks with discrete failure times , Lifetime Data Analysis, 3(3), pp. 215-223, DOI: 10.1023/A:1009696830515. Gooley T.A., Leisenring W., Crowley J., Storer B.E., 1999, Estimation of failure probabilities in the presence of competing risks: New representations of old estimators , Statistics in Medicine, 18(6), pp. 695-706, DOI:10.1002/(SICI)10970258(19990330)18:6<695::AID-SIM60>3.0.CO;2-O

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Competing Risk Models of Default in the Presence of Early Repayments

comparing the cumulative incidence function in the presence of a competing risk, The Annals of Statistics, 16, pp. 1141-1154. Haller B., Schmidt G., Ulm K., 2013, Applying competing risks regression models: an overview , Lifetime Data Analysis, 19, pp. 33-58. Højsgaard S., Halekoh U., Yan J., 2016, geepack: Generalized Estimating Equation Package , URL , R package version 1.2_1. Klein J.P., Andersen P.K., 2005, Regression modelling of competing risks data based on pseudo-values of the cumulative incidence

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