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Renfei Luo, Jiedan Huang, Jimmy Lee and Philip Pun

. Production and Inventory Management Journal , 39(3), 1-5. Ishii K., Takahashi, K., & Muramatsu R. (2007). Integrated production, inventory and distribution Systems. International Journal of Production Research , 26(3), 473-482. Kim, S. H. (2008). Designing robust supply chains using a new hybrid push-pull control with multiple push-pull boundaries . Dissertation, Arizona State University. Kouki, C., Babai M. Z., Jemai Z., & Minner, S. (2016). A coordinated multi-item inventory system for perishables with random lifetime. International Journal of

Open access

Shamsul Huq Bin Shahriar, Sayed Arafat, Md. Fayjullah Khan and Mahbub Ul Islam

-428. [71] Robbins, S.P. (2001). Organizational Behaviour - Concepts Controversies & Applications. USA: Prentice Hall International Inc. [72] Rust, R.T., Lemon, K.N. and Zeithaml, V.A. (2004). Return on marketing: using customer equity to focus marketing strategy, Journal of Marketing, 68(1), pp. 109-27. [73] Rust, R.T., Zeithaml, V.A. and Lemon, K.N. (2000). Driving Customer Equity. How Customer Lifetime Value is Reshaping Corporate Strategy, New York, NY: The Free Press. [74] Schoefer, K. and Diamantopoulos, A. (2008). The