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Biruta Jansone, Sarmīte Rancāne, Pēteris Bērziņš and Aldis Jansons


The aim of this work was to develop a red clover variety adapted to agro-climatic conditions of Latvia, suitable for different requirements of forage producers, resistant to most widespread diseases and producing high seed yield annually. Medium late ripening diploid red clover variety ‘Jancis’ was created at the LLU Research Institute of Agriculture in long-term work carried out since 1985. After free pollination of best samples of red clover collections from the VIR (St. Petersburg), individual and family selection among hybrids were carried out for approximately 20 years. Finally, best breeding line Nr. 43047 was registered as a variety ‘Jancis’. The variety is characterised by good winter hardiness, high dry matter yield (10-12 t·ha-1) and good persistence in the sward - up to 3-4 years. The variety is characterised by a long stem (90-110 cm) with 8-9 internodes, dark green leaves with a distinctive brighter picture, medium length and width of medial leaflet, and bright pink flower heads. ‘Jancis’ has stable annual seed yield in the conditions of Latvia; under favourable conditions reaching 500- 600 kg·ha-1 seeds. Since 2010, the variety ‘Jancis’ has been included in the common Latvian and EU Plant Variety Catalogue.

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Yerlan Turuspekov, Yuliya Genievskaya, Aida Baibulatova, Alibek Zatybekov, Yuri Kotuhov, Margarita Ishmuratova, Akzhunis Imanbayeva and Saule Abugalieva

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