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R. Juhászné Tóth and J. Csapó

) 128–137. [14] L. Calamari, F. Petrera, G. Bertin, Effects of either sodium selenite or Se yeast (Sc CNCM I-3060) supplementation on selenium status and milk characteristics in dairy cows. Livestock Science , 128. (2010) 154–165. [15] J. C. Chang, Selenium content of Brazil nuts from two geographic locations in Brazil. Chemosphere , 30. (1995) 801–802. [16] J. P. Chanoine, Selenium and thyroid function in infants, children and adolescents. BioFactors , 19. (2003) 137–143. [17] C. C. Clayton, C. A. Bauman, Diet and azo dye tumors: effect of

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O. Fadairo, G. Diósi, I. Mironescu and E. Máthé

. Food and Nutrition Sciences , 3. 11. (2012) 1500–1508. [24] K. Menrad, Market and marketing of functional food in Europe. Journal of Food Engineering , 56. (2003) 181–188. [25] B. Mollet, I. Rowland, Functional foods: At the frontier between food and pharma. Current Opinion in Biotechnology , 13. (2002) 483–485. [26] D. Mostert, N. P. Steyn, N. J. Temple, R. Olwagen, Dietary intake of pregnant women and their infants in a poor black South African community. Curations , 28. (2005) 12–19. [27] M. Nazam Ansari, U. Bhandari, K. K. Pillai

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J. Csapó, G. Holló, I. Holló, R. V. Salamon, Sz. Salamon, Sz. Toró and Zs. Csapóné Kiss

nutrition. (eds.), E. E., Ziegler, L. J. Filer, Washington DC. ILSI Press. (1996) 320-324. [29] O. A. Levander. M. A. Beck, Interacting nutritional and infectious etiologies of Keshan disease insights from Coxscackie virus B-induced myocarditis in mice deficient in selenium or vitamin E. Biol. Trace Element Res., 56. (1997) 5-21. [30] M. K. McGuire, S. L. Burgert, J. A. Milner, L. Glass, R. Kummer, R. Deering, R. Boucek, M. F. Picciano, Selenium status of infants is influenced by supplementation of formula or maternal diets. Am. J. Clin

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Adenuga Fabian Adekoya and Nor Azam Abdul Razak

Extrajudicial Killings by the Nigeria Police Force. Open Society Institute, New York. 24. Ojedokun, U. A. (2014). Contributing Factors to Police Homicide in Nigeria. Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles 87, pp.41-48. 25. Ouimet, M. (2012). A World of Homicides: The Effect of Economic Development, Income Inequality, and Excess Infant Mortality on the Homicide Rate for 165 Countries in 2010. Homicide Studies 16, no. 3, pp.238-258. 26. Pesaran, B., & Pesaran, M., H. (2009). Time series econometrics using micro fit 5

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Gloria Kirwan and Deirdre Jacob

, M., & Groothoff, J. W. (2011). Regional socioeconomic indicators and ethnicity as predictors of regional infant mortality rates in Slovakia. International Journal of Public Health, 56, 274-82. Smart, H., Titterton, M., & Clark, C. (2003). A literature review of the health of Gypsy/Traveller families in Scotland: The challenges for health promotion. Health Education, 103 (3), 156-65. South Dublin County Council. (2006). Tallaght town centre local area plan 2006. Retrieved from http