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Balancing Between Roles and Duties – The Creativity of Mothers

. (under review). All You Need Is Love: The Importance of Partner and Family Relations to Eminent Creators’ Well-Being and Success. The Journal of Creative Behavior. Lorberbaum, J. P., Newman, J. D., Dubno, J. R., Horwitz, A. R., Nahas, Z., Teneback, C. C., Bloomer, C. W., Bohning, D. E., Vincent, D., Johnson, M. R., Emmanuel, N., Brawman-Mintzer, O., Book, S. W., Lydiard, R. B., Ballenger, J. C., & George, M. S. (1999). Feasibility of using fMRI to study mothers responding to infant cries. Depression & Anxiety, 10, 99-104. Michel, M

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Number 13 / Part I. Music. 3. Mad Scenes: A Warning against Overwhelming Passions

delle emozioni, München - Ravensberg; Grin. 8. Rameau, J. P. (2012). Treatise on Harmony. New York: Dover Publications, Inc. 9. Rousseau, J. J. (1691). Méthode claire, certaine et facile pour apprendre à chanter la Musique. Paris. 10. Trainor, L. J. & Heinmiller, B. M. (1998). Infants Prefer to Listen to Consonance over Dissonance. Infant Behavior & Development, 21(1), 77-88.

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5. Creative Approaches in the Education of Students with Severe Multiple Disability

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Number 13 / Part I. Music. 10. Communicational Entropy in The Present’s Crisis – Mediation and Community Action through Music Management

. 6. Hesmondhalgh, D. (2007). The Cultural Industries. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications. 7. Hwang, H., Walter, P. Institutions and entrepreneurship. In Handbook of Entrepreneurship. Retrieved from 8. Information Processing in Young Infants: Assessment, Training and Remediation - case study. (2011). Infancy Studies Laboratory, Rutgers University. 9. Kunczik, A. M. & Zipfel, A. (1998). Introducere în ştiinţa publicisticii şi a comunicării, Cluj-Napoca: Presa

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