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Miroslava Ljujić-Glišić and Niveska Božinović-Prekajski

References Ernst AJ, Brine E. Practical Use of Human Milk Fortifiers: Consideration for Infants Very Low Birth Weight in Human Milk for VLBW Infants. Report of the 108 th . Ross Conference on Pediatric Research, Ohio , 1999; Abbott Lab; 129. Schanler RJ. Human Milk Fortification for Premature Infant. Am J Clin Nutr 1996; 64 : 249. Kuschel CA, Harding JE. Multicomponent fortified human milk for promoting growth in preterm infant. Protocol: http

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Liljana Guržanova-Durnev, Elizabeta Zisovska and Božidarka Đošić-Markovska

the quantitative and qualitative characterization of erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase. J Lab Med 1967; 70: 158-69. 15. Thibeault DW. The precarious antioxidant defences of the preterm infant. Am J Perinatol 2000; 17 (4): 167-81. 16. Ochoa JJ, Ramirez-Tortosa MC, Quiles JL, Palomino N, Robles R, Mataix J, et al. Oxidative stress in erythrocytes from premature and full-term infants during their first 72 h of life. Free Radic Res 2003; 37 (3): 317-22. 17. Arguelles S, Machado MJ, Ayala A, Machado A, Hervias B

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Milica Ranković Janevski, Ana Đorđević Vujičić and Svjetlana Maglajić Đukić

References 1. Wormald F, Tapia JL, Torres G, Canepa P, Gonzales MA, Rodrigez D, et al. Stress in parents of very low birth weight preterm infants hospitalized in neonatal intensive care units. A multicenter study. Arch Argent Pediatr 2015; 1; 113(4): 303–9. 2. Shaw RJ, Bernard RS, Deblois T, Ikuta LM, Ginzburg K, Koopman C. The relationship between acute stress disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder in the neonatal intensive care unit. Psychosomatics 2009; 50(2): 131–7. 3. Vetulani J. Early maternal separation: a rodent model of depression

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Alphonsus N. Onyiriuka and Francisca N. Enyi

References 1. Hays SP, Smith EO, Sunehag AL. Hperglycemia is a risk factor for early death and morbidity in extremely low birth weight infants. Pediatrics 118: 1811-1818, 2006. 2. Kao LS, Morris BH, Lally KP, Stewart CD, Huseby V, Kennedy KA. Hyperglycemia and morbidity and mortality in extremely low birth weight infants. J Perinatol 26: 730-736, 2006. 3. Pildes RS. Neonatal hyperglycemia. J Pediatr 109: 905-907,1986. 4. Hawdon JM. Disorders of blood glucose homoestasis in the neonate. In

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Iuliu C. Ivanov, Daniela Jitam, Georgiana E. Grigore, Mihaela Zlei, Anca V. Ivanov, Silvia Dumitraş, Eugen Carasevici and Ingritli C. Miron

infant leukemias. Leukemia. 1995 May;9(5):762-9 7. Ludwig W D, Rieder H, Bartram C R, Heinze B, Schwartz S, Gassmann W, et al. Immunophenotypic and genotypic features, clinical characteristics and treatment outcome of adult pro-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia: results of the German multicenter trials GMALL03/87 and 04/89. Blood 1998; 92:1898-1909 8. van Dongen JJ, Macintyre EA, Gabert JA, Delabesse E, Rossi V, Saglio G, et al. Standardized RT-PCR analysis of fusion gene transcripts from chromosome aberrations in acute leukemia for

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Gorica Popova, Dean Jankuloski, Benjamin Felix, Katerina Boskovska, Biljana Stojanovska-Dimzovska, Velibor Tasic and Katerina Blagoevska

oesophageal pH monitoring in milk fed infants. Arch Dis Child. 84, 273-276. PMCid:PMC1718697 28. Orozco-Levi, M., Torres, A., Ferrer, M., Piera, C., El-Ebiary, M., de la Bellacasa, J.P., Rodriguez-Roisin, R. (1995). Semirecumbent position protects from pulmonary aspiration but not completely from gastroesophageal re- flux in mechanically ventilated patients. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 152, 1387–1390. PMid:7551400 140 PFGE for typing extended-spectrum-β-lactamases- producing

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Patricia D. Oulai, Lessoy T. Zoué and Sébastien L. Niamké


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of steam blanching processing on the nutritive value and the antioxidant properties of five leafy vegetable species (Amaranthus hybridus, Andasonia digitata, Ceiba patendra, Hibiscus sabdariffa and Vigna unguiculata) that are used for sauce preparation in Northern CÔte d'Ivoire. The selected leafy vegetables were subjected to blanching in pressure cooker for 15, 25 and 45 min and the physicochemical properties were determined using AOAC methods. The result of the study revealed that longer time of blanching (higher than 15 min) caused negative impact by reducing nutritive value but positive impact by reducing anti-nutrients and increasing polyphenols. The registered losses (p0.05) at 15 min were as follow: ash (0.08-10.01%), proteins (0.36-12.03%), vitamin C (19.56-68.67%), carotenoids (18.91-55.48%) oxalates (3.58-21.39%) and phytates (10.51-68.02%). The average increase of polyphenols contents at 15 min of blanching was 1.61 to 30.72%. In addition, a slight increase (0.35-4.16%) of fibres content was observed in the studied blanched leafy vegetables. Furthermore, after 15 min of blanching time the residual contents (p0.05) of minerals were: calcium (264.88-844.92 mg/100 g), magnesium (49.45-435.43 mg/100 g), potassium (675-1895.41 mg/100 g), iron (14.54-70.89 mg/100 g) and zinc (9.48-36.46 mg/100 g). All these results suggest that the recommended time of domestic blanching must be less than 15 min for the studied leafy vegetables in order to contribute efficiently to the nutritional requirement and to the food security of Ivorian population

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Vannaphone Putthana, Milan Marounek, Natalie Brenova, Jakub Mrazek and Daniela Lukesova

References BARRON J.C., FORSYTHE S.J. (2007): Dry stress and survival time of Enterobacter sakazakii and other Enterobacteriaceae in dehydrated powdered infant formula. Journal of Food Protection 70: 2111-2117. BESSE N.G., LECLERCQ A., MALADEN V., TYBURSKI C., BERTRAND L. (2006): Evaluation of the international organization for standardization-International Dairy Federation (ISO-IDF) draft standard method for detection of Enterobacter sakazakii in powdered infant food formulas. Journal of AOAC (Association of Offi

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Magdalena Kosińska, Tomasz Hadada and Grażyna Liczbińska

Abbreviations used in this paper: AUC – Area Under the Curve; CI – confidence interval; CL – confidence level, IM – infant mortality; LBW – law birth weight; LGA – large-for-gestational age; OV – outcome variables; PTB – preterm birth; Q – quartile; ROC – receiver operating; SD – standard deviation; SE – standard error; SGA – small-for-gestational age. References Antinori S, Gholami GH, Versaci C, Cerusico F, Dani L, Antinori M, Panci C, Nauman N. 2003. Obstetric and prenatal outcome in menopausal women: a 12

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Ljubomir Milašinović, Ivan Hrabovski, Zorica Grujić, Mirjana Bogavac and Aleksandra Nikolić

. Sem Neonatal 2000: 5: 221-9. WHO. Expert Committee on Diabetes Mellitus, second report. Technical Report Series. Geneva 1986; 646: 113-35. Report of the FIGO Sub-Committee on Perinatal Epidemiology and Health Statistics following a workshop in Cairo. Int J Gynecol Obstet 1986; 24: 483-7. Barnes-Powell LL. Infants of diabetic mothers: the effects of hyperglycemia on the fetus and neonate. Neonate Netw 2007; 26 (5): 283-90. Starčević V, Đelmiš J, Ivanišević M, Mayer