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Bogdan Neamtu, Ovidiu Tita, Mihai Neamtu, Mihaela Tita, Mirela Hila and Ionela Maniu

-9173; 13. Khalil R , El-Halafawy K, Mahrous H, Kamaly K, Frank J, Soda El M (April 2007) Evaluation of the Probiotic Potential of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Faeces of Breast Fed Infants in Egypt; African Journal of Biotechnology , 6 (7), 939-949, DOI: 10.5897/AJB2007.000-2114; 14. Kizerwetter-Swida M. and Binek M. (2005) Selection of Potentially Probiotic Lactobacillus Strains Towards their Inhibitory Activity against Poultry Enteropathogenic Bacteria Polish Journal of Microbiology, 54 (4), 287-294; eISSN 1733-1331 15. Klaenhammer

Open access

He Chen, Jianbo Kou, Man Hu and Guowei Shu

REFERENCES 1. Annan, N., Borza, A., Moreau, D., et al. (2007). Effect of process variables on particle size and viability of Bifidobacterium lactis Bb-12 in genipin-gelatin microspheres. Journal of microencapsulation, 24 (2), 152-162. 2. Rada, V., Vlková, E., Nevoral, J., et al. (2006). Comparison of bacterial flora and enzymatic activity in faeces of infants and calves. FEMS Microbiol Lett, 258(1), 25-28. 3. Homayouni, A., Azizi, A., Ehsani, M. R., et al. (2008). Effect of microencapsulation and resistant starch on the probiotic survival and

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Bowen Zhang, Guowei Shu, Chunju Bao, Jili Cao and Yuan Tan

Survival of Lactobacillus bulgaricus During Freeze-drying, Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology , 5(6), 771-774. 7. Dario, P.C., Gines, L. (2005). Fermentation Capabilities of Bifidobacteria Using Nondigestible Oligosaccharides, and Their Viability as Probiotics in Commercial Powder Infant Formula, Journal of Food Science , 70, 279. 8. Magdalena, P.B., Adam, W., Monika, K.W., et al. (2010). Optimization of Medium Composition for Enhancing Growth of Lactobacillus rhamnosus PEN Using Response Surface Methodology, Polish Journal of Microbiology

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Guowei Shu, Chun Yin, Haipeng Qin, Haiyan Kou, Shuai He and Dan Huang

. Helena, P., McCartney, A.L. & Gibson, G.R. (2007). Probiotics and prebiotics in infant nutrition. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 66(3): 405-411 7. Jinmei, H.E. & Hua, W. (2013). Optimization of cryoprotectant formulation for candida tropical by central composite design. Food Science, 53 (6), 1150-1. 8. Shu, G.W., Lei, N., Chen, H., Hu, M. & Yang, H. (2016). Application of central composite design to optimize the amount of carbon source and prebiotics for Bifidobacterium bifidum BB01. Acta Universitatis Cibiniensis. Series E: Food Technology

Open access

Guowei Shu, Yunxia He, Hongchang Wan, Yixin Hui and Hong Li

REFERENCES 1. Arslanoglu, S., Moro, G. E., & Boehm, G. (2007). Early supplementation of prebiotic oligosaccharides protects formula-fed infants against infections during the first 6 months of life. Journal of Nutrition , 137(11), 2420. 2. Bozanic, R., Rogelj, I., & Tratnik, L. (2002). Fermentation and storage of probiotic yoghurt from goat’s milk. Mljekarstvo , 52(4), 317-326. 3. Buckley, N. D., Champagne, C. P., Masotti, A. I., Wagar, L. E., Tompkins, T. A., & Green-Johnson, J. M. (2011). Harnessing functional food strategies for the health

Open access

Zongcheng Miao, Yang Zhao and Xiaoping Huo

. Canani, R.B., Sangwan N. & Stefka A.T. et al . (2016). Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG-supplemented formula expands butyrate-producing bacterial strains in food allergic infants. ISME J . 10(3), 742–750. DOI:10.1038/ismej.2015.151. 4. Carvalho, A.S., Silva, J. & Ho, P. et al .(2003). Effect of various growth media upon survival during storage of freeze-dried Enterococcus faecalis and Enterococcus durans . J . Appl . Microbiol . 94(6), 947-952. DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-2672.2003.01853.x. 5. Chen, H., Chen, S.W. & Li, C.N. et al . (2015). Response Surface