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Miguel Pereira, Octavian Postolache and Pedro Girão

References Lau, C., Alagugurusamy, C., Schanler, R., Smith, E. O., Shulman, R. J. (2000). Characterization of the development stages of sucking in preterm infants during bottle feeding. Acta Paediatrica , 89, 846-852. Lau, C., Schanler, R. (2000). Oral feeding in premature infants: Advantage of a self-paced milk flow. Acta Paediatrica , 89, 453-459. Lau, C., Sheena, H., Shulman, T., et al. (1997). Oral feeding in low birthweight infants. Journal of Pediatrics , 130, 561

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A. Rouane and D. Kourtiche

, Thibault B, Talajic M, Guerra P: Catheter cryomapping and cryoablation of supraventricular rachycardia in man: preliminary results (abstract). PACE ; 23 (II): 613, 2000. P. Khairy and al.; Enlargement of catheter ablation lesions in infant hearts with cryothermal versus radiofrequency energy: An animal study; circ. Arrhythm. Electrophysiol; 4; 211-217; 2011 J. Philip Saul; D'ont forget to gather the evidence: myocardial effects of cryoablation in the immature heart. Circ. Arryhthm. Electrophysiol.; 4; 123-124; 2011

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Ivana Vranić, Ivona Vranić, Boris Antić, Goran Stojanović and Hani Al-Salami

automatic measurements of the electrocardiogram. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine , 139, 163-169. [20] Kota, S., Swisher, C.B., Al-Shargabi, T., Andescavage, N., Plessis, A., Govindan, R.B. (2017). Identification of QRS complex in non-stationary electrocardiogram of sick infants. Computers in Biology and Medicine , 87, 211-216. [21] Gramatikov, B. The 3xx portable monitors, series 322/331 . . [22] Levkov, C., Michov, G., Ivanov, R., Daskalov, I.K. (1984). Subtraction of 50 Hz

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Matthew F. Tennyson, Deitra A. Kuester, John Casteel and Christos Nikolopoulos

, pp. 974-986 [9] S. Greenspan, S. Wieder, Developmental patterns and outcomes in infants and children with disorders in relating and communicating: A chart review of 200 cases of children with autistic spectrum diagnoses. Journal of Developmental and Learning disorders, 1997, vol. 1, pp. 87-141. [10] C. Gillberg, Asperger syndrome and high functioning autism. British Journal of Psychiatry, 1998, vol. 172,pp. 200-209. [11] F. Volkmar, A. Klin, D.Cohen, Diagnosis and classification of autism and related conditions

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R. Martin, F. Vazquez, S.E. Solis-Najera, O. Marrufo, R. Godinez and A. O. Rodriguez

development in malnutrition-I. Quantation of layer volume and neuron numbers. Neuroscience, 6 (7), 1249-1262. [6] Benitez-Bribiesca, L., De la Rosa-Alvarez, I., Mansilla-Olivares, A. (1999). Dendritic spine pathology in infants with severe protein-calorie malnutrition. Pediatrics, 104 (2), e21. [7] Reddy, P.V., Das, A., Sastry, P.S. (1979). Quantitative and compositional changes in myelin of undernourished and protein malnourished rat brains. Brain Research, 161 (2), 227-235. [8] Montanha-Rojas, E.A., Ferreira, A.A., Tenorio

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Adam Polak, Grzegorz Głomb, Tomasz Guszkowski, Ireneusz Jabłoński, Bogdan Kasprzak, Janusz Pękala, Andrzej Stępień, Zbigniew Świerczyński and Janusz Mroczka

., Kraemer, R. (1997). Oscillatory pressure transients after flow interruption during bronchial challenge test in children. Eur. Respir. J. , 10, 75-81. Frey, U., Silverman, M., Kraemer, R., Jackson, A. C. (1998). High-frequency respiratory input impedance measurements in infants assessed by the high speed interrupter technique. Eur. Respir. J. , 12, 148-158. Morlion, B., Polak, A. G. (2005). Simulation of lung function evolution after heart-lung transplantation using a numerical model. IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng. , 52

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Roman Z. Morawski

Prediction of Composition and Flavor Quality of Cheddar Cheese Using ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy. J. Food Sci. , 74(3), 292-297. [86] Balabin, R.M. Smirnov, S.V. (2011). Melamine detection by mid- and near-infrared (MIR/NIR) spectroscopy: a quick and sensitive method for dairy products analysis including liquid milk, infant formula, and milk powder. Talanta , 85(1), 562-568. [87] Carleos Artime, C.E., de la Fuente, J.A.B., Garcia, M.A.P., Vega, R.M., Blanco, N.C. (2008). On-line Estimation of Fresh Milk Composition by means of VIS