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The role of selenium in nutrition – A review

) 128–137. [14] L. Calamari, F. Petrera, G. Bertin, Effects of either sodium selenite or Se yeast (Sc CNCM I-3060) supplementation on selenium status and milk characteristics in dairy cows. Livestock Science , 128. (2010) 154–165. [15] J. C. Chang, Selenium content of Brazil nuts from two geographic locations in Brazil. Chemosphere , 30. (1995) 801–802. [16] J. P. Chanoine, Selenium and thyroid function in infants, children and adolescents. BioFactors , 19. (2003) 137–143. [17] C. C. Clayton, C. A. Bauman, Diet and azo dye tumors: effect of

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Development of fortified bakery products based on kokoro, a traditional Nigerian snack

. Food and Nutrition Sciences , 3. 11. (2012) 1500–1508. [24] K. Menrad, Market and marketing of functional food in Europe. Journal of Food Engineering , 56. (2003) 181–188. [25] B. Mollet, I. Rowland, Functional foods: At the frontier between food and pharma. Current Opinion in Biotechnology , 13. (2002) 483–485. [26] D. Mostert, N. P. Steyn, N. J. Temple, R. Olwagen, Dietary intake of pregnant women and their infants in a poor black South African community. Curations , 28. (2005) 12–19. [27] M. Nazam Ansari, U. Bhandari, K. K. Pillai

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Production of selenium-enriched milk and dairy products

nutrition. (eds.), E. E., Ziegler, L. J. Filer, Washington DC. ILSI Press. (1996) 320-324. [29] O. A. Levander. M. A. Beck, Interacting nutritional and infectious etiologies of Keshan disease insights from Coxscackie virus B-induced myocarditis in mice deficient in selenium or vitamin E. Biol. Trace Element Res., 56. (1997) 5-21. [30] M. K. McGuire, S. L. Burgert, J. A. Milner, L. Glass, R. Kummer, R. Deering, R. Boucek, M. F. Picciano, Selenium status of infants is influenced by supplementation of formula or maternal diets. Am. J. Clin

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