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Attila Ágh

social scientists should seek to critically engage with populism rather than simply attacking or idealising it, Klipcerova-Baker, Martina and Jaroslav Kostál (2017): Post-communist democracy vs. totalitarianism: Contrasting patterns of need satisfaction and societal frustration, Communist and Post-Communist Studies 50: 99-111 Krastev, Ivan (2016): What’s wrong with East

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Francisco Javier Romero Caro


Since it was passed, the Clarity Act has been at the core of any secessionist debate in Canada and abroad. Although contested at home, the Clarity Act has earned worldwide prestige as the democratic standard that must be observed when a secessionist debate arises. In the last fifteen years Spain has experienced successive debates about the need to establish a mechanism of popular consultation to address secessionist claims in the Basque Country and Catalonia. Most political actors in favour of such consultations have expressed their will to import the Canadian Clarity Act as a tool to settle disputes on how to conduct a referendum. However, this deification of the Canadian example is, for the most part, based on a misreading of the Secession Reference, only taking into account certain passages while ignoring others. The emphasis tends to be made on the quantitative clear majority test, disregarding other factors. Hence, the aim of this paper is to study the causes of this deification of the Clarity Act in Spain, and its influence on the treatment of secessionist claims that the country is currently experiencing.

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Irene Spigno

-Determination Without Jeopardising the Rights of Others: The Catalan Model’, St. Thomas Law Review , XIV: 395-399. • Quadri Rolando, 1968, Diritto internazionale pubblico , Liguori, Napoli. • Qvortrup Matt, 2014, ‘New development: The comparative study of secession referendums’, Public Money & Management , XXXIV(2): 1-4. • Romero Caro Francisco Javier, 2017, ‘The Spanish vision of Canada’s Clarity Act: From Idealization to Myth’, Perspectives on Federalism , IX(3). • Ruggiu Ilenia, 2016, ‘Referendum e secessione. L’appello al popolo per l’indipendenza in

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Elisabeth Kovtiak

Bridge Flea Market Nostalgia, as defined by Boym (2007 , xvii), is “a longing for a home that no longer exists or has never existed […], a sentiment of loss and displacement, […] a romance with one’s own fantasy”. In other words, nostalgia could be described as a desire to come back to the past period of time or to some place, although the memory of this site or time is idealized and this place may not exist anymore or could never have existed. As nostalgia stands in-between the individual and collective past, it is considered as a type of collective memory ( Boym