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Erdal Ekici

properties of pairwise extremally disconnected bitopological spaces, Proc. A. Razmadze Math. Inst. 142 (2006), 1-7. [5] J. Dontchev, Idealization of Ganster-Reilly decomposition theorems, arxiv:math. GN/9901017v1 (1999). [6] E. Ekici and Ö. Elmah, On decompositions via generalized closedness in ideal spaces, Filomat, 29 (4) (2015), 879-886. [7] E. Ekici and S. Özen, A generalized class of τ* in ideal spaces, Filomat, 27 (4) (2013), 529-535. [8] E. Ekici, On A* I -sets, C I -sets, C* I -sets and decompositions

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J. Sanabria, E. Acosta, M. Salas-Brown and O. Garcia

References [1] Abd El-Monsef M.E., Lashien E.F., Nasef A.A., On I-open sets and I-continuous functions, Kyungpook Math. J., 32(1992), 21-30. [2] Dontchev J., On Hausdorff spaces via topological ideals and I-irresolute functions, In papers on General Topology and Applications, Annals of New York Academy of Sciences, 767(1995), 28-38. [3] Hatir E., Noiri T., On descompositions of continuity via idealization, Acta. Math. Hungar., 96(4)(2002), 341-349. [4] Hayashi E., Topologies defined by local

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Ehsan Mostofian, Mahdi Azhini and Abasalt Bodaghi

-326. [5] M. El-Naschie, The idealized quantum two-slit Gedanken experiment revisited Criticism and reinterpretation, Chaos. Sol. Frac., 27 (2006), 9-13. [6] M. El-Naschie, A review of E-infinity theory and the mass spectrum of high energy particle physics, Chaos. Sol. Frac., 19 (2004), 209-236. [7] M. El-Naschie, On the unification of heterotic strings, M theory and "1 theory, Chaos. Sol. Frac., 11 (2000), 2397-2408. [8] M. El-Naschie, On the uncertainity of Cantorian geometry and two-slit experiment, Chaos. Sol. Frac., 9

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Swati Tyagi and Syed Abbas

-order projective dynamical systems. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 2014; 19(8): 2811-2819. [26] Friesz TL, Bernstein D, Mehta NJ, Tobin RL, Ganjalizadeh S. Day-to-day dynamic network disequilibria and idealized traveler information systems. Operations Research 1994; 42(6): 1120-1136. [27] Wu H, Shi R, Qin L, Tao F, He L. A nonlinear projection neural network for solving interval quadratic programming problems and its stability analysis. Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2010; Article ID 403749, 13 pages, doi: 10