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Hiroyuki Okazaki

Probability on Finite and Discrete Set and Uniform Distribution

A pseudorandom number generator plays an important role in practice in computer science. For example: computer simulations, cryptology, and so on. A pseudorandom number generator is an algorithm to generate a sequence of numbers that is indistinguishable from the true random number sequence. In this article, we shall formalize the "Uniform Distribution" that is the idealized set of true random number sequences. The basic idea of our formalization is due to [15].

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Erdal Ekici

properties of pairwise extremally disconnected bitopological spaces, Proc. A. Razmadze Math. Inst. 142 (2006), 1-7. [5] J. Dontchev, Idealization of Ganster-Reilly decomposition theorems, arxiv:math. GN/9901017v1 (1999). [6] E. Ekici and Ö. Elmah, On decompositions via generalized closedness in ideal spaces, Filomat, 29 (4) (2015), 879-886. [7] E. Ekici and S. Özen, A generalized class of τ* in ideal spaces, Filomat, 27 (4) (2013), 529-535. [8] E. Ekici, On A* I -sets, C I -sets, C* I -sets and decompositions

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Ehsan Mostofian, Mahdi Azhini and Abasalt Bodaghi

-326. [5] M. El-Naschie, The idealized quantum two-slit Gedanken experiment revisited Criticism and reinterpretation, Chaos. Sol. Frac., 27 (2006), 9-13. [6] M. El-Naschie, A review of E-infinity theory and the mass spectrum of high energy particle physics, Chaos. Sol. Frac., 19 (2004), 209-236. [7] M. El-Naschie, On the unification of heterotic strings, M theory and "1 theory, Chaos. Sol. Frac., 11 (2000), 2397-2408. [8] M. El-Naschie, On the uncertainity of Cantorian geometry and two-slit experiment, Chaos. Sol. Frac., 9

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Swati Tyagi and Syed Abbas

-order projective dynamical systems. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 2014; 19(8): 2811-2819. [26] Friesz TL, Bernstein D, Mehta NJ, Tobin RL, Ganjalizadeh S. Day-to-day dynamic network disequilibria and idealized traveler information systems. Operations Research 1994; 42(6): 1120-1136. [27] Wu H, Shi R, Qin L, Tao F, He L. A nonlinear projection neural network for solving interval quadratic programming problems and its stability analysis. Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2010; Article ID 403749, 13 pages, doi: 10