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Evangelos Bebetsos, Filippos Filippou and George Bebetsos

References Alfermann, D., Lee, M.J., & Wuerth, S. (2005). Perceived Leadership Behavior and Motivational Climate as Antecedents of Adolescent Athletes’ Skill Development. Athletic Insight, 7(2), 14-36. Amorose, A.J., & Horn, T.S. (2000). Intrinsic motivation: Relationships with collegiate athletes’ gender, scholarship status and perceptions of their coaches’ behavior. Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 22, 63-84. Anshel, M.H. (1990). Behaviorism versus humanism: An approach to effective team leadership in

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Krystyna Adamska, Paweł Jurek and Joanna Różycka-Tran

Polaków [Humanism in the culture and mentality of Poles]. In B. Wojciszke, & M. Jarymowicz (Eds.), Psychologia rozumienia zjawisk społecznych [Psychology of understanding social phenomena] (pp. 79-119). Warsaw: PWN Press. Breevaart, K., Bakker, A.B., Demerouti, E., & Hetland, J. (2012). The measurement of state work engagement. A multilevel factor analytic study. European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 28, 305-312. Buszan, R. (2008). Strategy of building learning organization by empowering subordinates, creating and leading

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Maria Ledzińska

model a man. New Idea in Psychology, 4 , 89-105. Kozielecki, J. (1987). Koncepcja transgresyjna człowieka [A transgressive model of man]. Warsaw: PWN. Kozielecki, J. (1997). Transgresje jako źródło kultury [Transgressions as the source of culture]. In: J. Kozielecki (Ed.), Humanistyka przełomu wieków [Humanism at the turn of the centuries] (pp. 241-261). Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Akademickie "Żak". Kozielecki, J. (2001). Psychotransgresjonizm. Nowy kierunek psychologii