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Veronika Hrytsku and Olga Danilova

Recommendations, Fitosotsiotsenter Publishers, Kyiv, 71 p., (into Ukrainian). 14. Pashchenko, V. M. (2004), Eco-Network Humanism: Geographical aspect, Ukrainian Geographical Magazine, no 3, Kyiv, p. 29-35, (into Ukrainian).]. 15. Protsenko, L. D. (edit.) (2011), Emerald Network in Ukraine, Khimdzhest Publishers, Kyiv, (into Ukrainian). 16. Sheliag-Sosonko, Yu. R., Grodzynskyy, M. D., Romanenko, V. D.. (2004), Concepts, Methods and Criteria of Eco-Network Development in Ukraine: A Monograph, Fitosotsiocentr Publishers, Kyiv, 144 p

Open access

Krzysztof Adamczyk

considerations in relation to species selection for animal experimentation. Animals, 4: 729-741. Weitzenfeld A., Joy M. (2014). An overview of anthropocentrism, humanism, and speciesism in critical animal theory. In: Defining critical animal studies: an intersectional social justice approach for liberation, Nocella A.J., Sorenson J., Socha K., Matsuoka A. (eds). Peter Lang Publishing, New York, USA, pp. 3-27. Yayou K., Ito S., Yamamoto N. (2015). Relationships between postnatal plasma oxytocin concentrations and social behaviors in cattle. Anim