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Joan Cuscó Clarasó

. Cirici, A. : El concepte de bellesa de Francesc Pujols. In F. Figueras, Francesc Pujols pels seus amics . Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, 1991: 105-129. Cirlot, J. : El Arte de Gaudí. Barcelona: Ediciones Omega, 1950. Clovis, P. (Ed.).: Le Vision artístiques et religieuse de Gaudí. Barcelona: Aymà, 1971 [1969]. Cuscó, J. : Francesc Pujols i Morgades. El filòsof heterodox. Barcelona: PAM, 2008. Cuscó, J.: Eugeni d’Ors. Philosophy and Humanism in the Twenthieth Century. Jounal Of Catalan Intellectual History (JOCIH) 9 (2013): 91

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Ken Mondschein


The author presents a study of Bibliothèque National de France MS Latin 11269, a manuscript that he argues was associated with the court of Leonello d’Este and which represents an attempt to “fix” or “canonize” a vernacular work on a practical subject in erudite Latin poetry. The author reviews the life of Fiore dei Liberi and Leonello d’Este and discusses the author’s intentions in writing, how the manuscript shows clear signs of Estense associations, and examines the manuscript both in light of its codicological context and in light of humanist activity at the Estense court. He also presents the evidence for the book having been in the Estense library. Finally, he examines the place of the manuscript in the context of the later Italian tradition of fencing books. A complete concordance is presented in the appendix.

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Jean Chandler

). Nicoletto Giganti, The ‘Lost’ Second Book of Nicoletto Giganti (1608): A Rapier Fencing Treatise, translated by P. Terminiello and J. Pendragon (London: Fox Spirit, 2013). Senese, translated by Piermarco Terminiello, unpublished work. VIII.2. Secondary literature Anglo, Sydney, Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000). Baker, Nicholas Scott, Writing the Wrongs of the past: Vengeance, Humanism, and the Assassination of Alessandro de’ Medici’ The Sixteenth Century Journal , 38/2 (2007). Dollinger, Philippe

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Gabriele Dürbeck

Erzähltheorie. Trier. Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, S. 73-113. Feindt, Peter H. (2002): Gemeinsam gegen Niemanden. Der Umwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitsdiskurs in Deutschland. In: Neue Soziale Bewegungen 4, Themenheft: Etablierte Herausforderer? Akteure und Diskurse der Umweltpolitik, S. 20-28. Ferrando, Francesca (2016): The Party of the Anthropocene: Post-humanism, Environmentalism and the Post-anthropocentric Paradigm Shift. In: Relations. Post-Anthropocentrism 4.2, S. 159-173. Fisher, Walter (1984): Narration as Human Communication

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Michaela Strapáčová and Vít Hloušek

inclusion of some elements from the “civilizationist” discourse: [S]upport to immigrants need to be fair to Czech citizens, who shall not be put into the worse position than these newcomers. Socioeconomic assistance to refugees must not handicap inhabitants of the Czech Republic, who are in need. […] Immigrants must learn the language and gain awareness and understanding of national identity and European culture, which is based on a spiritual heritage of classic antiquity, Christianity and humanism. Integration programs must be compulsory for everybody who has