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Karol Monkos

a rigid asymmetric molecule using frequency-domain fluorometry. Biophys. Chem. 30, 271-277. Harding S.E. (1997). The intrinsic viscosity of biological macromolecules. Progress in measurements, interpretation and application to structure in dilute solution. Prog. Biophys. Mol. Biol. 68, 207-262. He X.M., Carter D.C. (1992). Atomic structure and chemistry of human serum albumin. Nature 358, 209-215. Ho J.X., Holowachuk E.W., Norton E.J., Twigg P.D., Carter D.C. (1993). X-ray and primary structure of horse serum albumin ( Equus caballus

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Józef Horabik and Marek Molenda


The influence of the filling method, the seed size and the aspect ratio on the radial distribution of the vertical pressure on the floor of a shallow model silo and radial distribution of tangent stress within the material was investigated. Three filling methods were applied: central, circumferential and distributed. Seeds of five varieties were used: horse bean, field pea, wheat, vetch, and rapeseed. Vertical pressure on the floor of a shallow bin was found to be influenced by the filling method and the seed size and aspect ratio. A significant dip of vertical pressure in the middle radial location was observed in all tests, except two: central and circumferential filling of rapeseed. Wall friction was mobilized in the highest degree in the case of the central filling, while the lowest was mobilization of friction in the case of the circumferential filling.

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Antonietta R. Silini and Ornella Parolini

Parolini O Human amnion favours tissue repair by inducing the M1-to-M2 switch and enhancing M2 macrophage features. J Tissue Eng Regen Med. 2016. 44. Lange-Consiglio A, Rossi D, Tassan S, Perego R, Cremonesi F, and Parolini O Conditioned medium from horse amniotic membrane-derived multipotent progenitor cells: immunomodulatory activity in vitro and first clinical application in tendon and ligament injuries in vivo. Stem Cells Dev. 2013; 22(22):3015-24. 45. Kim TH, Park YW, Ahn JS, Ahn JT, Kim SE, Jeong MB, Seo MS, Kang KS, and Seo KM