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Katarína Wachalová, Jana Vlkovičová, Veronika Javorková, Lucia Mézešová, Peter Takáč, Milan Kozánek, Milan Labuda, Patricia Nuttall and Norbert Vrbjar

. (2006). Vasotab, a vaso-active peptide from horse fly Hybomitra bimaculata (Diptera, Tabanidae) salivary glands. J Exp Biol   209 : 343-352. Taussky HH, and Shorr EE. (1953). A microcolorimetric method for the determination of inorganic phosphorus. J Biol Chem   202 : 675-685. Vrbjar N, Soós J, and Ziegelhöffer A. (1984). Secondary structure of heart sarcolemmal proteins during interaction with metallic cofactors of (Na + + K + )-ATPase. Gen Physiol Biophys   3 : 317-325. Xu X, Yang H

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Helena Modrá and Zdeňka Svobodová

References Jahn P, Ludvikova E, Chmelar D, Kalova L. (2008) Botulism in horses: a case report. Vet Med-Czech   53 : 680-684. Rachač V. (1986) Botulism in aquatic birds in the spring season. (in Czech) Veterinářství   36 : 135-137. Rachač V. (2002) Reported cases of botulism in a broiler-chicken farms. (in Czech) Veterinářství   52 : 545-552. Svejkovský J, Široká Z, Svobodová Z. (2003) DDT poisoning in cattle versus Stockholm convention "POPs 2001". (in

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Monireh Khordadmehr, Fereydoon Rezazadeh, Javad Ashrafi-Helan and Mir Mohsen Hosseini-Ghomi

rats and mice. Toxicol Lett 144: 295- 311. Chauvin P, Dillon JC, Moren A. (1994). An outbreak of Heliotrope food poisoning, Tadjikistan, November 1992-March 1993. Sante 4: 263-268. Creeper JH, Mitchell AA, Jubb TF, Colegate SM. (1999). Pyrrolizidine alkaloid poisoning of horses grazing a native heliotrope (Heliotropium ovalifolium). Aust Vet J 77: 401-402. de Lanux-Van Gorder V. (2000). Tansy ragwort poisoning in a horse in southern Ontario. Can Vet J 41: 409-410. Dickinson JO, Cooke MP, King RR, Mohamed

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Javad Ashrafihelan, Hamed Eisapour, Amir Mehdi Erfani, Amir Ali Kalantary, Jamileh Salar Amoli and Morteza Mozafari

References Agaoglu ZT, Akgul Y, Keles I, Ugras S, Aksoy A, Cinar A. (2002). Accidental salinomycin intoxication of Angora goats in Turkey. Small Ruminant Res 45: 159-61. Aleman M, Magdesian KG, Peterson TS, Galey FD. (2007). Salinomycin toxicosis in horses. J Am Vet Med Assoc 230: 1822-1826. Andreasen JR, Schleifer JH. (1995). Salinomycin toxicosis in male breeder turkeys. Avian Dis 39: 638-642. Assen EJ. (2006). A case of salinomycin intoxication in turkeys. Can Vet J 47: 256

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Natália Kovalkovičová, Irena Šutiaková, Juraj Pistl and Václav Šutiak

-dried garlic with Heinz body anemia in horses. Am J Vet Res   66 (3): 457-465. Penny D, Henderson SM, Brown PJ. (2003). Raisin poisoning in a dog. Vet Rec   152 (10): 308. Rae HA. (1999). Onion toxicosis in a herd of beef cows. Can Vet J   40 : 55-57. Richardson JA. (2006). Ethanol. In: Small Animal Toxicology. Peterson M, Talcott P. (eds). Elsevier Saunders, St. Luis, MO, 698-701. Robertson JE, Christopher MM, Rogers QR. (1998). Heinz body formation in cats fed baby

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Ashraf Alias, Muna Al-Zubaidy, Yaareb Mousa and Fouad Mohammad

-125. Iyaniwura TT. (1990). In vitro toxicology of organophosphorus pesticide combinations. In vitro Toxicol   3 : 373-377. Jaga K and Dharmani C. (2003). Sources of exposure to and public health implications of organophosphate pesticides. Rev Panam Sal Púb   14 : 171-185. Karanth S and Pope C. (2003). In vitro inhibition of blood cholinesterase activities from horse, cow and rat by tetrachorvinphos. Int J Toxicol   22 : 429-433. Khan AA, Coppock RW, SchulerMM and Lillie LE. (1990). Effects of

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Katarína Valachová, Grigorij Kogan, Peter Gemeiner and Ladislav Šoltés

vasculopathic risk factor? Atherosclerosis   187 : 238-250. Singh RK, Kooreman KM, Babbs CF, Fessler JF, Salaris SC. (1992). Potential use of simple manganese salts as antioxidant drugs in horses. Am J Vet Res   53 : 1822-1829. Stankovská M, Šoltés L, Vikartovská A, Gemeiner P, Kogan G, Bakoš D. (2005). Degradation of high-molecular-weight hyaluronan: rotational viscometry study. Biologia   60 (Suppl. 17): 149-152. Stankovská M, Šoltés L, Vikartovská A, Mendichi R, Lath D, Molnárová M, Gemeiner P

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Amit Gupta and Sushama R. Chaphalkar

REFERENCES 1. Olesen OF, Lonnroth A, Mulligan B. Human vaccine research in the European Union. Vaccine 2009; 27 (5): 640-645. doi: 2. Patel JR, Heldens, JG. Immunoprophylaxis against important virus disease of horses, farm animals and birds. Vaccine 2009; 27(12):1797-1810. doi: 3. Butler NS, Harris TH, Blader IJ. Regulation of immunopathogenesis during Plasmodium and Toxoplasma infections: more parallels than distinctions? Trends Parasitol 2013